Switched Off

Call for Help is going dark today. The switcher in Studio A is dead. It started fritzing out last night during Tech Live.
In order to make room for Tech Live tonight it looks like we’ll be taping The Screen Savers an hour early at 3p Pacific. If we can get our guests rescheduled, that is.

9 Replies to “Switched Off”

  1. no cable in dorm room…
    no internet in dorm room…
    i feel the pain of technical glitches! 🙂
    leo! my pop gave me some taped episodes of tss to watch and ye’ve no idea how much watchin’ you and patrick geeks me out every morning! i’ve finally found a way to at least start the day smiling around this place! rock to the leo!

  2. OK — for us lay folk —
    What exactly does the Switcher do? Does it allow the signals from each camera to be fed into the main transmission feed?

  3. It would seem logical to have a back-up switch handy, but that’s likely
    too expensive. I didn’t watch CFH today (no time today), but I hope they
    mentioned that TSS would be pushed ahead an hour, or chances are TSS lost
    a good portion of it’s viewers for the day. That wouldn’t be good.

  4. I knew there had been technical difficulties last night so when I realized five minutes into today’s CFH I was watching a repeat I thought uh oh this can’t be good. Technology, can’t live with it, can’t live without it! Hope things get squared away for all concerned by tomorrow.

  5. Wow. I knew there were some major problems last night during TechLive. I thought Michaela and Chris handled the obvious problems they were having behind the scenes quite well, though.

  6. Uh oh. Not good. I saw the dead switcher picture when it posted. But, I didn’t realize the significance of it until now. I wondered why CFH was a repeat yesterday. Now I know.

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