Less sexy, more filling

I‘ve been getting a lot of email about the lack of re-runs for The Screen Savers. There’s nothing I can do about it, folks. Management already knows what I think. You need to let them know what you think.
Sign Mike Demers’s online petition and email feedback@techtv.com.

TechTV’s programmers don’t believe help shows like The Screen Savers and Call for Help belong in prime time. I guess we’ve become the public affairs programming of TechTV: the shows they have to do but don’t really like. It’s part of the general sea change at the channel. They tell me it’s necessary as the network matures.

I can understand the need to turn a profit. And supposedly the new sexier, edgier programming is aimed at a younger demographic that’s more appealing to advertisers. It does make me feel like a little bit of an old shoe, however. Well, I’m going to just keep on doing what I do for as long as someone will watch. I may not be edgy, sexy, and youthful, but I do look good in a kilt. Wait a minute. That’s Patrick. Never mind.

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  1. Leo is the man. He’s the reason I watch TechTV. Call For Help and The Screen Savers are the ‘only decent tech shows’ on tv. And I’ve found them to be surprisingly comprehensive as opposed to being a mouthpiece of the advertisers.
    I don’t watch TechTV so much as I watch Leo’s shows. I’m in the 30-year old Network Admin demographic, I design and implement solutions for companies. TSS and CFH have given me exposure to techniques and products that have helped me in my work. Maybe I just need to go into sex work?

  2. Leo
    Thanks for the info and your views. I signed the Petition. Hopefully others will as well!
    Up to over 800!!!! How about 3,000. That would be great!

  3. Eliminating the 7pm TSS, putting Wired for Sex in PRIME TIME.
    TechTV is really going out of it’s way to alienating the audience which brought it this far, and is proving that the lowest form of life isn’t the lawyer, but the television programming executive.

  4. I have been a ZDtv and TechTV viewer since 1999. Back then, Call for Help was on at 7PM eastern and Screen Savers at 9PM eastern. The schedule was rerun a few hours later for the west coast and the nightowls in the east. It worked and Leo and company bulit an audience. TechTV must focus on what it does best. Taking these shows out of prime time was a grave mistake. This network’s core audience are people interested in broadening their knowledge of computers and personal technology. TechTV is not CNN nor The Discovery Channel nor The Playboy Channel. I would like to see the “programming genius” who gave us “Wired for Sex with the Thunderbirds – Anime Edition” explain to viewers through the TechTV website why he or she is trying to destroy TechTV.

  5. The only two shows I TiVo all week are Call for Help and The Screen Savers. I think the marketing folks at TechTV don’t know they have a young technical demographic they could pitch. We’re influential, spend our cash and male. I don’t know another way to reach our demo. The only commercials on are for rackspace and infommercial products.
    Give those other shows like Martin’s new one about 2 months before the plug is pulled. How can an all technology channel fail? What about a home improvement show only for techs? Like home theatre installations? Heck, if DIY channel is on the air (their production value is REALLY poor).

  6. “Personally, and this is just me talking, but I feel they need to dump Morgan from X-Play. To me, she’s forced and often looks as though she doesn’t know what to do with herself while on-camera. She also doesn’t handle giving interviews well.”
    I totally agree, Morgan seems like a nice person, but on a tv show like X-Play… it just doesn’t work. Adam was fine doing the show by himself. The reviews are kinda rushed. The best gaming show that I’ve seen to date, is “The Electric Playground”, the older programming format, with the Reviews on The Run, Tommy And Vic do a good job on the show. Maybe Techtv should be taking notes for once! Up here in Canada, that was the only show we got, and then TECHTV arrived and then it was like, hey cool, more choice, but sadly NO.
    Internet Tonight was one of my favs. They aired it up here in canada on YTV, at 2am, along with Fresh Gear, and GameSpot. Then surprisingly, dont’ know why, they started airing Microsoft “.Net” shows. LOL, Like I give a crap about Visual Studio .net!!!!!

  7. martin’s show is the worst thing put on this earth.
    he’s talentless… unfunny… and a plain annoyance on TV.
    I love TSS and CFH. No one deserves to sit through Unscrewed. Except maybe that racist asshole Martin.

  8. Leo,
    Maybe you should pitch a show to management where you get drunk, sweaty, and let strangers pinch your salami nipples as you parade around doing the electric slide — this would be edgy, dark, and appeal to a wide-range of viewers.
    A fan,
    Joe, from Cali

  9. Leo, The first thought that ran through my mind when I saw this “sex” show was “Oh so TechTV is hurting for ratings.” I personally used to be a big fan of the channel, but I can only take “hicks that need help wit windas (CFH)” and “Slashdot headlines + video card recomendations (TSS)” I think you guys are a great group of people forced to waste away your talents and expertise. I think, while the need for a help show is there, the kind of audiance you should be going after, is the pale skined pasty terminal hackin’ geek. If the /. effect shows us anything it’s, there are a lot of out there craving MORE tech content. Shows with more of a focus on alt OSes and just over all geekier content, hell show me how do hack some LED’s into places they don’t belong, and to use old CB radios to scare neighbors etc.
    I love the all of the cast memembers on TTV, but I get severly disappointed in what you are forced to create vs. what I feel you are probably capable of.

