Here Comes the Alamanac

I just received word from Peachpit that the rebound 2004 Almanac will be released on Wednesday, October 1st.
The Amazon listing should return today and they should be shipping by next Monday. Phew!

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  1. Just curious– did anyone actually get the ‘ALAMANAC’ version? That’s worth big $$

  2. Sweet! I’ll be getting it for sure…The “ALAMANAC” one would be pretty neat to get too.

  3. Leo if you read this, I preordered your book and got it from about a week or 2 weeks ago. And for anyone else reading it is an excellent book. Good job Leo.

  4. Didnt notice that typo Leo. Oops. That is what I get for preordering. Good job none the less. Anyone know if a typo book is worth more?

  5. At last it’s coming out. I was dying to buy the book. Once it’s on the Amazon listing, i’m going to buy it.

  6. I am the proud owner of a misprint copy but I’m still in the market for a number of additional copies for a variety of reasons. I’m very glad to hear things are getting back on track for the book, I can highly recommend this excellent resource. Buy Leo’s book! 🙂

  7. If you got the “Alamanac” version, there was also a misprint somewhere around page 87 where they feature an article by Sarah Lane with Morgan Webb’s picture beside it! Otherwise, it is definitely another great book. Keep up the good work Leo and tell Megan she did an excellent job.

  8. Not only do they have it spelled “Alamanac” but it also has it spelled “Technololgy”!!! LOL!

  9. Whew, That’s a relief leo. I was hoping to buy your book. It isn’t in out local book stores so Amazon is the only place that I can buy it.

  10. i got my alAmanac from barnes and noble online. the dvd version even…pretty sweet book leo, keep up the good work

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