My ibook finally bit the dust. After 18 months of nearly flawless operation (ok, I had to replace the hard drive once) my lil buddy is headed for the great chip fab in the sky.
I was having some trouble with the screen fading in and out. For some reason a brisk slap to the lower left wrist-rest area seemed to bring it back. After a few too many brisk slaps, however, the system stopped booting. Turns out the hard drive lives right under that area. I pulled the hard drive – no easy feat on an iBook – and put it in my old Pismo, but no luck. I had slapped it to death. Fortunately I had backed the system up just a few days earlier so I didn’t lose much data, mostly just email. I could probably get the whole thing repaired, but it would cost more than a brand new iBook.

My real quandary lies in choosing its replacement. I was within inches of buying a new 12″ Powerbook but I realized that the minute I did Apple would release new notebook models. So I’m holding off. Everyone has assured me that new aluminum 15″ models are on the way.I’m guessing they’ll be announced June 23 at the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference. I think it very unlikely that Apple will wait until the MacWorld conference in July, particularly since Jobs seems to be feuding with MacWorld’s organizers. [Guess I was wrong. Now I’m waiting for Joz’s presentation July 16. -Leo] It should happen soon. The TiBooks are way overdue for an update. Even Woz told me I should wait.

Meanwhile I’m laptop-less and suffering. I was totally dependent on my iBook. I have plenty of other systems, including my old Pismo Powerbook, but none of them quite do the trick. I’m off to New York tomorrow for my regular appearances on ABC’s World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly (I’ll give you the actual times and dates when I learn them). I’m going to bring a Fujitsu Lifebook P5000 with me so I’ll be able to steal WiFi as usual, but it’s not going to be the same.

I will also be bringing a Nikon D100 digital SLR – and that I’m excited about. It’s way too expensive for me to buy right now, but if I had a spare $2500 this is the camera I’d choose. Can’t wait to shoot up New York with it. I’ll post pictures when I get back.

Here are some of the products I’m bringing with me and hope to show on TV…


SEGMENT ONE – Digital Cameras:

SEGMENT TWO – Summer Proofing Your PC:

  • APC, Back-UPS CS Series

  • Tripp-Lite, Isotel8 Ultra Surge Protector

Live with Regis and Kelly: Dads and Grads

It’s going to be a gadget festival! I tape WNN Sunday night and the segments usually air on the first Tuesday of each month. I’ll be at Regis on Tuesday, but no word yet whether I’ll be live or taped for a later show. Lately they’ve been doing post-show tapings, so I’m thinking that’s probably what will happen this time, too.

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  1. Leo! You’re giving us tech advice and you’re whacking your ibook! My confidence is shattered! I can do something like that without your input. LOL

  2. Leo I’m sorry to hear about your Ibook. They are fine little machines. I would wait if you can for the new Apple laptops to come out. Plus you’ll get Panther….hopefully!

  3. I must be naive. I would think TechTV would provide you a corporate notebook of your choosing. I would also think that Apple would be happy to “loan” you at least one computer, given as much on air press that you give them.

  4. Yet another example of why you should add AppleCare when buying an Apple notebook. The $249 up front could have allowed you to get your iBook repaired now at no cost.
    On the other hand…not having AppleCare gives you a great excuse to upgrade to a new machine.

  5. Oh man! What a bummer about the laptop!
    I cracked up laughing the other day when you mentioned slapping it on CFH! I thought only people like me resorted to slapping! 😉
    Congrats on the Regis & Kelly gig!

  6. 18 MONTHS! Good grief. Maybe you should think about one of those tough books that Patrick was testing.

  7. Sorry to hear about your ‘little plastic pal’…
    Two things:
    1) Did you think about a new drive, or taking it to an Apple Authorized Service Center?
    2) I’d go ahead with the 12″ PowerBook G4 if you like the form factor. And I wouldn’t worry about the LaPorte Effect… the AlBooks aren’t even 9 months old yet, and won’t be price reduced or revved until probably late fall, if at all. I mean, sure, Apple’s probably going to do a 15″ AlBook, but do you want the 15″ form factor anyway?
    I work for an Apple Dealer… Can I help?
    Good luck!
    … loving his PowerBook G4 17″!

  8. I heard you say on CFH you’d been giving your ibook a good swift smack to get it running and it cracked me up. I still can’t believe a super tech guy like you resorted to something like that!
    Good luck and have fun in NY and yes we want pictures! BTW who’s going to be doing CFH Mon and Tues or will they be repeats?

  9. a while back you mentioned (on TSS I think) that you coild hit things to make them work. I actually did this on a remote control and it started working. I was amazed. I also saw you do this on a palm that a guest had bought, I really am amazed that this works. Hope you find a new laptop soon! 🙂

  10. Pity the iBook… Better off waiting for the new set of powerbooks.
    Just one problem. Brett told us on Fresh Gear that the aluminum powerbooks tend more to dent than the other ones.
    I would suggest that you wait for a new model of the poly-carbon casing iBook and wish for it to be a G4 with airport extreme and has a super drive.

