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I‘ve turned off comments on the Mob because they were just getting too out of hand.
It’s a shame, because I think comments add a lot to any blog, but in this case I was taking pictures of people I work with, audience members, friends, and family, and then they were getting skewered online. It’s one thing when I get slimed – I can take it and it’s part of being in the public eye . It’s another thing entirely for them to take flak just because they’re in my life.

I wish I could connect the ability to comment here and on the Mob to the registration database for Leoville Town Square. That would certainly solve the problem, but at the moment they’re completely unrelated systems on different servers.

I am considering moving the Mob off TextAmerica entirely and creating a second, photo only blog here on Typepad (click the Telephotos link to the left to see the current work in progress). I’d be able to restore comments (since the TextAmerica crowd probably wouldn’t find the new blog) but you’d lose some TA features like scrapbooking. Any thoughts on that?

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  1. I’ve seen this coming for a few weeks now, it’s a shame a few rotten apples spoil it for everyone but such is the anonymity of the internet. I had wondered how much control you had over the situation, I was pretty sure not much. Leo you are a man of honor, it’s one of the many things I admire about you, as much as I enjoyed posting comments I would much rather you do what you did than subject innocent bystanders to the nasty fallout that can be the net. As long as you keep posting the pictures I’ll be happy, as you know I’m a big fan of the MOB. It’s a special thing you do sharing so much of your personal life with us, I’m sorry there are people out there that abuse that privilege.

  2. No kidding Daisy. These people are ignorant, selfish, and irresponsible. Leo, you do what you think is right. It’s your moblog. I’ll be happy with whatever you decide.

  3. It’s a shame, Leo, that you have to resort to this!
    You were the one that got me interested in moblogging in the first place!
    Plan B would probably work unless you lose the ability to scroll through the pictures, but you might be fine with the Textamerica account the way
    it is now; comments off, although I know it’s not as much fun that way!

  4. sorry to hear that, leo. can’t blame you though. nice pictures anyway, even without the comments.

  5. Leo, it’s a shame that a few bad seeds always ruin a good thing. some of the comments were very out of line. I am sure what ever you do will be great.

  6. All this because I suggested you get a new suit before going back to NY? 😉 I don’t know why you put up with it as long as you did. Internet access is keeping a lot of people out of some much needed therapy.

  7. :-(. I was reading those comments that were there, and I can completely understand what you did. On one hand, I am happy you took them off so your friends/family/co-workers etc. won’t get all the flak they did, but on the other hand I really like reading some of them. But I completly understand why you did it, and it is nice to know that you care enough about your friends to do that.

  8. Leo…..sorry to hear about the problems with comments on TextAmerica. I respect your concern for people who have not chosen to be public figures. I have read none of the comments over there and I am glad I have not. My wife and I have enjoyed your photos. Sort of like shariing a family album. We almost feel like saying, “Look another photo from Uncle Leo.” We enjoy Screensavers and Call for Help very much. Keep up the good work.

  9. I love the MOB and would hate to see it go away. After a time, I stopped reading the messages. Yes, some were cute and clever, but other so rude. Please, Leo, continue to share your wonderful pictures with us. Ignore those baddies! Look on the bright side, TECH TV was in the funny papers today:
    P.S. You’ve been the finest teacher I’ve ever had.

  10. On one hand, the Internet can be an awesome thing. On the other hand, when you mix in a few goobers and morons anything can get screwed up. I am sorry you had to remove comment Leo. That just plain sux.

  11. I’ve seen this happen time and time again. so sad leo does some really nice things for his fans and then some one (maybe the same person?) messes it all up ….I as a fan say sorry for those fools that mess it up…please kepp up the good work leo!

  12. You couldn’t MOD the comments? I think there is tons of code out there that would notifiy a MOD each post. It would take a checking every so hours but seriously it’s a web site. We all know that sometimes bad people want to come in a ruin things. I just pass over them and don’t even respond.
    I know this is “family” site to say, but famlies also understand that when public comments are made some are bad.
    I check the mob every so often. Even if you didn’t remove the post right away, it wouldn’t do much damage.
    It could be easy to setup report links.
    Just a thought.

  13. Expect some advanced and impressive authentication features on textamerica tonight.

  14. That’s really nice. A few bad apples always spoil the fun. a registered blog would do it for me. I make it a point not to register for anything. As to your other comment that equals a buck fifty to the rest of us right? Money isn’t everything. My brother makes a ton of it and never has any. I think we all spend to our limits. We’re all under the mistaken impression that money brings you happiness when all it does is buy you time. What you do with it is up to you. like bill is really happy, yeah right!

  15. Shoot a monkey! Well I can see how you want to modify your ability to control comments.
    My thing is though, I think “Gallery” a free cool Perl script makes a great photo showcase because it automatically makes thumbnails, thereby allowing people to view more pictures at once and then click to enlarge any picture and make/view comments.
    You can see it in action on my site at Mostly my mom’s photgraphy now there. OOh I see they have upgraded it to 1.41 I am gonna have to upgrade mine…doH!

  16. I’m sure this isn’t unexpected behavior. Considering the wide range of netizens viewing your mob, it’s surprising comments weren’t disabled earlier. I had noticed pictures, once full of quips, were wiped clean. Not all the comments I read were rude and obnoxious, some were outright ingenious, but I can understand it would turn into a full time job playing net-nanny. Cat & Morgan have disabled comments on their respective regular blog. Lockergnome has disabled comments (about a week ago) on his mob, for the exact reason you have. I think comments are an integral part of the appeal to visit mobs. You have to do what you have to do.

  17. The too bad Leo, I am Guesting that, the persons who were reasonable wrote those comments were from the Unscrewed crowds.

  18. I’ve enjoyed your MOB. If you can keep the textamerica one going without comments, that sounds perfect. While some comments were hilarious — loved them, others were mean. Running without a comments section sounds like a perfect solution to me.

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