I Hear You Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In

Yes my message boards were down for almost 24 hours yesterday. As were Cat’s, Morgan’s, and Megan’s sites. They’re all hosted by the generous folks at Annex.com. The outage was caused by a server move that took a little longer than expected. Mike Chandler from 2Xtreme media explains…

Greg sends his humblest apologies to y’all for the downtime but asked that I brag a bit about the new facility, so here goes… Faster pipe with BGP routing for redundant feed, 24 hour NOC, impressive power generators to keep your site online in the event of a significant power outage, and 24 hour security to ward off evil server bandits. As an added bonus, our 2Xtreme Media servers will be neighbors in the same colo facility, so I’ll still have hands on access to your server as needed (that’s more of a bonus for me, I suppose).
We appreciate the fact that none of you tried to choke Gregory or the Annex crew yesterday for keeping you offline, but we still feel bad. Hopefully the swifter connection speeds and greater uptimes will make up for yesterday’s outage.

Apology accepted. And thanks for the continued great service. Leoville Town Square alone sucks up about 30GB of Annex’s bandwidth each month. I really appreciate their generosity!

That’s one of the reasons I spread the site out over four servers now. It’s all accessible from Leoville.com, but if any one site is down, you can always reach the rest by going there directly:

Leoville.com, the main site http://www.leoville.com
Leo’s Mob, my mobile phone picture blog http://leoville.textamerica.com
Two Shows Nightly, my text blog (you’re soaking in it) http://leo.typepad.com
Leoville Town Square, the message boards http://leovilletownsquare.com

11 Replies to “I Hear You Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In”

  1. Thanks to all the people who have to put up with us cranky Leovillagers when things go wrong and the Town Square is down.

  2. Downtime happens. Sounds like a hefty hosting bill each month – luckily textamerica is free!

  3. Despite the fact that many of us were going through serious Leoville withdrawal yesterday, having watched Mike and the people from Annex take care of Leoville with such tender loving care since they started hosting us I knew they were working overtime to get everything squared away. I hope they really do know how much we appreciate everything they do. I’ve known Mike and his people to get Leoville up on the 4th of July, in the wee hours of the morning, in the dead of night, through wind, rain, sleet and snow (ok so I got a little carried away there but they really do a powerful lot for us). As long as Leoville always comes back I doubt anyone will mind some down time every now and again. Thanks to all who keep making improvements to keep us up and running.

  4. Situations like yesterday should cause each of us to take a moment to reflect upon and thank you for providing the multiple methods we have to interact with you and the rest of the Leoville community.
    Thanks Leo!

  5. Yes, it’s down again. They are working on getting the kinks worked out. Be patient. 🙂

  6. Don’t spook us like that again! I thought that Leoville was going to be sucked into a black hole!
    Isn’t it fun how one little slip in the technology and lots of stuff goes nuts.

  7. It’s down again, I think, or is it me? Anyway, it’s OK, I can wait for it to get back up, gotta go to work anyway

  8. I can take Leoville or leave it — except that when I can’t get it I have the vomiting, diarrhea, chills, cramping, convulsions and delirium to deal with. So really 😉 whether it’s available or not is a matter wholly of indifference to me, and now I’ll go back there.

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