It’s Not Sprint’s Fault

I owe an apology to Sprint PCS. The billing snafu I’ve been kvetching about for the past few months occurred because (now PayTrust), the online billing service I use, sent three payments with the wrong account numbers. That’s why Sprint couldn’t find them. What’s weird is that the very first thing I did (with Sprint on the phone) was talk with PayTrust and verify the account numbers.
This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with PayTrust in over three years as a customer, so I’m not blaming them. It looks like they assigned my new Sprint bills to a long inactive Sprint long distance account without cross checking the account numbers, then automatically paid the wrong account. Moral of the story: periodically check the account numbers your bill pay service is using to make sure payments are going to the correct accounts.

Sprint could have been a little more helpful in tracking this down, but I can’t blame them for the mistake. On the other hand, I’m much happier with my new phone and service anyway. The hard part is going to be apologizing to them on the air. Gulp.

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  1. I have Sprint and a Treo 300; I love the phone and like the coverage that Sprint provides, but I’ve been unhappy with the service (as have several of my friends who have Sprint service). I’m happy to see you post this and set the record straight. I’m torn about the new Treo 600. If I get it I can keep using Sprint (which I’m marginally happy with), but if I’d rather have Bluetooth, which is not available in any of the Sprint phones (at least none that I can find). I suppose if the Treo600 will support a SD card with BlueTooth then I may stay with Sprint. Somehow T-Mobile seems to be more amenable to BlueTooth. Anyway, glad to see your explanation. It’s always good to set the record straight.

  2. I know you can’t use this on the air, but for what it’s worth, although it turns out not to have been Sprint’s fault in your particular case, their customer and billing is still abysmal, and I say that from the standpoint of a 4-year client who’s waiting for the Number Portability Act to pass.

  3. Everyone seems to have one utility that they have to do pitched battle with once or twice in their life. Me, it was the gas company who years ago actually turned off my gas service because they calmed I hadn’t payed my bill for several months, I had, like you it was a banking snafu that involved another account (not even my account) that took months to clear up. Never got an apology from the gas company or the bank. It takes a big man to apologize, it take an even bigger man to apologize publicly. Remember, “it’s not your fault!”

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