Stop Reading This And Get Outside Department

We had mandatory ergonomics training in between shows today. Two very nice ladies came by to tell us how to sit so we wouldn’t get carpal tunnel and sue the channel.
I feel much better now.

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  1. get outside? im reading this on my Pocket Pc with a wifi card through adsl line,vpn’d into my office imaped to email while smoking a cigarette (I know shut up)

  2. Hi Leo,
    Love the shows. Look forward to them everyday. Caught a show where you said you weren’t aware of any laptop coolers. TigerDirect has one. A base with 3 fans. Might check their site.

  3. Greg…
    Was it because with down, you had no where else to express yourself?

  4. Ixceix…
    You can’t post comments to Leo’s most recent blog posting either.
    I’ve emailed the mayor, but I’m sure he’s not read my message.
    BTW, in addition to the issue with, is also down. I wonder both of the websites if they share the same host or are served from the same box?

  5. Looks like something went wrong at Annex, which is why the Town Square, Jumping Monkeys, et. al are down.

  6. Ok, you can STOP NOW…
    What if you get carpal tunnel from the ergonomics training?
    Then whom do you sue????

  7. It looks like it could be helpful. Or you could just lift your wrists off the keyboard.

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