  11. Leo, buy a new Powerbook!! both my kids swear by them, besides everything is out of date by the time it hits the market, its the way of the world.
    I didn’t realize you appeared onREGIS and KELLY! I watch at the gym, now I’ll be sure to watch for you.

  12. Comon Leo, lets see some PocketPC’s.. Samsung I-700, maybe an h1910 iPAQ PocketPC (cheaper than comparable Palms). For your laptop needs, I would go with an Acer 110 TabletPC 1.2 Ghz P4 Centrino with 512MB Ram…. Ill convert you one way or another 😉

  13. I’m calling Social Services on you for ibook abuse, you slapper, you!!!! Seriously though, should we send flowers or send a check to your favority charity???

  14. Leo, I want to buy the 12″ Powerbook. so let me know when you do, I will then hold off a week when the price drops I can get a deal. lol
    enjoy NY.

  15. I saw you with the d100 moments ago. It’s a shame we can’t all afford a camera like that. It’s not the model I would choose for a primary camera, but the fact that it shoots instantaneously is ideal. I had a cheap camera once and I couldn’t stand the lag time.
    it’s a shame about your powerbook but at least you have friends in high places to advise you. I’m still perched on the fence over a mac purchase. if I get one it’s likely to be the emac superdrive model. They upgraded it recently. It’s the best buy and it does everything I need without too much worry that a new one will arrive moments after I buy. we seem to have that in common.

  16. Hi leo,
    Once you get your mac portable, I was wondering if you would be willing to sell the parts for your ibook. I wanted to mod mine but wanted to be able to swap back when I send it in for apple care repairs.

  17. Leo, get the 12″ Powerbook. I did and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s a powerful little machine too. I will be adding to my Apple collection soon, can you say iPod? Anyway, not that my post will influence you in the least bit, go and buy the 12″ Powerbook!

  18. Leo,
    I was thinking about buying a 17″ notebook but want you to buy one first so I can get a hefty discount. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  19. I saw you slap the iBook twice during one TSS episode. My thinking was, how can the hard drive take this physical abuse and continue the beautiful relationship. Even so, you’ve had one hard drive failure and this was your second. Take it easy on your machines. Do buy the extended warranty on your next laptop purchase.
    Thanks for the Woz tip. I’ve been eyeing the 12 or 15 inch PowerBook. Now I think I’ll hold off and see what price cuts are down the road. My intention isn’t a switch from the PC, more of a platform enhancement.
    Consider taking a local course in photographic technique. What the eye sees isn’t always what the camera captures, so learning how to compose a picture is as important as the quality of camera you hold in your hands. Whether you buy Nikon or Canon, I’d go on the recommendation of what your photographer friends say. They can offer valuable field experience.
    Be safe and have fun in New York City.

  20. i know whats its like to lose a computer its like a death in the family and i hope you get the 15 inch i book steve jobs will be doing u all a favor when he does this 12 inches is too small and 17 inches is too big for a lap make sure to let us know when you will be on wnn and regis ok

  21. Leo are sure that patrick did not take a swing his sledgehammer to fix your ibook???? He could of have did it when you were not looking???
    I an wait to see you on WNN and Regis on tuesday. I just have to remember to set my vcr!!

  22. Nothing can beat a good old desktop… But then again, they’re not hauled around all day, dropped, slapped (I cracked up when you said that.), etc… Well, I’ve slapped my old desktop quite a bit, but it has thick steal case around it. 😛

  23. Yeah, Apple released its new iPod two weeks after I bought mine, and 11 days after I put it into service because the thing never worked. What i get for buying style…

  24. Leo
    Sorry to hear about your notebook. That’s a bummer….
    I am very excited about the new products you’re talking about. I’m drooling over the Nikon D100. I am a long time Nikon fan. I have a Nikon FE (yes, old technology – and unfortunately bit the dust) — but a more exciting coolPix 5700 that I am in love with. The D100 prices are coming down, but still an expensive camera.
    There are some exciting web sites that you may wish to reference (or other Nikon fans on the BLOG):
    Some good reviews on lots of cameras:
    D100 Reviews / user comments
    Steve’s Digicam reviews (excellent resource in general)
    One last great camera resource — if anyone is interested:
    Anyway – may not be helpful – but I thought I would offer something that may interest someone else on the list!

  25. You go to management when you get back, and tell them that you carry this whole network. That you have kept it afloat single handed since it’s inception, in-spite of their decisions. Tell them they wouldn’t have a network if it wasn’t for you, and to forget about any previous contract. Demand a 75% raise, 50K expense account, a limo with driver, personal assistant, and 20K yearly gadget bonus. If they balk, just tell them Leoville is behind you, they’ll cave in then.

