Up On The Roof

Call for Help and The Screen Savers are dark today. We take one of these or so per month so the staff can catch up. I stayed home to shoot my segment for the Digital Digs series which will air the week of June 16. Patrick, Yoshi, Kevin, and I are souping up our homes – digitally. Sarah is hosting each of the field segments. My project was to install a WiFi antenna to boost the signal from my house so I could work anywhere on the property, including our old barn.
At one point Sarah got on my roof with the video crew. I was down below with my laptop testing the signal strength, but I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of them.

Santa Lane

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  1. Yeah! A tech radio station. That would be cool. And you can have shows on it about robots and Sex and … Oh sorry. Bad idea. Beter stick to tech.

  2. It would be a nice idea to make Digital Digs something you do to viewers’ homes. Not only would it encourage people to watch but as you do it word will spread and maybe that will translate to new eyeballs.

  3. What a remarkably contrasting photo, roaming sheep and roaming WiFi! Leo, you are the only person I know that can mix high end technology with pastoral tranquility. I’m looking forward to those Digital Digs segments.
    Say. how’s the view from up there?

  4. I like Vinnies idea too!! I hope Sarah and the unnamed cameraman come back to the studio in one piece on Monday. 🙂

  5. Great picture! I’m looking forward to the Digital Digs series.
    I like Vinnie’s idea too!

  6. thats a really good picture because of the sheep in the foreground… its so strange looking.

  7. Home home on the range
    Where our dear old friend Apple nut plays
    Where never was heard
    an alternative word
    And the worst fear’s on window clean days

  8. Interesting seeing them up on the roof. Sarah appears to be ready to fly up, up and away.
    I hope you talk about securing your Wi-Fi, as well as the hardware involved with your project. There is the new WPA due out and destined to ouster WEP sometime this year. It would be helpful to hear a description of WPA potential benefits and detail the weaknesses of current Wi-Fi encryption. That is, unless you don’t mind the neighbors partaking of a cup or two of Internet access.
    Looking forward to the segments.

  9. Also, since you’ll be on the subject of wi-fi. Could you try and touch on setting up a new network using wi-fi. I just got a wireless router and don’t have an existing network. Im trying to network a wired PC on WinME and a wireless PC on WinXP. Could anyone help me here?

  10. Nice baa baa better get out your lawnmower Leo I don’t think your little lamb can keep up lol!!

  11. Can anyone tell me what happened?!?! I missed tech T.V for a little wile (Just a little break, big fan of Leo, and all tech T.V crew) then when I turned call for help on, Leo was there and Chris was gone.

  12. sounds cool, come down here i have almost no Digital anything …..
    I’m yelling out this message out the back door!

  13. I like the idea of this Digital Digs week. Not so much the contest, but seeing you guys at TSS share your pet projects with the audience. I’m itching to see Yoshi’s home theater.

  14. What happened to the the Deere? Or is it pature only around the house? If it is ‘pasture only’ designated around the house, would that not make careful placement of footsteps (sheep and goats do leave landmarks) more important than WiFi? Is the reason why Sarah is on the roof, instead of the pasture because she is concerned over the critter’s dropping landmarks all around the pasture or is she more comfortable with hiegths then critters?

  15. Smart man, Leo! Stay on the ground and take the picture, lol! Vincent, you too can win! That’s the whole point of Digital Digs—a contest to make you watch all evening all week! I’m in, lol! Can’t wait to see everybody’s segments–that’ll be fun!

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