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All the news that's fit to rant aboutNews stories we’re considering for tonight’s The Screen Savers

  • Read their lips. House bans Internet taxes forever. Next step: US Senate.

  • Like MSN, Yahoo! Messenger plans a mandatory upgrade that blocks third party access (Yahoo says it’s designed to control spam). Trillian will offer patch to thwart MSN and Yahoo’s attempts to close their networks.
  • Jeffrey Lee Parson, the high school kid accused of creating MSBlaster variant pleads not guilty.
  • More security alerts: CERT has issued a warning on the SSH flaw I mentioned on Tuesday. And IBM’s DB2 has been compromised, but in this case hacker must have physical access to the machine.
  • The US Commerce Department extends ICANN’s charter for three more years.
  • California Senator Barbara Boxer blasts Verizon and SBC for resisting RIAA subpoenas. Accuses the ISPs of “promoting illegal downloading” and engaging in “hypocritical behavior.” Sen. Ron Wyden asked RIAA Prez Cary Sherman how long the suits will continue. “I really can’t answer that,” Sherman replied. “How many has DirecTV had to file to stop satellite piracy? They have filed more than 10,000 (lawsuits), but you don’t hear much about that.”
  • Cell phones are a major source of infection in hospitals.
  • New Demo Presidential candidate Wesley Clark says the net made him do it.
  • Paramount and Fox sue DVD copy software companies.

6 Replies to “Top Stories for Today”

  1. This is GREAT! One of the main reasons I watch TSS is for the news at the beginning. Now I’ll be able to read them here instead of waiting until the morning rerun! (We have other shows we TiVo at the time TSS airs here)
    Please find the time to keep doing this! It’s really great!

  2. Hi Leo, great site! The headlines are exactly the type of stuff I wanna read about. On a more personal note… At first I thought you were pretty weird, but you’re pretty cool. You know tons of stuff about computers. It seems nobody can really stump you on the screen savers. Keep up the good work.

  3. Does it really surprise anyone that Boxer is in bed with the RIAA??? She represents them. The truth about any issue has not been a problem for her beliefs in the past. Why would she change now?

  4. Hey Leo,
    I am an addict of both Call for Help and TSS and I love your new headlines features.
    The one about germs on cell phones makes me want to q-tip my ears! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Leo like Caron said, keep it up. I would much rather have the headlines coming from you then some other “reputable” sites.

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