Live Nude Authors!

I‘m getting ready to write another book. It will be the first in a series I’m doing with Que – for want of a better name, a Laporte Press. The first book in the series will be on the new Panther version of Mac OS X. Megan and I will be working on it for January release. We’re also planning some other non-Mac titles. The goal is four books a year. That means serious time slaving over a hot computer. And you know what that means… no, not more TV plugs. It’s time to resurrect the author cam!
Tursi, the fellow who wrote the program I use to capture my Windows desktop, SCWebcam2, has sent me a pre-release copy of the next version. It includes a script to embed a web cam into the desktop image, making an excellent all-in-one spycam/screencam.

I’m still using the (discontinued) 3COM USB HomeConnect camera for the spycam image but now that I have an LCD monitor (the super crisp Samsung SyncMaster 191T) I can’t sit the camera on top of the monitor. So I’m using a handy camera mount called the FlexStand. It’s designed specifically for positioning a spycam at eye level. You might notice it above the central monitor on The Screen Savers. Works great.

Once I really get writing I’ll create a cams page with several views of the suffering author at work. Hey, anything to sell a book.

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  1. A Mac book from Leo would be so kick ass. Give David Pogue a run for his money! 🙂

  2. Not sure yet. It’s easier to write about a computer when you’re not actually using it, so I will likely have Panther running on one system while I write on another. If Apple comes out with a new notebook soon I’ll write on that, otherwise I’ll probably have to use Windows. hint, hint

  3. Somehow it just seems blasphemous Leo. Me thinks you might jinks your chance of getting that TiBook replacement by merely thinking of it 🙂
    None the less I look forward to your (and Megans) book. Might actually buy this one.

  4. Oh stop it Leo. Just give Steve a call and they’ll deliver by courier whatever pre-production notebook you want.

  5. Sure hope you can write the Panther book on a new G5! NOW that would be great and I’d buy THIS BOOK!
    The Almanacs have too much Windows information that is worthless to me.
    Glad to see Megan back in the fold; she’s the most legitimate Girl-Nerd (note that is a compliment, Megan). Sarah Lane and been a knowledgeable replacement but I still miss Megan.
    Best wishes with book.

  6. Wow leo, it amazing how much time you have to write so many books. It great to here Megan will be helping out on the OS X.3 book. It may be the year i will take the Macintosh plunge. If i had the bucks i would go out today to buy one those nifty 15″ G4 powerbooks that Brett has sporty around CFH. I am waiting for the new Apple G5s to come out. It would rock if steve jobbs priced the entry levels G5s under $1000.00 bucks. but that wishful thinking by my part. Well I would be the first one in time to buy your new series of Computer books from the Leporte Press!!!! Keep up on the great work Leo!!

  7. What is the name (and where can I find it) of the active desktop program (I assume it’s active desktop) that has the neat calander?
    Can’t wait for the new books!!!

  8. A mac panther book by Leo Laporte? I dont usually buy computer books, but this one sounds interesting. I’ll pick one up when it’s published.

  9. You have 2 hours of live TV daily, a 4 book commitment, a wife, young children, and various other professional and private responsibilities. I can’t decide whether that’s ambition or manic behavior. Perhaps you need a professional opinion on that, and I don’t mean a Dermatologist.

  10. You can really tell a Mac lover, by the he way he arranges the Windows desktop icons. Bottom right, instead of left top.

  11. Promises, promises on the nude part! 🙂 So, you are going to do this in your spare time?????
    Good luck and we’ll be watching you pull your hair out……or should I say your toupee off???

  12. I’m thinking about switching, and this book might just do it for me! And I love the authorcams!
    BTW, the calendar is an option in Webshots Desktop (

  13. Well this should keep you out of trouble for awhile…
    Should be interesting to watch. I like the bit about the program embedding the webcam on your desktop!

  14. Leo,
    How do you place the program icons in the task bar?
    That really cleans up the desktop.

  15. I truly would appreciate an autographed copy of your soon to be released book. An autograph by the lovely and talented Megan M. and yourself would be fabulous.
    Holy smokes, you are going to be even more occupied with your future book projects. Over a thousand (give or take a few) TSS shows under your belt, CFH hosting, appearances on Regis & Kelly, radio talk shows, briefing the feds about security, and whipping fans into a frenzy at gatherings around the nation. Now add “prolific author” to your resume and hectic schedule. If there is a will there is a way.
    Love the author cam, thanks for bringing it back. Remember to take frequent breaks and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

  16. I want an RSS feed on the Author Cam so I know when it is time for the “Sod Hat.”

  17. Is that Rainlendar running in the upper right corner? If so how do you get the other months to appear? Lastly, what skin are you using?