  26. What are you going to do with your now defunt iBook? If you are going to junk it, would you mind donating it to a college student who wants to sport an iBook without having one?

  27. Sorry to hear about your iBook.. I had a notebook (compaq presario 1245) that lasted me five years.. even though I had to send it back about 3 times and then the screen broke after three years…

  28. I love new gadgets. But all the cool stuff you assault our senses with has my wow factor overwhelmed. The very next gadget you show might be God’s gift to mankind and I wouldn’t know the difference. Very few of us can afford to buy them all so most of us are stuck waiting for the Holy Grail of gadgets, hoping we’ll know what it is when it arrives.
    doing wheelies on an ipod
    surfing on a segway
    trying not to look odd but it’s a price I gladly pay

  29. I’ve had my iBook 700mhz for almost a year. I hope this isn’t what i have to look forward too in 6 months. Wow 18 months and you killed it…….I take it you didn’t have the apple care package ? I didn’t buy it.

  30. With the price drop today, buy it. Just do it. 1,799 for the super drive powerbook. Just get it. No hesitation.

  31. Leo,
    Have a great time. New York is one of my favorite cities. And when you decide to buy a new laptop, fake ’em out by getting someone else to do the purchase for you. That way, the price will not go down the next day. 🙂

  32. Sorry to hear about your loss on the iBook. I bought mine with you in the forfront of my mind. Based on your suggestions,
    Anyhow, I love mine and am glad i got the extended care, haven’t had to use it but makes for a good piece of mind.
    Even if someday the inevitable comes true, I am a believer and can’t wait till I can afford to buy that iMac I’ve had my eye on 😉
    good luck on your trip to NY,NY. Hope it is a safe and fun one. My thoughts are with you and the apparent stress that you are dealing with at work.
    Peace, Love, Joy, and Chocolate,

  33. About the Nikon D100… Even if you did have the $2500 to spend on it I wouldn’t. Canon has the new 10D SLR which is slightly better in most aspects compared to the D100 and it’s list price is only $1500. That gives you $1000 to buy lenses 🙂
    Of course, if you have all Nikon lenses now then maybe you should still buy the D100 for $1000 more.

  34. EIGHTEEN MONTHS?! That’s a year and half, Leo! What did you do to that poor thing?!
    I love the smacking thing. Reminded me of when you’d hit the side of your TV to get the signal to come in clearer!

  35. leo, leo, leo,
    i am so sorry to hear about your lil’ buddy. the same thing happened to me…..my hard drive failed on my late 2001 ibook and the cost to fix it was too much. it was the first time that i wasnt glad that i was getting a new computer. i really like my old ibook. so, i decided what the heck now i can open it up and i have nothing to lose. i bought a new hard drive and followed some online instructions and i did it!!!!! my only problem was that i had 3 extra screws and i broke the connector on the ribbon of my track pad. no big deal i just use a mouse. anyway, maybe your old ibook could be an organ donor to my ibook. if you are interested i would buy your old trackpad from you. im really happy with my good old ibook and i wish you luck with your new mac. anne

  36. For those worried about the sturdiness of iBooks (chicklett type), I’ve had one for 22 months (since they first got the “combo” drive). I’ve dropped it, spilled coffee into the keyboard (not a lot, but enough to make me feel like an idiot), sat on it, left it (open) where my dog walked and jumped on it, generally banged it around, connected and unconnected it to everything under the sun, and it is still working as well as ever.
    I never whacked the hard drive around, though.

  37. i skipped most of the comments (too many) BUT…I have a question…whats going to happen to the old ibook? may i purchase it? if you read this, email me. thanks!
    you rock leo!

  38. OMG Leo the screen on my iBook has begun to fade in and out too! I got mine almost exactly the same time you did. I’ll be doing a back up tonight! Thanks for the warining about slapping it.

  39. Hey Leo,
    I’ll be very interested in your impressions of the Lifebook P5000. I have a P2110 and am considering upgrading to the new version. I love it, but the performance is not so great. I understand that the Pentium M chip fixes that issue and keeps the battery life. It sounds awesome!

  40. Hey Leo,
    I saw the Pismo sitting on the desk of the Screen Savers the other night and began to wonder about the iBook. Sorry to hear that it is no more. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it’s still going strong, although I haven’t slapped it that much ;).
    I enjoy (and agree with) your Apple/P.C. philosophy, but with all things being equal, I think you’re a Mac guy at heart. Nothing wrong with PCs, mind you.
    Keep up the great work. I really enjoy the show and I think you do a fantastic job. So does everyone else on the show.
    Oh, and btw, somewhere I heard that you were a New Yorker. Is that true? If so, maybe you’ll appreciate my photo blog (http://homepage.mac.com/amrosario/iBlog/). I (heart) NY!

  41. With the price drop today, buy it. Just do it. 1,799 for the super drive powerbook. Just get it. No hesitation.

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