  10. Say goodbye to TechTv! Or Paul Allen at least.
    TechTv (Vulcan Inc.) are in the stages of a last ditch effort to recover with their “Accelerated Growth Strategy Plan”. This new plan puts TechTv’s programming strategy on a level of entertainment — not on Technology Related Information.
    Vulcan Inc is currently looking for investment partner(s) to fund this ditch effort as they have publicly announced they have engaged Greenbridge Partners.
    It is very unlikely TechTv will be able to obtain the financial help they are looking for, and look for a possible sale of the network. Chief Operating Officer and acting CEO Joe Gillespie reportly informed the staff of a possible sale looming last Friday, as reported by News.com – May 22,2003.
    In Summary:
    As TechTv tries to be funnier, sexier, and show stranger sides of technology overlooked by the mainstream media, they are pushing away their target audience in the process; an audience that tunes in for Technology Related Information not entertainment.
    Matt Carter – EchoWire.net
    Sources: http://www.news.com ; http://www.paulallen.com
    TechTv Media Contact:
    Amy Laughlin
    Media Relations Manager, TechTV
    (415) 355-4086

  11. I hate the direction that TTV is going. TSS was the show that got me hooked on ZDTV, when Kate was still on the show. Leo and Pat still don’t have the kind of chemistry that Leo and Kate had but Pat is getting better. Anyway, the only shows worth watching (and consequently the only ones I have my Tivo set to record) are TSS and Fresh Gear. Everything else is fluff and Unscrewed is the latest example of that. Sounds like they are going down the tubes. I’ll miss Leo and TSS but all good things must come to an end…

  12. In my 48 years on this planet, I’ve noticed that radically increased sexual content is usually a sign of desperation.
    TPTB are trying to garner all the attention they can. If they still banned things in Boston, it might provide some needed publicity. In this day and age, that ain’t gonna happen short of full frontal nudity.

  13. I gotta say that I’m also not all that happy with the direction that TechTV is taking. Extended Play was great! It had useful reviews and was “to the point” where this X-Play has too much “filler” and not enough “meat”. The banter between Adam and Morgan is just stupid, and seems stiff.
    I watch Call For Help, The Screen Savers, Fresh Gear (when it’s fresh), and when it’s on, Tech Live. Unfortunatly, Tech Live and Fresh Gear seem to get alot of it’s stories from TSS and each other. So I have been getting bored with FG and TL lately.
    Heading over to the petition now! 🙂

  14. Signed! 🙂
    I’ve been watching ZD/TechTV for about 3 years. I’m in the “younger demographic” the execs seem to be trying to target (I’m 23). I find the move towards entertainment vs technology to be quite disturbing. As a Christian and very family oriented person, I’m especially disgusted at the move that seems to be transforming a once wonderful network into a network that could compete with Playboy TV for it’s sexual content. I find this a frightening trend in TV in general, and actually I find it very insulting. Just because I’m under 30 doesn’t mean that I’ll flock to any show just because it’s “naughty”, “edgy”, or “extreme.” Like many other posters here, I also used to leave ZD/TechTV on almost 24/7. Now I only watch TSS, and sometimes TechLive, XPlay, and CFH. I watched some of Martin’s new show out of curiosity, but just couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire thing.
    Leo, I think I speak for pretty much everybody here when I say that no matter what happens with the network, you and all the other wonderful people have our support. YOU are the reason we watch TechTV. Without you “Tech”TV is nothing but fluff, much like a lot of TV today. You and the others will be in my thoughts and prayers!
    Love in Christ,

  15. Hay you love both your shows. You like the Mr. Rogers, Captin Kangaroo, The poster child for tech people etc. I do like some other shows on Tech TV. But some just don’t work either. Martins show? what was that? poor guy needs a better writer. (Hope he did not come up with that stuff). Even my Tivo loves your shows. As for reruns yes it would be nice to have them but it’s like a soap opra once you have done the show it’s over and if nothing out of the ordinary happens, the show becomes a done deal.
    Keep i up and Tivo and I will be checking in on you this after noon.

  16. Techtv has been infected by a devastating virus. The Network name implies technology based programming yet the only two shows worth watching (TSS & CFH) can not be found by the audience.
    If you are able to find TSS you may see 60 minutes of everything but Tech. There might be a celebrity interview or a TMBG concert with less and less Tech. The caller questions are repetitive and often left unanswered. Here is an idea, why not follow up on some of the caller questions to see how their problem was solved? I guess that might bore the audience. How about a $10,000 computer mod that may be interesting to watch but practical to attempt by only three people in the audience.
    Leo is back on CFH. Where is it, 12 noon? What a killer timeslot. It might as well be on at 3 am!
    How about that primetime porn on Techtv. What a Joke!!!
    Paul Allen should be ashamed that his name is associated with this garbage!
    Leo dust off that resume, the ship is has sprung a leak and they are trying to plug the holes with KY Jelly!
    BTW, I am the target audience and I am insulted!

