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All the news that's fit to rant aboutIt’s One Unwired Day® today. Celebrate at festivals nationwide. Intel also has a Zagat Survey of Wi-Fi Hotspots. (It’s a PDF darn it.)
The World Beard Championship is only five weeks away. Start growing now!

  • RIAA drops lawsuit against granny who, they claimed, shared 2000 songs including Trick Daddy’s “I’m A Thug.” She doesn’t even use Kazaa – she’s on a Mac. Record companies say “we reserve the right to refile the complaint against Mrs. Ward if and when circumstances warrant.” Senator Brownback says this calls into question the RIAA’s congressional testimony that the music industry was not unfairly targeting alleged downloaders. The problem is the lack of due process in DMCA subpoenas. “I call on my colleagues in the Senate to join with me in working to correct this threat to privacy and personal safety before we witness the use of non-judicially reviewed information subpoenas to more severe effect than an improper lawsuit,” said Brownback. Maybe Senator Brownback needs to play a round of “Starving Artist.”

  • Just a week before the national Do Not Call registry was to go into effect, a Federal judge strikes it down, saying the FTC went too far.
  • AOL subject to Messenger spam over UDP port 1026 as well as 135. Thieves using pop-ups to steal AOL passwords, credit card info, and more. Go to AOL Keyword “Pop-Up” for a program that disables Windows Messenger. Microsoft says you should only disable Net Send as a last resort(!) and recommends a firewall instead. Hunh?
  • Verisign has settled with the FTC over its deceptive campaign (ended a year ago) that tricked people into transferring to Verisign. These guys never give up, do they?
  • BeOS lives. BeOS Max version 3.0 shipped yesterday. Free. We should do a review.

6 Replies to “News for Thursday”

  1. “The DMA prefers that consumers sign up for a less comprehensive do-not-call list it maintains for its members.” Oh, yeah, there’s a good idea—NOT!!!! Does the fact that 50 million
    people signed up give these guys a clue???? STOP CALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Leo,
    First time poster….
    At this point, the RIAA is mostly fighting a PR battle with themselves.
    Anyway.. I truly belive that they are fighting a PR battle with themselves.. I for one am one of the people that is now seeing them in a very negative light.
    I am a DJ at a college radio station in Milwaukee and we don’t have the luxury of am FM frequency (and thank the damn NAB for getting the legislation through that basically canned our chances of LPFM as there is not an available opening in Milwaukee).
    Anyway, we were almost forced off the air last year because of the DMCA legislation and the fees demanded by the RIAA. Thank god that the school agreed to handle them (they’re paying the RIAA/SoundExchange fees just like they do our ASCAP/BMI fees).
    I also have a fried that ran a really, really popular Punk/Ska internet station but they were forced off the air as well by the RIAA’s fees 🙁 (They may be coming back soon, though.. They classify as a small webcaster).
    P.S. If you should want to know more about my radio show, you can check out the still unfinished page for it,

  3. At this point, the RIAA is mostly fighting a PR battle with themselves. I don’t care WHO they sue. I just don’t think they should be suing anyone. All they are succeeding in doing is giving most people a bad opinion of them (if they didn’t have one already).

  4. Leo, here’s a story you might want to consider for tonight’s news.
    House Votes to Launch Do-Not-Call List
    The House voted 412-8 after less than hour of debate. Lawmakers from both parties uniformly blasted a decision by U.S. District Judge Lee R. West, who ruled Tuesday that the Federal Trade Commission lacked authority to create and operate the registry.

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