Live Nude Authors!

I‘m getting ready to write another book. It will be the first in a series I’m doing with Que – for want of a better name, a Laporte Press. The first book in the series will be on the new Panther version of Mac OS X. Megan and I will be working on it for January release. We’re also planning some other non-Mac titles. The goal is four books a year. That means serious time slaving over a hot computer. And you know what that means… no, not more TV plugs. It’s time to resurrect the author cam!
Tursi, the fellow who wrote the program I use to capture my Windows desktop, SCWebcam2, has sent me a pre-release copy of the next version. It includes a script to embed a web cam into the desktop image, making an excellent all-in-one spycam/screencam.

I’m still using the (discontinued) 3COM USB HomeConnect camera for the spycam image but now that I have an LCD monitor (the super crisp Samsung SyncMaster 191T) I can’t sit the camera on top of the monitor. So I’m using a handy camera mount called the FlexStand. It’s designed specifically for positioning a spycam at eye level. You might notice it above the central monitor on The Screen Savers. Works great.

Once I really get writing I’ll create a cams page with several views of the suffering author at work. Hey, anything to sell a book.

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  1. On CFH, When you look across at your cohost do you:
    1. Have a problem keeping a straight face.
    2. Think “What in the heck am I doing here? I’m better than this.
    3. Wonder who will be there next after she moves on to host unscrewed

  2. Leo:
    Loved the shows since catching you on “heck the inception of ZDtv err techTV” since you first came on in dallas. Anywho, you have inspired me to setup a blog on my website as well. Might be down temp till monday since cable modem seems to have dhcp’d the IP again but if you get a chance to check it out. also check out as well on our local YMCA indian princess group of which I am the chief. Love all of your work. Keep it up.
    Julian Owens
    Dallas Tx

  3. You must be busy! A new 12″ powerbook WOW! I’m afraid not even you can drop the price far enough though. Computers must depreciate faster than cars. I can’t afford two high tech gadgets which cost a fortune only to be garbage in 2 years. I can’t wait for the day when the laptop replaces the desktop. That way I’ll only have one expensive piece of junk to throw away instead of two. For now they’re too expensive, but if the proliferation of wifi continues we’ll simply have no choice. Long distance video conferencing for the price of a big mac will drive the market along with everything else.
    my brother spotted the lovebirds. He said they were mobbed.
    Little Miss Sarah stepped into Harrods battling Kevin for pics
    Along came a fan who spotted their tan and said there’s that Screen Savers chick
    Kevin and Sarah couldn’t believe it, unused to their well deserved fame
    but run like the dickens their fans somehow thickened and their trip to europe was lame

  4. Leo, I’d like to know if you know if any software to create custom 3d animated logos. If you know of any let me know. Thanks, man.

  5. My dear Mr. Laport can’t you give us a hint about the new TTV owners? Have you meet with the new management? We will not tattle! I have to agree with several other posters, you and Kate had an on air chemistry that was hard to beat. Her on air persona came across as intelligent and her natural beauty shinned. A far cry from the current scripted “cute” show.

  6. I can’t watch Techtv anymore because the content of the programs and even the commercials are too “adult like”. My husband and I actually had to turn the channel when our grand kids came into the room. I am sure I am not the only person who is having this problem with Techtv. Yesterday Techtv’s website looked like a porno site…. I can only hope that someone else will start another Techtv type of channel.
    I miss you guys but content has gotten out of hand.

  7. Webshots!!!! I’ve been looking high and low for the program Leo uses. Thanks guys! Now, if anyone can tell me why my wireless network card will cause my Toshiba notebook to lock up when coming out of hibernate, my life will be complete….for now. LEO!!! You go dude on that new book. YOU DA MAN!

  8. Sheila, I have to agree. CFH is about the only program that’s watchable, but then the commercials have to be censored… the commercials! Does anyone remember the old ZDTV days when ALL the programming had substance?

  9. What is the deal with TechTV lately.. I used to be able to come home from work in the evenings and watch re-runs of the shows from earlier that day. Sure it was re-runs, but it was fresh to me. Now instead of getting to watch The ScreenSavers at 10 pm eastern time, “Robot Wars” is on!! Or this other crap, Machines, Spy something.., Performance, Tech of.., this is all crap. I think Leo made CFH & TSS, but I cant get to watch either show anymore because they dont do evening re-runs. They have the “new” programming on. LEO, YOU NEED TO PULL SOME ROPES, NO STRINGS, AND GET TECHTV BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS! YOUR LOSING VIEWERS BECAUSE THE NEW PROGRAMMING SUCKS! WE WANT IT THE WAY IT USED TO BE.

  10. Poster Tony, you’re absolutely right. TechTV has a strange line-up. What the hell is “Anime Unleashed?” TechTV is confusing its audience with this kind of garbage. More core programming like Call For Help and Screensavers is what the viewers really want.
    Also, I know that 98% of the world has been fooled or forced to use Microsoft operating systems, but it would be nice to have more air time devoted to Mac OS X (Panther) and Linux. Perhaps utilization of these operating systems would increase with increased access to great programs like Call For Help, etc.
    I have your 2003 Technology Almanac and enjoy it very much. I’m looking forward to your Mac OS X Panther book!

  11. I love TSS and CFH!
    It’d be awesome if you could do a book about Linux (Redhat 9 would be even better) and explain how a lot of things are now becoming Linux Compatable
    Oh,lol people already suggested it…well Fellow linux junkies, lets hope Mr. Laporte will do a linux book

    your definately in need of a vacation. enjoy…

  13. A friend of mine has a patented invention but needs manufacturing and distribution help. It is a beach mat with a padded section for the head which also has speakers for listening to portable audio devices. When folded up, the sides zip on both sides leaving an opening on top, to put your besch stuff in, i.e… tanning oil, towel, wallet or pocketbook, book, audio device……It can also be used for exercising or a kids mats.
    It also has to long strap handels to carry or put over shoulder. Any help would bre greatly appreciated.

  14. Leo, I would really like a chance to work with you at TechTV. I have enjoyed your work from MSNBC to KGO to ZDNET to TechTV. Thanks and I just hope that you read this. THANKS!!

  15. I’m so looking forward to the return of the author cam, we had such a lot of fun with it last summer! I’ll even buy the new book and I don’t even own a Mac!
    I just hope these books don’t hold you prisoner the way the 2003 Almanac did!

  16. Hey Anonymous, Leo was the original host of Call For Help and it’s great to see him back on his show. Pirillo just wasn’t living up to what Leo left behind when he left the first time.

  17. Okay.. Just to clarify. Because I panic easy.
    The part about Leo being a cool dad judging from the MoBlog, was serious.. Not part of the funny part. 🙂
    Wew, now I can rest easy..

  18. Keep it clean here, folks. Leo, by cudos to you for keeping a bit of Tech in TechTV. (fondly remembering the Laporte-Botello days on TSS, though Patrick is great too.)
    It would be a heck of a tech roundtable…
    Leo, Kate, Dvorak, Norton, Sarah, Cat, Jessica…
    That would be an awesome show.

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