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  1. True you are not on amazon at all. 🙁
    I say we uhh…
    I say we no no no…
    I got IT!
    *shouts* LETS TIP SOMETHING OVER *crowd yells YEA*

  2. I got my copy on Sept 22 from Amazon. It even has the spelling mistake on the side.

  3. Have you contacted Amazon for an explantion? If not, Why?
    Are you listed on Barnes-Noble?

  4. It was on the site a couple of days ago. I find it very odd that no reviews have been posted since the books been out for weeks now.

  5. I’m sure they’ll carry it. It must have something to do with the misprinted cover and the delay in getting the books back into circulation. But it’s kinda weird, since they listed it for months before the book was available.

  6. Now that is weird. I ordered my copy from Amazon early Sunday (Sept 21) morning around 3 AM. I went for the free shipping so I didn’t expect it to come right away. They shipped it on Mon and it arrived on Tue, mistake and all!
    I guess between the 22nd when they shipped mine and yesterday Amazon got the word from the publisher about the recall, it is strange they would delist it completely though. I sure am glad I got mine when I did I wanted the mistake it will be an original! I’ll be ordering the DVD edition from Barnes and Noble soon too.

  7. Amazon canceled my order and said the book was no longer going to be released. I went to Peachpit and ordered but this morning I got an email saying it was on indefinite hold as the books have not been released! So what to do?? Who proofed the cover Maybe Leo needs new glasses!
    Hey I hope to meet you and Patrick in Atlanta or Hotlanta as it’s known here. Also the same weekend is Internaional Ferret symposium. http://www.ferretcongress.org
    Maybe Leo can adopt a fuzzY !! Opps that don’t sound right!
    TechTV needs more weasel power!!

  8. My guess is that it’s associated with the ISBN. If the ISBN for the one with the corrected cover is different from the ISBN of the first (misspelled) one, then that’s probably all it is… just that their database recognizes that they’re no longer selling the first (misspelled) one, and will start returning hits on it when they get the ISBN for the corrected version.
    If the ISBN is the same for both…well, that would the end of THAT theory. ~8)

  9. The publisher really goofed on this one. It’s been out for less than a month but it’s hard to buy it. I’m sure it’s hurting sales of the book even though some people want the copy with the misspelling. The 2003 Almanac had more success. Maybe it was the on-air plugs? 😉

  10. I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and got it a couple of days after it came out. I even got the misprinted one (which I don’t mind). I’m sure it’s just some kind of mistake. Your book will probably be back on there soon.
    By the way, It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to everyone (especially if you are a fan of TechTV)

  11. I wonder… will the ones with a mistake on the spine be worth alot in a few years… hmmmmmm

  12. wonder why that happened. surely many lovestricken high school girls have ordered in advance the new book written almost entirely by the object of their affection, leo.

  13. I’m actually starting to get a little worried. I was categorically told not to promote the book on the air at all, and now Peachpit (the publisher) is telling customers it’s on “indefinite hold?”
    Of course no one from either TechTv or Peachpit has had the courtesy to tell me or Megan anything at all. Now you know why I’m doing all future books directly with Que. Sheesh.
    (And incidentally, neither Megan nor I was shown the cover before printing so the type is not our fault!)

  14. Leo, that’s horrible! I feel very lucky to have my copy, the thought it’s on “indefinite hold” is unconscionable! I certainly hope because they royally screwed up with a mistake a 4th grader could have found that TTV and Peachpit aren’t going to make you, Megan and the public pay for it by never releasing it! I want the DVD edition, I want to give it as a Christmas gift, I want to donate a copy to the library as I have with every other edition of the Almanac, the thought this might not happen, well I just don’t have words.

  15. The book shows up as being available to ship “…within 24 hours” at http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/item.asp?N=35&R=618615&act=A03&Item=978073571369&Section=books&Catalog=Books&Lang=en&mscssid=MHE5BB2MDM1H9JAMMUVNT3W2KW7E2S76&WSID=22092B72EA8760544E3BA737ED527B4346BA0727 for $ 37.99 CDN (10% less if one is a member of Chapters/Indigo’s “iRewards” scheme).
    I really do agree with you, Leo, on the need to deal directly with Que to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future.

  16. TechTv gets a cut of the profits so I don’t understand why they won’t allow you to promote it on air.
    Well, I plan to get a copy whenever it is in stock at B&N complete with DVD. It will complete the trilogy. Hopefully, I will have you and Patrick sign this one as you did with the others.

  17. I don’t work in publishing, but maybe since it needs to go through the “mill” again, it has to wait for a break in the busy peach*pits production run… don’t worry, after their done printing “thinner thighs in thirty days part ninety nine” it’ll be out in all its glory!!!

  18. Leo, ur blog’s new name has the same initials as my future website that I’ve been working on for months now & TSN: The Steve Network, how about LEO NEWS NETWORK as ur blog’s new name?

  19. Check Informit or Peachpit’s website; it’s of course not available yet, but they will let you order it. So does Barnes and Noble.

  20. Because of this terrible incident, the genii at Amazon “…deserve only to be beaten with shoes by freedom loving people everywhere.”

  21. Sure, tell you not to mention it on air after having promos for it run in heavy rotation… just what is going on here?

  22. About the on-air plugs, I dont think a few would hurt at all. I bought 4 copies last year for gifts, and every year also donate a copy to the local libary here. Not to be negative, but there were a few too many plugs on air last year, I was a bit tired of it, however, the book was great. I hope I can get this years copy

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