The Cheese Stands Alone

My mistake. Adam tells me that Gamespot TV didn’t launch until July. So I guess I’m officially the last man standing.
OK back to watching the Apple sites for news of updated TiBooks. (Dream on, Le0.)

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  1. Dude, that’s awesome. Stay there, TechTv wouldn’t be the same wihtout you. 🙂

  2. LOL its very much like the sand lot ending….. HAHAHAHA…. O well so leo your the best techie

  3. Hang in there, Leo… I hope you buy the network before too long…:)
    Keep up the great work on TechTv and I’ll buy your next book.. :>

  4. Way to go Leo! keep on going, You can make it. It is kinda sad your all thats left of the good ol’ days.

  5. Nothing beats an original…excepts when you say something silly and Patrick slaps you on the wrist. :o)

  6. Sorry, my computer froze and kept doing the last thing I did which was click post.

  7. Way to go Leo! keep on going, You can make it. It is kinda sad your all thats left of the good ol’ days.

  8. Way to go Leo! keep on going, You can make it. It is kinda sad your all thats left of the good ol’ days.

  9. What happened to the gnome on call for help? Leo does an awsome job but I was just wondering.

  10. I have to second Richard. Leo will you please go buy a new Powerbook soon. I will really like to see some new updates. Or could you just call our buddy Steve and let him now what we want.

  11. [quote]
    That’s alright Leo! You are the ultimate Survivor
    *hands leo a $1 000 000.00 check.* *Everybody claps*

  12. yikes! they want sixty bucks for me to get techhytv in my dorm room! crimney… no wonder i’ve been fighting so long and hard not to leave the nest!
    switching subjects:
    does this mean i have an excuse to make *more* cat calls at leo every time he comes on screen now? meeeeow!

  13. How sad.
    That is so depressing that you are the only one not to have left or laid off. Just think how manywould be left if the techlive expermint had never been tried.

  14. There is nothing wrong with being happy where you are.. When the people that you work with become family, the way that network seems to be, it is very cool that you are human enough to be a little sad to see them go..
    I am new to the techtv network, our cable just put it on about six months ago, I am indebted to you for a lot..
    The computer was kept in a warehouse when I was in school.. “Call For Help” and “The Screen Savers” have taught me so much.. I am telling my kids what to do.. Just like you said I would be doing..
    I for one am thankful you and all the folks are there..
    They would never be the same without you..

  15. Screw the good ol’ days. I honestly didn’t like anyone that left, except Sumi Das. I always want to go to my room and cry, but then I decide I need to do other things.
    Leo, you should stay on TechTV for another… lets say… 20 years. I want to die before you leave The Screen Savers or Call for Help. If you leave, I’ll have no will to watch the show. Unless they replace you with a more suave host, then I guess I’ll continue watching the show.
    Adam Sessler is going bald, so they threw in Morgan Webb for a little eye-candy. But see? You can hold up on your own. *ahem*Withpatricksarahmorganjessicathatone21yearoldguy(yesiknowhisnamebut21yearoldguysoundsbetter)meganandthatoneguywhotalksabouthackingandiforgethisnameohandican’tforgetcatandthatonecoolbaldguy*ahem*
    You’re like my grandpa I had but died when I was 7. Thanks for bringing up memories. Man.
    The point of this pointless post is for you to stay on Tech TV for another 20 years. Hey! You’re doing pretty good and it looks like you’re enjoying what you’re doing, so keep hosting till you’re like 90 years old (which is what? 10 years away? ha hah. I kid. I kid.) You need to be in the Book of records of oldest host… on TechTV. But then you’ll have to gag Morgan Webb or something, because she’s young and doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon.

  16. Well Leo, honestly I would not watch Tech TV without you. The others are OK, but if I really want to learn something, you are my teacher. Now don’t go thinking I am a young chick. I am an over 40 madly in love with my hubby. The other hosts pale in comparsion to you Leo. I have deleted *bat.exe and restored it. I think you are feeling nostalgic because of all the DOS talk. It was definately Deja vu for me. I was watching TSS last night going “Why would you want to waste your time in DOS? Windows is soooo much simpler!”
    Yep I have been “around” Tech TV since before it was Tech. All I can say is Thank God for Direct TV, it makes this rural life bearable. Sorry I digressed, that DOS speak brought me back to my former life. I would not, could not watch CFH or TSS without you Leo. My kids like Xplay, outside of that there is no other reason to watch. There it is the truth… what we all seek. ZDTV is gone, Tech TV has become an alien, you are living among strangers. That is the bad news, the good news is we are here, listening like old friends around a cozy campfire.
    Sorry this is sappy, I am a romantic. You are here for now, and when your contract is up you can decide where you need to be, until then enjoy the warmth of the campfire and the hum of the John Deere.

