Copies of the 2004 Almanac poured into our offices last week, only to pour back out.
I’m told someone noticed that the word “Almanac” was misspelled “Alamanac” on the spine. All copies are being shipped back from retailers to be fixed. I guess they’ll replace the entire cover. At any rate, it’s going to be a week or two until the fixed copies appear in stores.

Wonder if there’s a market for the erroneous printing? I might know someone who has one.

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  1. Ut oh, someone forgot to use spell check!
    Hey, there’s a DVD edition? Cool, I’ll have to look into that!
    Is there going to be a calendar edition this year? I love last year’s calendar!

  2. Humm… Keep a couple and sell them on ebay later Leo.. These are surley a collectors item. 😉

  3. Actually, the fewer copies of the misprnted version there are in circulation, the more it drives up the value on the misprinted book. At least that is how it works on misprinted stamps, trading cards, and such for Collectors. I imagine it would be the same for book collectors. :raises hand: I’d love to get a misprinted and autographed copy of the book Leo! 😉

  4. Wow, I can’t belive that!
    Leo- I’m glad you’re blogging more often! I just love to read it.

  5. Oh NO! That explains a lot.
    Though I just recently bought a copy of Leo Lapute’s 2004 Technobabble Almanac on Amazone.com.
    I think I got “gypped.”

  6. Hey Leo, Amazon shipped some of their pre-ordered books before the recall. I received mine today with the Alamanac spine. There is also a mistake on page 87 where they put an article by Sarah Lane with Morgan Webb’s picture beside it. Two mistakes in one book? This has to be worth something. I think I’ll hold onto my copy for now.

  7. Yeah, I just got mine, and has no one else noticed, the technology is also mispelled as technololgy. I even had problems with amazon shipping mine since i preordered it, the didnt ship mine until most of you already had yours, oh well, at least the gave me my shipping back on it, but i think we who got the misprints should get a fixed and autographed dvd (if there is one) or calender edition, Isnt it only fair.

  8. No doubt, whoever was responsible for that costly error is gonna be spelling the word “unemployment” very soon in the future.

  9. If they decide to make a new cover can they use your new Powerbook? Also why were your elbows not on the table? I’m going to get this book. I want the one with the dvd. Have a nice night.

  10. Leo,
    I just got my “misspelled” copy from Amazon.com.
    I agree with Kevin M. I think I’ll keep this one.

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