CNN Delayed Until Tomorrow

Oops. Charles Taylor took too long to resign (about 10 years too long actually) and my segment got bumped on CNN today. I taped it anyway with Daryn Kagan after the show. The producer tells me the segment will air tomorrow on American Morning. I don’t know what time, however. Sorry about that!

10 Replies to “CNN Delayed Until Tomorrow”

  1. Leo, you have impeccable timing, lol! Should we worry about an international crisis everytime you go to New York, lol??!!

  2. The VP’s name is Blah….. great name for a politician if you ask me! I think he’ll last about another 23 mins.

  3. I’m glad that your appearance on American Morning was bumped until tomorrow, because I slept in today and missed it. If what you said before is accurate, your appearance on ABC News Now should air tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to tape it. Have a good one, Leo!

  4. Hmmmmmm, first Gary Condit now Charles Taylor, interesting group you;re associated with…

  5. I have seen a lot of off topic comments, and thrown quite a few out myself, but how the hell you come up with a question about the gout. Stop eating a lot of protein, don’t drink alcohol and don’t take aspirin during an attack.

  6. Presidents should learn to resign quickly, so the world can get on to brighter and better things.

  7. Darn Leo, the last time you were suppose to appear with Soledad you got bumped because of Gary Condit, this time it was Charles Taylor! These breaking news stories are a royal pain!

  8. hey leo just wondered how long can one expect to wait to get approved for leoville?
    also you should really check and MODERate the photoshop funny pictures. im talking about someones post and his “website is down”…it was posted on 8/11.

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