Less sexy, more filling

I‘ve been getting a lot of email about the lack of re-runs for The Screen Savers. There’s nothing I can do about it, folks. Management already knows what I think. You need to let them know what you think.
Sign Mike Demers’s online petition and email feedback@techtv.com.

TechTV’s programmers don’t believe help shows like The Screen Savers and Call for Help belong in prime time. I guess we’ve become the public affairs programming of TechTV: the shows they have to do but don’t really like. It’s part of the general sea change at the channel. They tell me it’s necessary as the network matures.

I can understand the need to turn a profit. And supposedly the new sexier, edgier programming is aimed at a younger demographic that’s more appealing to advertisers. It does make me feel like a little bit of an old shoe, however. Well, I’m going to just keep on doing what I do for as long as someone will watch. I may not be edgy, sexy, and youthful, but I do look good in a kilt. Wait a minute. That’s Patrick. Never mind.

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  1. Hi Leo,
    I’m going to send them my opinion about there new and sexy shows. I’d rather watch you in a Kilt and learn something. The animae cartoons are garbage and doesn’t belong on Techtv. But anyways I just wanted to let you know that I use my directv DVR to record both your shows Call for Help and The Screensavers.
    Your great along with the rest of the crew on both of those shows.

  2. Hi Leo,
    Like everyone else, I am so upset with the demise of the the TechTV channel. Those who are messing with the programing just don’t know how many people look to this channel for guidance and knowledge. Believe me you do not have to be a Geek to appreciate your programs. Being a retired 62 yr old female, I do not consider my self a Geek, but rather knowledgeable mostly from things I have picked up over the years from your various shows. As a loyal viewer since the eary days of ZDTV, I have always recommended this channel to many other members of our local computer club. But now I’m sad to say, there is not much left to recommend – too many cartoons and phoney sex. I just hope that when you finaly move on to a channel that is more in line with your ideas, that you let us know. I followed you from ZDTV to TechTV and will be there when you move on again. Edie

  3. I’ve signed and sent an email. I’ve emailed a couple of TPTB after the last round of major programming changes and was going to dig up their tectvcorp.com email but I’d pretty much decided it wasn’t worth the effort anymore. I don’t feel like the station is intended for me any longer. Taking away the TSS repeats was kind of the last straw. TSS has been getting fluffier and fluffier for a long time, but it was still what made me what the network at all. I guess it looks bad to air the same show 2-3 times a day but you can show all the UK tv you can buy and it looks fine…. Must have been a good deal on ebay for those shows….

  4. I WOULD LIKE TO *THANK* the TECHTV MANAGEMENT for the changes. Now I can finally watch other TV Programming. Before, I would just leave TechTV on all the time and watch all those shows…it was way too thought provoking and interesting — technology and the impact of technology on business and the world… But now I can easily flip the channel over to see what is going on with other channels. I especially like reruns of Friends and Seinfeld, as well as the spanish Univision because of all the hot latin women. You see, I am a *typical* American..I don’t enjoy thinking. Now I can go back to all of those channels that actually do a better job with with smut and entertainment. Thank you TTV Mgmt for giving me back all those other channels. Can’t wait to see what’s on Springer.
    Seriously….I am also very disappointed by the changes on TTV. I too used to watch in the ZDTV days, and I remember when I wanted to watch almost every show that TTV had..my whole damn Tivo (with upgraded HD) was filled with TSS, Silicon Spin (what an awesome show…there was never enough of this one..props to JCD), FreshGear, Audiofile, Cybercrime, Money Machine, Big Thinkers. It was so hard to change the channel.
    now everytime i turn it on, it’s those damn thunderbirds, robots, and cartoons…it’s killing me.
    Bhavesh Patel, MD
    demographic: 32 y.o. male with money to burn

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