5 Replies to “Bawlmar Bound”

  1. Just got back from the Maryland State Fair. Great to see you and Patrick and the rest of the the TechTV team live. My wife and I were really thrilled to finally get the chance to meet you.
    Best wishes, and I hope you guys dig the CDs –

  2. Great to see you and Pat again as well as
    meeting Chris for the first time. We really
    enjoyed the Digital Digs and appreciate
    Comcast bringing you back to Maryland.
    Imagine our surprise when we went out to
    dinner at the hotel and saw your limo motor-
    ing in. Get some rest. We got to the goat
    tent and were surprised at the many types of
    goats. What kind do you have?
    Rick & Maggie

  3. Great seeing your photo blog today! Even cooler was seeing Suzie’s MoBlog! So, how do you like my “home” town of Baltimore? I miss it. One of these days I’ll have to go visit.

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