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  1. That’s why history always repeat itself. It apparently takes eight years of prosperity to make people forget.

  2. cool i will find out when that is in western time here and post it here of on the board under time change!!!

  3. One of the best segments you’ve done on “Regis & Kelly”. Two thumbs up. It was better then “Cats”.

  4. I don’t care what Leo’s politics are. As long as his nipples remain large, beefy and willing to be tugged at parties, he’s cool with me.

  5. Isn’t it sad how uncivil the reactionary right has become? Kind of makes you wonder why we continue to allow them to run the country.

  6. Rick,
    Leave Leo alone. Leoville is one of the few places on the web where you can hang around on the internet and not get flamed. For crying out loud, SHUT UP!

  7. Leo,you know lots about computers and you have taught me alot.I am just sorry youre a whining,crying panzy-assed bleeding heart liberal.

  8. w00t I’ll be up and watching!
    and im waiting to see which powerbook you get, so i can get one too!! i want what the great Laporte has (only after it gets discontinued or a very drastic drop in price =D) hehe
    Take care

  9. cool! I don’t usually watch that show, but this time I will. Must know about all those gadgets 😉

  10. Leo, Apple dropped 12 and 15 inch Powerbooks by $200 and $300, today respectively!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you waited before replacing your iBook

  11. While you’re at it could you also mention you’re looking at buying a 2003 Honda Shadow ACE. Thanks much.

  12. Your very astute Leovillians already figured it out!!!!! VCR is programmed and ready!

  13. This is the first time I visited your Blog. You, my man, are very impressive! Keep up the good work[fun for you]. Now tell me why when I try to download Captains Log and I`m Canadian from your SFX page all I get is Disconnected socket?? I`m using ie6. I tried DAP and that`s when it said diconnected socket. Thanks Leo

  14. I wouldn’t wait another day. I have had my 15″ Ti since Jan and it hasn’t skipped a beat. It is awesome, especially when using photoshop, with the extra width, you get the full picture and have plenty of room for tools. Keep up the good work on the shows.

  15. i’ve been on vacation all week and when i woke up this morning to a blaring rendition of “regis and kelly” (pop’s attempt to get me to revive myself from the world of the dead since his earlier attempts at “killing the daughter with ice cubes” had failed miserably) i heard them announce that “some guy” and possibly “some group” would be on and i wasn’t paying much mind (trying both to remain asleep and survive the ice cube thing) until i heard “and leo laporte” and i screamed and jumped out of bed and began doing a happy dance of delight and bed head hair around the camper. pop managed to trick me into the bathroom long enough to turn the tv off just to shut me up… so, alas, i haven’t had any leo laportey goodness all week. on the other hand, i got to go on vacation, so rock on to all get out anyway! yah! (and i survived the ice cube thing, so there’s another point for me!)

  16. Leo,
    I watched your appearance on Live, and loved it. I even logged on to Leoville town square afterwards and expressed how much i love it. Then, after i get home from visiting my aunt in the hospital, i am banned from leoville? You seemed to have acted haistily. I hope that you can contact me via e-mail to work this out.
    Asking “why”,

  17. I love to see you on Regis and Kelly, but I really wish they’d give you a minute or two more so you wouldn’t have to rush, rush, rush through your segment! People don’t get to see you at your best when they won’t let you take a breath between products or give more than the briefest of details. I hate to say it, but I like it better when Regis is gone because Kelly at least is interested in the gadgets you bring, whereas good ol’ Reg is somewhat clueless.
    My two cents. 🙂

  18. You hit the nail smack dab on the head, Suzie! Bush would not have won on his own accord, he rode on the back of his father’s name. Now he’s playing ‘wag the dog’ to keep his popularity up. What’s worse is that most people ignore other factors (a failing economy, crime, high unemployment, etc…,)and they mistakenly place all of thier attention onto one, single issue (war.)

  19. Hey Rick, where did that come from? If you are going to disagree with someone’s politics, at least do it with an intelligent conversation and not by resorting to name calling. That is usually the way liberals answer conservatives in the political arena. I wish politicians would just grow up and actually care about the people instead of caring about their own political vitality.

  20. Everyone, you all are right, it is sort of sad how much the “reactionary right” is acting right now, but it also doesn’t help that people like you all then want to make fun of a person who didn’t even express what their political views were. What if that person was just as liberal as you all (allegedly) are? That would make you all hypocrites, but of course, everyone here cannot be hypocrites. Good grief, let’s get along people!

  21. I just got my tax return today and it’s the biggest one ever. for weeks I mulled it over and I decided to get something that will last forever. Of the three choices I had I chose the cheapest and I’ll have about half of what I need left over for the emac I want when it’s all said and done. I’ve been waiting so long I figured I can wait a little longer. Besides I’m waiting for the Leo effect. It irks me how much I’ve spent on things that fade away.
    With every change in power there are things I agree with and things I cannot abide. But mostly I feel like people have lost any say in how we’re governed and it’s just being shoved down our throats like it or not. The people that agree with the mood of the moment don’t seem to care that our rights have been squandered in the process. for reasons that are never mentioned we may have had to go to war, but it can’t be used as an excuse to obliterate any opposition the party faces to its agendas.

  22. I watch Regis and Kelly everyday. WOW….All three of you together is like chocolate and gravy. I’ll be watching.

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