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All the news that's fit to rant aboutToday’s Screen Savers news summary…

  • iDefense, a VA based security firm, says a new Blaster worm is set to launch any day now. Get ready now by applying Windows Critical Updates. Homeland Security issues another warning.

  • Verisign is hijacking bad .com and .net domain names with its new Site Finder search page. Irate ISC says it will patch BIND to block Site Finder.
  • DC Federal Appeals Court hears arguments in RIAA vs Verizon. Clueless judge says Verizon “makes a lot of money off piracy.” Uh-oh.
  • The ITU says the number of broadband subscribers worldwide grew 72 per cent to approximately 62 million last year.
  • Intel upgrades PIV. Pentium 4 Extreme has 2MB of L2 cache, runs at 3.2 GHz. Basically it’s a Xeon for the PIV socket. Intel says it’s aimed at gamers.
  • The PCMCIA SIG announces a new PC card form factor. The PC ExpressCard is smaller and based on USB 2 and PCI Express interfaces. Slots will appear in desktop PCs in nine months, notebooks in a year.
  • Paul Allen donates $100 million to a project planning to map the mouse brain. No comment.
  • PCExpo is on now! Does anyone care?
  • Sci-Fi author Orson Scott Card’s take on file sharing. Right on, Speaker for the Sued.
  • GNOME-Office 1.0 is out, includes new AbiWord 2.0. Star Office 7 ships, too. Bye bye MS Office.

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  2. Hey, Leo, I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever I scroll through your blog now, part of the text keeps disappearing as I scroll. You just get a bunch of blank areas in the middle of the text. I couldn’t even get the link to the comments right away because of this. Does anyone else have this problem?
    I should note that I’ve had this on 2 different computers now, so that’s not it.

  3. Hmm DesertGeek. What browser are you using and which OS?
    It looks and works great on Mozilla and Safari. I have noticed some rendering issues with IE. I think the CSS used in the TypePad templates may be causing problems for IE.
    I’d appreciate any input and screenshots you can give me while I try to fix this. Thanks!

  4. Are these news headlines posted on the TSS message boards? I think they would generate a lot of interested responses.
    The Verizon issue judge scares me. The phone companies make a lot of money off of telemarketing scams, if you use his logic. ISPs make a lot of money off of piracy, too. Apply ill conceit to about any form of communication and you’ll reach the same irrational conclusion. Verizon is responsible for the content they transmit. They are co-conspirators, in effect.
    From the linked article:
    “The subpoena power in question is issued through a provision of the 1998 DMCA that allows copyright holders to issue subpoenas that have not been reviewed by a judge and requires no notice to, or opportunity to be heard by, the alleged infringer.”
    It seems the critical questions of privacy rights, and the legality to release private information isn’t being given the attention deserved. Your private information isn’t as private and secure as you thought. It looks like you’re guilty until proven innocent. Don’t give up the fight, Verizon.

  5. I think I’ve fixed the display issue. It was a problem with this particular post. Let me know if there are any display problems with IE now.

  6. I listened intently as the pro-RIAA and anti-RIAA personages were in debate/discussion on Music wars and formed some very ionteresting thoughts. Looking at the rich young yuppie, I could not help but wonder why he was so concerned about the money. Yup, we taught him well! I kept remembering also about the Rock n’ Roll stars who are now homeless and destitute and thought, “Yup, the RIAA really helped them! (and now they are copywrite protecting their songs for who?)” I doubt if this will be read by more than a select few, but come on you guys, point is made, move on to getting a solution other than the “sue you” mentality for morality. You are only promoting the practices. Clean out your own closet before you walk into my living room! As a lyric from the Who says, “I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth!”

  7. Well, I was at PC Expo yesterday (wed), and yes, it was the smallest show ever. That said, I still found interesting items there – things I had not heard about and others that I had, but didn’t have any interest in them until I got my hands on them and talked to people who could tell me things they don’t include in marketing materials.
    While it’s certainly true that the internet makes it easy to find info – but many companies seem to have forgotten that hands-on demos can make all the difference.

  8. A typo on the last link there. You forgot a d. Anyway, looks cool. And it can be used in Windows as well!

  9. Is Paul creating the Allen or the Alien Institute for Brain Science?
    I believe the second one is correct.

  10. Leo, I have the same problem. Im using windows xp home and internet explorer. It’s not a big problem, just annoying.

  11. that sounds SO much like new stories from fark.com…leo…did you forget to do the news a stole stuff offa fark?

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