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All the news that's fit to rant aboutTonight you’ll have a rare chance to spot Uranus. No I won’t be saying that on TV.

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  1. “Tonight you’ll have a rare chance to spot Uranus. No I won’t be saying that on TV.”
    Good idea Leo. 😉

  2. Regarding the Windows security issues… it sure is getting out of hand. So much so that I installed RedHat 9 this weekend. It’s been a bit of a change, but not having to worry about M$ problems has been excellent.

  3. you SHOULD say that on tv. Comments like that on tss are part of the reason i still watch it…

  4. It’s reasons like the new IE flaw that I stopped using a Windows PC as my main machine… (I have a Powerbook 15″, the old one not the cool new backlit keyboard one)
    It’s also reasons like that which prompt me to drag out the process of converting the computer in the MU Radio studio back to a Windows machine (it was donated to us w/ NT 4 but no one knew the password, so I installed RedHat onto it). It worked all of last year w/ no problem but we have a new GM and he can’t understand the GNOME interface. It’s funny, we had a Windows PC, the DJs crashed it, we got a mac, the DJs crashed it, we got a LINUX box, it ran for the entire school year without any problems (and is still running just fine) because no one had rights to install anything onto it.

  5. yea but you still have to worry about redhat security problems. 😉
    I refuse to use an music store that offers only WMA files. MP3 or even AAC or something for me, thank you.
    I have a feeling online music stores will become as numerous as news sites or porn sites. Come on, do we really need 50 online music stores, 48 of which suck?

  6. I am a retired science teacher. Needless to say,I heard a lot of 8th Grade comments on Uranus. There are a couple of metamorphic rocks called gneiss (nice) and schist. You know the rest. Is Uranus metamorphic? Is it gneiss? Or is it just covered by schist? Has Uranus even been probed to find out?

  7. I only use Mozilla Firebird anymore. I can’t quite make the move to Linux, but I also use Open Office rather than MS Office.

  8. I noticed that you didn’t mention the news story today regarding the Patriot Act letters that were sent to journalists that covered the Adrian Lamo story. Any particular reason for that?

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