NY Media Tour

I‘m on the way to New York again for a round of appearances. Sunday night I tape two segments for ABC’s World News Now, one on the new wireless devices, another on home security. They typically air the segments around 3am on the first Tuesday of each month, but check your local listings.
Monday morning, August 11, I’m going to appear on CNN’s American Morning with my old Site-mate Soledad O’Brien. The segment on wireless networking should be on around 9:30a Eastern.

Tuesday morning, August 12, I’m scheduled to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly. The show usually airs between 9 and 10a local time, but check TV Guide. I’m usually live on this show, but they occasionally tape the segment for later airing. I’ll let you know when I know. As usual, I’ve got a bunch of wacky stuff to show Reeg and Kelly.

Here’s a list of all the products I’m bringing with me. I’ll show as many of them as time allows.

World News Now

Segment 1: PDA/SPOT Watch Segment

  • Sony, Clie PEG-UX50
    Available Now on Pre-Order, $699
    New first-ever horizontally oriented Entertainment Communicator in a clamshell design with Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth!
  • Palm, Tungsten T2
    Available Now, $399
    New Palm with Built-in Bluetooth
  • Sony Ericsson, T616
    Available Now, $200
    New Tri-band Bluetooth Phone
  • Fossil, Wrist Net Watch
    Available Fall, $tbdUsing Microsoft’s new Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT), get customized info delivered directly to your wrist!

Segment 2: Home Security

Live with Regis and Kelly

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  1. Have fun in NY Leo, and keep giving us the great pictures you are so great at getting.

  2. Wow Leo you are making in the big time. The next thing you know, you will be making Appearances on Jay Leno, David Letterman, Oprah, Fox News, The News Hour, 60 Minutes, and Dr. Phil. Make sure that you don’t show on Judge Judy.

  3. Wow Leo you are making in the big time. The next thing you know, you will be making Appearances on Jay Leno, David Letterman, Oprah, Fox News, The News Hour, 60 Minutes, and Dr. Phil. Make sure that you don’t show up on Judge Judy.

  4. Ooooooo a new venue and with Soledad no less, cool! Just so happens I have some time coming to me, I think I’ll go into work a little late on Monday!
    I really like the looks of that new Clie, I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about it. I have a birthday coming up in a couple of months and of course there is alway Christmas so a new tech toy is in my future!
    Looking forward to the MOB pics. I am totally addicted to watching for new pics in that thing! Sounds like you have a very busy schedule going there hope there is time for a little fun too.

  5. Looking forward to your segment on CNN with Soledad! See seems so much happier on CNN.
    Please keep the photos coming on Mob. Look forward to the latest. It’s true about the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” Thanks Leo for the schedule & the Pics.

  6. This is so exciting, I’m off from work this week so I can see everything, even the 3 am shows if I want. Hey Leo, give a shoutout to the Leovilliagers, then we can bring the site down again…LOL

  7. Speaking of new products, is your G5 in yet? I’m such a frequent visitor to Apple’s site they ought to save me a seat. There are lots of reasons why I want a mac. From itunes to ipod and everything in between. Actually I just bought a mini dv camera which has a firewire port and I’d like to use the mac to edit videos and burn dvds. A dvd burner is two bills so I can knock that right off the price right? I’ll bet a lot of rationalization takes place on every mac purchase. You’re lucky your job makes upgrading a necessity and not a luxury. It’s hard to spend two grand on a computer these days without considerable justification. Especially when I know that two years from now there’s going to be a better one with features I seemingly can’t live without. The G5 is the way to go though and I’ve waited long enough. I’ll take the middle priced model if you please with extra cheese, (Isight, Ipod and a heavy helping of itunes)

  8. i like that you had the SPOT information on the one watch. whenever slashdot runs a story on the ms handhelds i make the same comment on holding out for a WINDOWS CE collar for everyone in america. instant karma on /. for that one.
    all of that stuff seems like consumeristic nonsense, but i guess techtv is also fueled by that.
    this is my first visit to the site. if you had not already got a barrage of comments on it already, your creative commons license picture does not seem to load. that is all good, as i was not planning on using any of your site.

  9. Leo so glad u took over call for help. Hope it is not too much on u. I really don’t wish that on anyone. But I love u and Patrick. Why doesn’t Patrick do it half the time and u the other? Patrick is very good. Does Patrick have his on site where I can write to him. Like Leoville. Yeah what ever happens PLEASE don’t be on Jerry Springer>>> LOL I got my 1st computer on March 1.1999 and bam u started ur on site. I have been so happy watching u all these years. The main thing that I just looked at ur profile for the 1st that I remeber and u r my age. I was surprised. How old is Patrick and I know he has a male roommate and just wondered if he happens to be gay? Not that it matters at all to me I am just a nosiy person. He never talks about his private life and u do some. Is ur wife a computer geek like us. I live for my computer since 99 I have owned 3 of them now. And I Love Gateway mostly how about u do u have a personal preference? I tired Linux one time and It shot me all to Hell. I had to put it into shop to get it fixed. U wrote me one time out of all these years I want to thank u for that. It really made me and my friends feel GREAT. If u get a chance we would love to hear from u again. Can u tell us how we can all get on the air and when. There is about 10 -12 of us that would like to be on threw my webcam. LET’S PARTY!!!!!!!!!

  10. Now Leo, do we need to pin that “power adapter” to your sleeve.
    Really looking forward to the return of Dev Null.

  11. I need to know. How many gadgets do you just get to keep for the sake of being you? Or do techtv pockets run that deep? Possible silicone-mafioso ties? any which way, best to you.

  12. Will leo and Soledad make a side joke about dev null. It will just like old times when they were on the site!! But this time leo’s hair won’t be blue or spinning around on top of his head!!

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