  17. I don’t like the fact that even the mac rumor sites are no longer looking so optimistic about the eminent Powerbook updates. For example, the Buyers guide of ( has changed their prediction from “Updates within weeks” (as it had been for a few weeks now) to more or less “who knows”
    Hmmmm….. I’m heading to college August 16th (MIT, MIT ra ra ra!!) and would like to go with new laptop in hand. I’ve also convinced a couple of fellow students to switch to Apple, but I just can’t tell them to buy the current model Powerbook – it’s just so outdated. I would at least like an announcement, even if no products are going to be shipping for a couple, or few, months.
    Come on Apple!

  18. i don’t think the current powerbook is that outdated … and certainly the 12 and 17 inch ones aren’t. in any event, so long as it’s not your only system — a laptop can get by fine without having tons of bandwidth and an ultra fast graphics board… i have an ibook and it’s plenty good enough for the things i’d use a laptop on (like.. wifi in class when the teacher is being a bore.) so long as you have another system for your home use.. a laptop can get by fine without having the highest specs.
    a good combo for instance would be a 14 inch ibook like mine, and a dual g5 🙂

  19. Not to be totally off-topic, but as far as outdated Apples go, I just bought a 3 year old iMac for my sons. It was a display model: no cords or mouse or keyboard or software. I plug it in, get online and whee! 400 MHz, 64/10 w/ 1394 and predicted to last quite a while. And also, I have no fears about my TiBook’s practical lifespan. Besides being my main machine for business, I’ve been doing audioblogs and videoblogs like mad lately, so fear not, Leo! If TechTV ever poofs completely, you can make *your OWN* network. LeoTV. I’d call my local cable company.

  20. I have to disagree; I think the 15″ Powerbooks are outdated – as compared to both Apples and Oranges.
    Apples: Newer models (12″ and 17″) have been introduced that fix problems that Steve has admitted to in the 15″ (such as bad Wi-fi reception, paint chips and scrapes) and added features, especially to the 17 (internal bluetooth support, Wi-Fi Ex, DDR Ram, better graphics card, FireWire 800)
    Oranges: For the same amount of money you can get one screaming machine in the Wintel world. Check out for some ideas – wow, sure impressive. In the 8 months that the 15 incher has been out, the PC world has continued to change. The PC lineups that you see today are much different than those of last November.
    My reasons for upgrading: I am a pretty extreme user/multi-tasker and have hit a level where I am just plain tired of having to wait so long. So, in part, I suppose you could say it’s my fault for ‘needing’ a new computer, as it’s simply a performance complaint. The iBook I’m writing this on (500MHz dual USB) does still work, but I have had to replace the combo drive, keyboard, power supply, and trackpad, on separate occasions, and the reliability factor has got me quivering in my boots. How do they always make them break just out of warranty? I really hope the hard drive doesn’t croak. The video aspect to the new iChat AV won’t even run on it without a crack due to system requirements (G3 600Mhz), not to mention the advantages of Quartz Extreme or the advantages of the G4 velocity engine in the Powerbook, etc.
    So, although I’m sure the 15inch works as advertised and would probably serve my needs well, more can be expected in a computer today than what was being offered in a system almost a year ago. To sum it up, I can’t justify spending money on an 8-month-old ‘new’ computer, and I won’t.
    –As I’m sitting here, I can’t really explain my reasons for writing this; it’s not going to change anyone’s mind, and it’s not giving any real advice. Maybe it’s just an excuse for my previous whining – who knows. I’ll be quiet now.

  21. I’m going absolutely insane waiting for a Powerbook announcement too. I’ve been wanting to get one so that I can write and draw my comic no matter where I go, and to serve as my first Apple machine ever. Oddly enough, my computer’s (newly upgraded) motherboard just died, so I’m poised to make the purchase.
    I’m stuck using my Dreamcast(!) to get online in the interim, and hogging my best friend’s pc to check email. I hope Apple announces something very soon; I want to buy a Powerbook so very badly but don’t want the prices to drop mere weeks after I hand over all the money I barely have.
    Also, you rock Leo. Right now, the TechTV execs are thinking about changing the channel’s name to RockTV just because of the potentially dangerous amounts of pure rock you bring forth.

  22. Sad to here that leo that you are the last man
    standing at TechTV.But anywho you and adam sessler
    our the only reasons why I have been watching
    TechTV for almost three years strait ever since
    the good old days of ZDTV.I guess you can say
    my favorite shows our Call for Help,TSS,X-Play
    but keep up the good work

  23. I have been watching TechTV since day one. I miss the old ZDTV. Leo is the only reason why I watch TechTV. I was one of the first people to call Call For Help. Leo helped me with a Chessmaster patch because the folks at the now defunct Mindscape refused to. For that, I eternally thank Leo. Second, I lament the passing of Silicon Spin. It would be a gas to hear them debate issues like the SCO case and file sharing.

  24. Oh Leo we all know you are just waiting to
    become Bush’s new technology Czar!
    And he didn’t forget your home number…
    the phone company lost it with “revisionist”
    re-numbering of area codes!

  25. Gamespot TV? Is it going to be a completely different channel (like G4)? If it is… I haven’t heard anything about it until now. I wanna know more.

  26. Please include Computers in the title of your book, our local libraries put it in the technolgy section only because of the title. That way people looking for computers can’t find it.

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