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Blue footed boobie at restI haven’t blogged in a week in protest. Apple was supposed to announce new 15 inch Powerbooks last week and it didn’t. I’m sitting here broken hearted. But I am a little cheered by the possibility of something happening at MacWorld later this month.
Meanwhile I’ve been playing with pictures again. My snapshots from Mexico are up on the web, thanks to iPhoto. We had a wonderful time there and plan to go back. The highlight was surfing in Sayulita. Both Henry and Abby got up their very first time (while dad worked valiantly not to roll over just sitting on his board). We also saw very rare blue footed boobies during our snorkeling expedition to Las Marietas islands.

And I’ve started a new mobile photoblog using Textamerica and my camera equipped cell phone. It’s free and very easy. When I take a picture with the phone I can automatically send it to the blog.

It’s an interesting medium – very immediate and yet mysterious. Maybe cell phone cameras aren’t completely bogus after all. I wrote a little Perl script to post the latest picture from the photoblog at the top of my Cams page [hmmm maybe not. I’m moving it to the nav frame to the left]. Check it out – you never know when you might catch some blue footed boobies in action.

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  1. hmmm… we’ve been called a lot of things (almost all of them good), but “mysterious” is a new one!

  2. leo just wait and buy the dual 2 Ghz g5, that thing is a monster.
    the moblogs are cool.

  3. I’m right there with you about the 15″ powerbooks. I’m just *so ready* to buy right now. It’s frustrating, but I keep my sanity by thinking ‘in 5 years this won’t matter’ over and over again.

  4. Yeah, I just hope Textamerica polices their site well, otherwise heaven knows what’ll start turning up in some of those photoblogs.

  5. How’d you manage to price out a 37,000 G5 order? I selected everything and started w/ the dual 2Ghz and only cam in at $13k!

  6. Well, you may be waiting for the new 15″ powerbooks, but I am expecting the arrival of my new 12″ powerbook next week. I have not used a Mac in a long time, but was convinced to try it again mostly by stuff I heard on the ScreenSavers (e.g. Jessica’s review) and from friends of mine. I convinced my dad to get an iBook the other day and the process of setting up the wireless network in his house was so simple I started giggling like a fiend. So that iced it, and I called the Apple folks and surrendered to the Bright Side.

  7. I can’t wait until they get the G5 powerbooks.
    Now those will be expensive!!
    Trust apple to come up with the coolest technology, I built a 37,000 dollar G5 on their site (donations anyone). I bet it cost more than leo’s lexus 😉

  8. I was waiting for the PowerBooks to be updated as well. Before WWDC I was dreaming of G5s being put in them, but now I think that looks very unlikely – at least until next year.
    I’ve been running on an iBook for two years now and it’s starting to feel sluggish and I’m getting worried about its shot term reliablity. Anyways, I’m going to be buying one as well, just as soon as they get updated. It’s been 8 months or so since an update – holy cow!

  9. I’m with you on the new PowerBooks wish. I had read Jobs won’t be there, which is a little disconcerting since I’d think he’d want to be the messenger of good news. Regardless, the time for the 15 inch line to be updated is ripe with anticipation. With luck, they will throw another price break on the current laptops in the process (fingers crossed).
    Oh, next time please tell the guy _not_ to poke the puffer fish for human amusement.

  10. off topic so you know but regarding leo on cfh july 3rd with black viper i use click on the Windows xp section then scroll down and click the bottom link and they have a ton of info for windows xp that i learned just to help you out leo where i learned to buff up xp security think it might help ya leo

  11. Glad you are back, and had a good vacation. Hope you have a safe Forth! 🙂
    About Blogs, and sorry to bother the site with this, but where can I find them, how much, and are they easy to update? I know Cat is have probs with hers, and Morgan might be burned out on them. Blogs are basically a “dear diary” for the whole webuniverse to see, right?
    take care and keep rock’in!

  12. you want to know how to get one for yourself, you could try, it is free, leo and most people uses movable type
    movable type requires you own host i think, cant remember

  13. A few of you may remember a couple of posts I made back in January with regards to the conflict in Iraq.
    I just wanted to let you all know that thanks to the many prayers from family/friends and people I’ve never met before I returned home to the UK just about in one piece at the end of June.
    I then promptly picked up my darling wife and kids and headed out to Southern California for a months long vacation with my family.
    Life, family and nature are so precious and so beautiful – Please let them envelop you and let yourself become intoxicated with them – we owe to the fallen be they friend or foe.
    Thank you and god bless
    Andrew – May God Have Mercy On My Soul

  14. Those birds are pretty cool for sure… very unique. I wish that i were there to see cool stuff like that.. or.. anywhere besides sitting here watching “the Godfather” for the 90th time with nothing better to do than visit your page! 🙂 Seriously though.. have fun with your trip.. take care.

  15. FYI, Leo–the link for ‘photoblog’ is not working at the moment. This is such a neat idea it makes me want to run out and upgrade my phone!

  16. I’d love to get a powerbook, there just do damned expensive! I usually buy second hand ibm laptops…they always stand up for atleast a year..:)

  17. Leo love the show (TSS).Why wait for the Powerbook…get the IBM T40 like you wanted to do awhile back. I got one and love it. Although I didn’t get the 1.6 GHZ, I got the 1.3 GHZ and love it so far. I would recommend it to any power user or someone who wants to keep up to date.

  18. that IBM laptop (suggested above) is a horrible idea. you should just go get the 17 inch powerbook.

  19. leo,
    i have to know. did you stick up for megan & fight for her to stay with TSS? i hope the answer is yes. she was terrific on the show & will be sadly missed. i hate to say it, but i probably won’t watch as much or at all anymore. the management at TSS SUCKS!

  20. I just went to the Apple Store on North Michigan Avenue. The 15″ Powerbook IS really overdue for a change. The 15″ is kinda ugly. The G3 pb is nicer looking.

  21. How do you do perl? I can copy and plug in a Java script, but how do you plug in a perl script? I know — I need handholding here. I want to do the same thing on my regular blog — having the latest image show up on it. Help! Anyone!

  22. For the people wanting to know how to have a blog, I have 20 discount codes for TypePad service. Great stuff, easy to use, great if you just want someone to setup everything for you so all you have to do is provide the content.
    Leo, join me in my mini revolution. People in Europe call cell phones “mobiles” or “mobile phones”, it makes sense for Europeans to have Mobs and Moblogs. Join me in the fight to call these picture journals what they should be called :phlogs! Mwahaha!

  23. i hear ya…i was going to get a 12″ (could have gotten the 15″) just because of the cool features it boats above the 15….now i realize why i’m waiting….when though leo…WHEN!?

  24. You do realize that someone will photoshop a body shot of you with blue feet and post it as a blue footed boobie.

  25. Cool site. Im glad you had fun on your vacation. I am trying to make a site of my onw. I hope to be a web desiner someday.

  26. the photoblog link on the left in the frame is linking to leoville/, looks like someone made a typo 😉

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