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All the news that's fit to rant aboutWe’re chewing up the bandwidth again. This time it’s the Return of the King trailer, available from Apple and The Lord of the Rings official site. The first information revolution began on this day in 1452 when Gutenberg published his bible. And pianos went airborne when the first Boeing 747 rolled out on this day in 1968.

  • Microsoft has demanded that Lindows take down its MSFreePC web site claiming the site includes false and misleading information and encourages filing of fraudulent claims.
  • It’s looking good for the RIAA. 64 lawsuit targets have settled with the RIAA, 838 others apply for amnesty. Kazaa use is down 40% since last spring. Will it jump back now that students are back on campus?
  • Don’t open that online greeting card! Lover Spy claims to be able to spy on loved ones by simply sending them an innocuous e-greeting. Using the software could violate the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. (I’ve received spam advertising this program many times already.)
  • Microsoft has agreed to open its source code to China. The Chinese government is worried about security and NSA backdoors. Russia, the UK, and NATO are also said to be browsing the Windows source looking for holes. No word that Adrian Lamo will be given a shot at the source.
  • PanAmSat launches HDTV satellite this week.
  • In attempt to block a Yahoo! group sponsored by a separatist movement, Indian ISPs block ’em all.

6 Replies to “News for Tooz”

  1. A lot of universities including mine block off the port that kazaa connects through, so there is no way to connect to kazaa on my university’s network.
    who in here really cares about the “great deal” offered by lindows, i say bah humbug.

  2. I agree about Lindows. It’s a joke and I’d be suprised if the business model really brings in a profit. The idea to make a flavor of Linux that would be more acessible to the average person is still a great idea. I believe that Lindows is simple a poor execution of a good idea.

  3. “…when Gutenberg published his bible.”
    Hmmm. That’s odd. I thought it was God’s bible.(?)

  4. MU Doesn’t Block Kazza’s Port, they have a bandwith limiter on it.. Basically, it’s SLOWER than 56K dial-up

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