Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Widget, Too

Thanks to Arlo Rose you can now have a Leo Widget on your OS X desktop. You’ll need the wonderful shareware Konfabulator for Mac OS X to run this widget. It may be the silliest widget ever created, but at least it’s not the most useless. Click on my head to perform a search at TechTV.com.
Konfabulator is an amazing Javascript runtime engine that lets you put little doohickeys on the desktop, some of them stunningly useful, others, like mine, completely superfluous. The gallery features over 300 user created widgets and there are more all the time. So far there’s no Windows version of Konfabulator, although I’m told that DeskBlox will do many of the same things.

Arlo created this widget live on the air on last night’s The Screen Savers. I know it was pretty hectic, Arlo, but it sure was fun. Nice job.

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  1. Nice. It’s things like this that personalize a computer. Leo demoed the program for the Mac months ago. I’ll be one of the first to install it on XP when they release the Windows version.

  2. Just wanted to mention that there’s a program called Karamba that does similar things for the popular Linux/Unix desktop environment KDE.

  3. Hey LeO,
    Can’t log on to CFH/TSS, but no problems anywhere else….. Any suggestions??????
    Whatz catz email addy???????????
    Thanx and love tech tv….it rules!!!!!!!

  4. ahhh, the ol’ Dr.Pepper jingle. 🙂
    In debate on what type of computer I should get.
    Is OS X a Mac? I’m borrowing my parents now. So not quite computer savy.. If I do get a OS X, I’ll definately get a LeoWidget… Would like a CatWidget or a MorganWidget, But LeoWidget is cool.. 🙂

  5. I bet if somone made a confabulator port for windows they would make a HUGE sum of money. Everyone on OS X loves it and people with a Mac laptop and windows desktop would love to have it for their desktop because many of the widgets need connection to the internet to work. The weather, search, and stock ones (some of the most common) need the insternet to work to their full potential.

  6. finally Leo acknoledges there are windows programs that do what konfabulator does. I’ve only posted it TWICE on your board leo!! take a look! =)

  7. I just installed deskblox for the PC. Not as many widgets available as on the Mac, but I’m sure it will expand fast. Seems to work great, $25 with 30 day free trial. No Leo doohickey yet, but someone could write one. Thanks for the tip old noble tech one, and have a good vacation, even though I’m here stuck with reruns! 😉

  8. We actually are doing pretty well on our Windows version… I’ll make sure Leo gets first crack at showing it off. 😉
    Arlo Rose

  9. I really loved Widget-A-Go-Go!
    Richard Dreyfuss was so funny!
    Leo! Weren’t you in Widget Goes Hawaiian????

  10. Leo, I have to say, I have been reading everybody’s blogs on Tech TV and I think yours is the best. Why? Because I can easly see how to post comments.

  11. Loved the piece on the “konfabulator”. Went to download after the show and could not get on the techtv web site. As of this AM (sat 8/2) still can’t get on the site. It’s the only site I can’t get on so I am assuming it’s down or a router between LA and SF is down. FYI

  12. Hey LeO,
    Can’t log into CFH or TSS web site, but no other problems anywhere else… Any suggestions bout what’s going on?????
    ps whatz catz email???

  13. Just put it on my mom’s mac, she’s wondering what the heck is wrong with her computer 🙂

  14. That looks cool. Too bad that they can’t do something like this for the Microsoft Office assistant. I would much rather have Leo Laporte as an office assistant over that stupid animated paper clip (I use Office 2k).

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  16. Sorry Leo,
    But I have an urgent warning about an Earthlink scam.
    Beware! My parents recieved an Email from “EarthLink.Com” stating that the credit card declined and our account is on hold.
    There was a link to click on. On the EarthLink.Com link it then asked for tons of info. Called the real Earthlink, and found it is fake.
    Please inform any earthlink people. Pass the word.
    If any Email asks for renewal call the support number to verify.
    the key is the Email is from EarthLink.com. The real Earthlink is Earthlink.net.

  17. Eh, there should have been a “but” right after the comma and before the first “kudos”.

  18. Hello Leo.
    Just wanted you to know that you often have me laughing with your antics….Heheheh. But what I think is amazing is that my husband who does not like computers sometimes watches your show with me and you even have him laughing. Keep up with the fun!

  19. Rob: If you really did that I think you answered your own question. Find someone you trust and discuss this with them. In most circles it is considered inappropriate to send expensive gifts to strangers. And keep in mind even though you see her on TV often, you don’t know her.

  20. Rob : I would like a computer as well. You won’t freak me out if you send me one. I do agree with Ron on this, kudos to you for being so giving, as long as you had pure intentions, kudos to you. Practive random acts of giving, the world would be happier.

  21. Hi Leo,
    I wrote a cool SF bayarea webcam widget that shows over 45 different webcam views… check it out!

  22. Another Windows Konfabulator-like program I’d like to throw out there is DesktopX.

  23. I just downloaded DeskBlox for my PC .
    I,ve been looking forever for a cool windows clock. Thanks Leo !

  24. Astounding! Going to download it as soon as I finish typing this comment. Lol. I think I will try messing around with Konfabulator after all. And Leo, thank you! It’s always nice to here about things made for OS X.
    A Fellow Mac Lover,

  25. Hi,
    I sent Cat a brand new Computer I made for her after she commented on the air how she wanted a new Computer.
    Did she get it? Did I freak her out by doing something like that totally out of the blue? Hopefully not, It wasnt my intent. I just thought it was a great thing to do for a wonderful, intelligent and lovely lady.
    If I did freak her out or something, Please extend her my apologies.
    Thank you and Keep up the great work.
    Rob Jones

  26. I just had a thought, a rather rare event. You California natives need a liberal celebrity to run against Schwarzenegger. Start pestering Leo to run for Governor! He could be the tech candidate.

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