Moving to Typepad

You may notice a new look for the blog today. I’ve migrated from Movable Type hosted on to TypePad, a Movable Type based program hosted at
TypePad offers me all sorts of additional features including the bookshelf at right and photo blogs. I’ll be moving the mobile phone blog over here as soon as they figure out how to support Sprint PCS phones.

The direct url for the blog is, or click the Blog link anywhere in Leoville. The RSS link has changed, too. Please update your aggregator to point to

13 Replies to “Moving to Typepad”

  1. Hi Leo. Please tell us how good, better or similiar TypePad is compared to the current MT.

  2. Have fun with TypePad, Leo. Keep us existing MTer’s posted on your experiences.
    –>Paul B.

  3. Glad to have you here, Leo! Welcome aboard, and I’m glad TypePad meets your standards.

  4. Leo if you haven’t already paid I have a coupon for you. I think it’s like 20% off for life. Email if you’re interested. You have to use the coupon when you first register, so what you would have to do is archive your posts, cancel your account, then reregiste with all the same info + the coupon. Email me if you’re interested. Sorry, I only have one.

  5. Well wow, that woke me up! I was just about to sign off for the night and go to bed and took one more peek into the blog and found the new look! You did all this while you are at the fair, multi tasking again I see! Hmmmm this will take a little getting use to. You do love to keep us on our toes don’t you Leo?
    I’m so glad to hear that the MOB pics are going to be moved over here, I hope that means existing pics too, there is some really good stuff there and I figured sooner or later it was going to get dumped and lost! I really, really love the MOB!

  6. FYI. I’ve never had a problem with your former newsfeed link in NewsDesk. However, I’m experiencing a bug with your new typepad link in v1.1.8.0. Instead of the “Leoville” title in the channel tree, it lists the title of the latest entry (i.e. Two Shows Nightly). ‘Other Attributes’ properties for the channel are, dc:creator ‘anonymous headline, channel did not provide a title.’
    The old link used RSS 2.0 and your new one uses RSS 1.0, according to NewsDesk. It might be a bug or incompatibility with my aggregator. Thanks.

  7. Curious – how do you send cam phone shots with typepad? Is it bascially the same as textamerica?

  8. I missed the part where the name of your blog was changed from Leoville to Two Shows Nightly. Update noted and applied.

  9. woo! this blog sure is different lookin’!
    gah! the change the change! first they put me in a dorm room and then leo changes his blog! is nothing sacred anymore?
    …i like the blog, i’m just not so sure about this dorm thing…

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