  18. Hey, what’s program is putting the calendar dates on the top right of Leo’s screen? Rainlendar? How did you tweak that Leo? *interested*

  19. The calender program is webshots. It also changes your wallpaper at certin intervalls
    LEO, why do you say never run as root, yet in your start menu it says “log off admin” lol
    we still love you leo…even with your poor interent security practices

  20. hey… an apple book by leo… if i get that, i might just finally be able to tolerate the imac in the other room… hmm…
    did i read that right about the nude thing? well, if that’s true, then i can counteract the no techhytv in the dorm room with the authorcam. hmm…

  21. I’ve been looking all over for a program like this. I like to have people on my website know what I’m doing all the time. Webcam, SpyAmp, BlogAmp, Blog, and now people can see what I’m doing on my computer…Now all I have to do is find a plugin for AIM to let people know in HTML what my away message is, thanks!

  22. Good luck with the new book. I hope you are going to write an updated Computer Almanac soon? I’m looking forward to it! (it’s a great bathroom reader 🙂 )

  23. Live Nude Authors?
    Careful Leo, you might get accused of ripping off “No Pants Friday” from the Gnome…
    Personally, I’m not wearing shoes and my feet need washing (TMI).
    On a related note, I notice you are this month’s designated victim of the TSS Photoshop Challenge. I threw together a couple badly-pasted inside jokes I hope the contest judges will let you see…

  24. I used to be a mac user way back in the early ’90’s when I was in college. We had the old mac classic’s and II’s, and III’s. They were pretty cool. The OS’ were 6 and 7.x. They were the first pc’s I ever used. I wish that I could afford a new mac now. I would definitely buy one. Oh yeah I would buy your book too.

  25. Sorry to bring this up but why don’t you quit Call For Help and get Chris Pirillo back. It would be for the best. People would rather have Chris Pirillo. Sorry. You could financially do it. Come on Leo. You practically run friggin’ TechTV. Pull some strings. CHRIS PIRILLO BACK FOR CFH!

  26. I don’t care about Pirillo, but if the last poster is right and you do “practically run TechTV” you got a lot to answer for! You better run and hide. 😉

  27. Hey Leo!
    Thanks for the great info – I used to stand in front of a group of Seniors monthly and talk about backup and hardware vs. software. Real basic stuff, but standing in front of an audience feels good when it goes well, right?
    HOW ABOUT ‘FULL LAPORTE PRESS’ (Full Court Press…)
    I religiousely watch the Screensavers. Kudos to you and Patrick. Your support staff is wonderful!
    Lou Csak
    (631) 841-2326

  28. Lou you might not want to put your phone number in the posts. They’re all types that read these blogs and I’d hate to see you on the wrong end of some joke or worse.

  29. *sigh* Is there no way to filter all the morons, Leo? And was Pirillo really laid off? Personally, I think you both did a great job, and I alwas (innocently) believed he had to go for his own reasons.
    Well, anywhos, i’ll buy that book, most definately… Well… Maybe not if the nude thing is right, unless you post some warnings in previous apges, lol, and never put those pictures where the stuff I want to read is.. .Oh fine, i’ll stop being a homophobe for your book, Leo, hope you appreciate it. >.<

  30. Colin: “Pirillo just wasn’t living up to what Leo left behind…”
    Could you make a more ignorant statement? Pirillo made the show his own, and just as Leo has the total juices flowing (or had; I wouldn’t know – I no longer subscribe to TechTV), Pirillo took CFH in a very good and entertaining direction. Anyone who saw his marathon show saw the full effect. Pirillo’s canning by TechTV was a huge mistake. They lost me as a subscriber over that (mind u, it was the last of many straws), and they’ve lost other subscribers as well.

  31. I personaly think Leo is the GodFather of Techtv.
    No! Not grandfather… I said GodFather! Sheesh! Sure he says he answers to the Producers and such.. But in reality, they answer to him. I would not mess with Leo, you might wake one morning and find a monitor at the foot of your bed. 🙂 And plus, judging from the MoBlog, he is one cool dad.
    Seriously though, I saw the rescent book at my local store, but you said the next ones coming in September? Should I get this one and the new one? I don’t want to miss anything.
    And while I have this post, Are you going on an Autograph tour for the book?… With Cat?…and umm Morgan? 🙂 I would love to have a book autographed by the Godfather of TechTV.
    Okay, I release this post.

  32. I like the shows you do, keep up the good work, say hi to those hot ladies you work with (moran,sarah,jessi,and cat)

  33. Mr. Leo!
    D St. boy here says that if you are going to write
    a Mac book with an authorcam, you better
    snag an iSight and have that feed coming from
    the Mac! Just seems more in keeping with the
    nature of the book, ya?
    Prost! – Daniel

  34. “Hello! Hello? testing testing one two three testing one two three”
    Are you sure this thing is turned on?
    “Can you hear me? Leo can you hear me? Time for another post, we need some gossip”
    Check and see if it’s plug in, I don’t think it’s on. 😉

  35. LEO!, what is the program for the months at the right corner? ive been looking for something like thAT!
    please let me know, thanks alot.

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