11 Replies to “A Year in the Life”

  1. Sadly mistaken. Nobody wants to watch Leo and Pat. Put up
    a DVD (not tapes) of Kate Botello.

  2. I always thought TechTV should air “classic” episodes of TSS, like first-year stuff, in its off hours. Sure the questions will be irrelevant, but it beats poorly dubbed anime and tardy-to-the-party robot wars.

  3. Yup! You’d be amazed at the variety of items you can find on eBay! This is one TechTV related auction I can avoid though. I already have a set just like it. 😉

  4. Well I would buy the VHS collection but I can’t afford that much right now.. dang it all, and I agree would be better if on DVD.. Hey Leo has TechTV ever thought about offering a dvd collection of the best of The Screen Savers, being one collection from each year since the begining, like they pick a number of their favs and then put up a pole and let the viewers pick the ones from that that and that is what is made available, I for one would love some dvds of the old set and stuff, I miss those days hehe, good thing i have one or two episodes taped from then, still remember Kilt Day on the old set hehe..
    anyhow just some random thoughts.. maybe it will happen someday

  5. Thats cool, I tape every one because I’m at work when there on but I just tape over them every day. I would love to see some of the shows from 4 or 5 years ago before I had TTV.

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