Regis, Kelly Over Here!

As long as I’m dumping off stuff from the camera, here’s a picture I took with the Nikon D100 during the Live with Regis and Kelly show on Tuesday. I was pretending to be a paparazzi, and they were pretending to be camera shy movie stars. They did a pretty good job, too.

No pictures!

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  1. Is it me or is something wrong with Regis’s right pinky finger? Maybe its just the angle..

  2. So, there really IS coffee in those mugs, lol! So, obviously the D100 takes pretty good pics! I am assuming it was under studio lights without a flash? I need to know more about that wonderful camera, Leo!

  3. Regis is actually 127 years old.. What can you say about a guy who hasn’t had to “Really” work a day in his life

  4. they were acting on r&k i saw the show. and regis works out at the gym so his metabolism is fast which means he ages alower cus hes in great shapenfor a 399 y/o

  5. Hey Mr. Paparazzi, what you guys did to Mitch the other day was merciless.
    I’ve always wanted to stop by your studio to see you guys in action. I’ve had some free time lately and if the distance weren’t a factor it could have been me. I hope you gave him some free passes or something. It’s funny to see how the lines are fed, but if I ever make it out that way I think I’ll pass on being the guinea pig.

  6. Hey too bad they dont show the regis and kelly show 2 to 4 times in 24 hours, you know like how tech tv replays all their shows and we end up seeing Leo more than our spouses………kidding
    Did I miss anything good on that show? I cant believe I missed it cause I usally always have that show on. Bet Regis couldnt say a word with Leo talking and poor Kelly sitting there probably saying Oh God help I’m stuck in a bad position!

  7. Leo, are you becoming a blogger? This blog has been having POSTS lately! (Like, almost FREQUENTLY.)

  8. Did everyone see the Croc Hunter on Regis and Kelly today? Kelly was freaked out…

  9. Regis: I’ll do anything, not to host that Millionaire show ever again!!!! Even be a guest on Martin’s New show, Unscrewed!!!!!!

  10. Bah I watched it and they made poor Leo RUSH through everything. I understand it’s Live TV but jeez give the guy a break!

  11. Bah I watched it and they made poor Leo RUSH through everything. I understand it’s Live TV but jeez give the guy a break!

  12. Great shot!
    How much did that camera cost you?
    Like Sue before me,
    Are you going to post some more?

  13. I noticed you didn’t get to show the Nikon D100. At least you had fun taking snaps of them all.
    Regis loves to get in a “and he’s supposed to be the expert” whenever possible. lol
    Please grab me a couple of the R&K coffee mugs next time.

  14. It’s amazing what make-up can do, eh regis? He looks crazy in that pic. different than on TV that’s for sure. I haven’t watched the show in a good year or so but that hair dye has SO got to go.

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