My ibook finally bit the dust. After 18 months of nearly flawless operation (ok, I had to replace the hard drive once) my lil buddy is headed for the great chip fab in the sky.
I was having some trouble with the screen fading in and out. For some reason a brisk slap to the lower left wrist-rest area seemed to bring it back. After a few too many brisk slaps, however, the system stopped booting. Turns out the hard drive lives right under that area. I pulled the hard drive – no easy feat on an iBook – and put it in my old Pismo, but no luck. I had slapped it to death. Fortunately I had backed the system up just a few days earlier so I didn’t lose much data, mostly just email. I could probably get the whole thing repaired, but it would cost more than a brand new iBook.

My real quandary lies in choosing its replacement. I was within inches of buying a new 12″ Powerbook but I realized that the minute I did Apple would release new notebook models. So I’m holding off. Everyone has assured me that new aluminum 15″ models are on the way.I’m guessing they’ll be announced June 23 at the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference. I think it very unlikely that Apple will wait until the MacWorld conference in July, particularly since Jobs seems to be feuding with MacWorld’s organizers. [Guess I was wrong. Now I’m waiting for Joz’s presentation July 16. -Leo] It should happen soon. The TiBooks are way overdue for an update. Even Woz told me I should wait.

Meanwhile I’m laptop-less and suffering. I was totally dependent on my iBook. I have plenty of other systems, including my old Pismo Powerbook, but none of them quite do the trick. I’m off to New York tomorrow for my regular appearances on ABC’s World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly (I’ll give you the actual times and dates when I learn them). I’m going to bring a Fujitsu Lifebook P5000 with me so I’ll be able to steal WiFi as usual, but it’s not going to be the same.

I will also be bringing a Nikon D100 digital SLR – and that I’m excited about. It’s way too expensive for me to buy right now, but if I had a spare $2500 this is the camera I’d choose. Can’t wait to shoot up New York with it. I’ll post pictures when I get back.

Here are some of the products I’m bringing with me and hope to show on TV…


SEGMENT ONE – Digital Cameras:

SEGMENT TWO – Summer Proofing Your PC:

  • APC, Back-UPS CS Series

  • Tripp-Lite, Isotel8 Ultra Surge Protector

Live with Regis and Kelly: Dads and Grads

It’s going to be a gadget festival! I tape WNN Sunday night and the segments usually air on the first Tuesday of each month. I’ll be at Regis on Tuesday, but no word yet whether I’ll be live or taped for a later show. Lately they’ve been doing post-show tapings, so I’m thinking that’s probably what will happen this time, too.

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  1. Not being a Mac user, I can’t comment on the iBook. But, I can say that the backup timing was lucky. Now, to find something to put it on…

  2. Sorry about your ibook Leo. Are you going to put it on ebay for parts? Hope you get a new powerbook soon. Have a good day.

  3. Leo,
    I would just use the Pismo PowerBook until the new laptops come out. No need to juggle laptops for the next 4 months.

  4. I figured it died since I hadn’t seen it on TSS lately.
    I were you, I would buy the 12” PowerBook now, and eBay it when the new ones come out to help pay for the new one.

  5. That is way to early to have a computer die. I know people that have laptops that are 7 years old and still ticking just fine. I wouldn’t spend money on another mac if you are only going to get 18 months out of it. If i am not mistaking, you are paying about 100 a month for a computer, it isn’t worth it. I’d rather spend my money on somthing that can last, not a piece of mac crap.

  6. RIP mighty iBook!
    Just watch out Leo — whatever you will buy will no doubt either be discontinued or greatly reduced in price the next day you buy. 🙂
    Actually though those 12″ Powerbooks do look sweet. I probably would’ve bought one if I didn’t buy my monster Sager 5660 laptop (very useful for LAN gaming).
    Best of luck on your lappy search, Leo!
    Joe C.

  7. 18 months? I’ve got a Gateway laptop that has lasted longer, not to mention an old Dell desktop that is seven years old and going strong! (I don’t use the Dell that often nowadays, but, you know…)
    I want reliability, so why should I have to pay Steve? 😉

  8. I think the iBook was very reliable. I carried it with me everywhere. It was dropped many times, slung around in my bag every day. Unless a notebook sits on the desk all the time, two years is all I would expect. It was time to upgrade anyway.

  9. Leo,
    With your trip to New York, do you have any other aperiences? As a very thankful fan of your shows and books, I would like to support any aperances you may have while here in the northeast.
    Thanks and enjoy NYC,
    Big Dumb Electrician

  10. I think that you should wait till June 23rd or whatever it was. That way, you could get the 12 inch powerbook (since you seem to like the form factor, 15 is too big) which would come with Panther preinstalled and possibly a proccessor upgrade or a price drop.

  11. i was wanting to swich to apple but 18 months is not a long life for a notebook did u get the extended service pack any way which note book is best i like dell but ibm is cool too good luck in ny post the times i want to tivo both wnn and regis thanks and have fun

  12. Give the leftovers to Patrick… I’m sure he can provide a nice ceremony for your dead iBook. :>
    In all seriousness though, sorry about your loss. On the show you really seemed to care for that thing..
    18 months is sorta short though, what about Applecare?

  13. Your laptop died after just 18 months (not counting a hard-drive replacement), and you’re going to buy ANOTHER one from the same company?
    Loyalty’s one thing, but that’s just irrational devotion.

  14. i hope with the new price drops on the PowerBooks, you might consider a current 15″ model before the new one comes out. I got one in Feb. and love it. It’s the 867MHz model. I hope it last longer than your iBook though. I’m interested in seeing the new model which i think will be slightly larger, but i think that would be too big for me, especially for travelling or using on a plane. It would be nice to see a PowerBook next to you on TSS though. : )

  15. 18 months is way too short of a lifespan for a Mac laptop…that sounds more like a PC laptop’s lifetime.
    One thing to consider about waiting…even if they announce a 15″ AlBook in July…it may be 3 months before any ship! But, the 15″ form is way better imho. My wife has a Tibook, and I am waiting like you for the rev of the 15 incher, the 12 is too small of a screen for me. Good luck!

  16. not the ibook….NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    well…i thought it was about time for the laport effect to have a run…look forward to see what you buy, so we can buy it a week later for a lower price… 🙂

  17. Leo the screen problem is so easy and cheap to fix. I fixed my daughters iBook screen problem for 2o bucks. The iBook screen problem is caused by a pinch to the power cable for the backlight. That is run throught the hinge on the right hand side of the iBook. Looks like you took your trusty friend apart. I would buy the cables from SmallDog electronics and also buy a bigger hard drive and your trusty old iBook would be back in business.

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