  17. TechTV should focus more on Tech and less on sex. TSS obviously carries the network. Before the increased sex content, I used tohave it on sometimes at the electronics store I work at. A father came in and said to his kids, “Hey look, it’s Pat and Leo.” I doubt that would happen with any of the other shows. As for programming, more tech live a la the All-day MSNBC model that they used to have was not a bad idea, they just need more segments. Tech live runs the same stories too often. As for it going off the air… maybe they’ll just move alot of it to Toronto, where they have both of Canada’s major Cable/Sattelite Companies as partners. Actually, it wouldn’t be a bad idea, Canadians are cheaper with the lower dollar, and half the people working at TechTV are canucks. Keep the big shows in SanFran though. Plus, with Canadian content in place, some of the shows would get Government of Canada funding. We have a weird media setup up here!

  18. I’m enjoying some of the new shows. I’m a big fan of Martin, and I have (so far) stomached the switch from Extended Play to the X-factor. But The Screen Savers is the real reason why I started watching the channel. I miss when it was an hour and a half and led into John D having his nightly face-offs on tech issues.
    I’m afraid that TechTV is going to become like MTV did when they stopped playing Music and become a nothing channel of empty programming.
    I’ve never been a Thunderbirds fan, but I can appreciate that some people enjoy them. Still, when they come on, that’s the one time in the day I feel like changing channels. I used to sit there with the station on until well into prime time. But now… well, thank god for Tivo.
    I miss Chris P. I miss Audiophile. I think all-call Fridays is the one true throwback to what the station was based on. TechTV is too young to have us chanting about the “good old days.”

  19. Hey, it’s only TV, don’t get so excited everyone.
    The mercurial whims of TV Execs can not be explained except that some consultant came around and sold them a bill of goods about “edgy” content.
    I work at a TV station that has had that exact same watch word on many, many memos…. and it’s a news outfit! I can just imagine what it must be like at TTV, a ship with no rudder, no sail and a lot of people all rowing in different directions. Exhausting.
    The Tv audience has fragmented over the years and there is a desperate dive to the bottom for the viewers that everyone seems to crave.
    “Lightning in a bottle” is a show biz term for when you assemble great talent and produce something everyone is proud of and the audience cheers for it, and it seems like it will go on forever, but unfortunately it can’t be sustained. That’s the nature of the beast. Have fun while it’s going on and be aware of what it is, that’s my advice to anyone who wants to go into show bidness.
    The rest of the time you just have to keep rowing and taking the pay check, if you’re lucky enough to get a pay check.
    And afterall, TV is entertainment for someone somewhere, and then it’s on and it’s gone. It’s a weird way to make a living. So in the meantime enjoy what you can about it (that goes for the viewers and the people behind the scenes, too) and listen for the distant sound of thunder on the horizon that tells you there is lightning out there and maybe you can bottle it.
    Now get back to work.

  20. I tried emailing Greg Drebin(the new VP of programming) using his @techtvcorp.com account but never heard from him. Bottom line who knows if he ever read it. He certainly didn’t consider any of what I said.

  21. I always watch tss re-runs. I need to balance my geekness with my “non geek” life, lol. I go out with friends then come back in to catch the 10:00 re-run. I think that GFH and TSS and maybe X-play is whats keeping Tech TV still on. If it wasnt for those shows i don’t think TV that Tech TV could survive. The networks being eaten up by shows that dont follow the name “Tech Tv”. LONG CFH AND TSS!!!!!!

  22. I always watch tss re-runs. I need to balance my geekness with my “non geek” life, lol. I go out with friends then come back in to catch the 10:00 re-run. I think that GFH and TSS and maybe X-play is whats keeping Tech TV still on. If it wasnt for those shows i don’t think TV that Tech TV could survive. The networks being eaten up by shows that dont follow the name “Tech Tv”. LONG LIVE CFH AND TSS!!!!!!

  23. I always watch tss re-runs. I need to balance my geekness with my “non geek” life, lol. I go out with friends then come back in to catch the 10:00 re-run. I think that GFH and TSS and maybe X-play is whats keeping Tech TV still on. If it wasnt for those shows i don’t think TV that Tech TV could survive. The networks being eaten up by shows that dont follow the name “Tech Tv”. LONG LIVE CFH AND TSS!!!!!!

  24. I’m a 23 year old male. I get a kick out of robot wars, but enjoy The Screen Savers, and Call For Help most of all. I’ll watch some of the other shows sometimes if they have something good going on. Thanks Leo for making a geek out of me. I’m still learning stuff about computers, and you and your friends are helpping me out alot. Roll with the punches for now. The fans will get the shows to the top. Later.

  25. Consider the petition signed and the email sent. I used to really enjoy Sex….I mean TechTV, back when they used to give me tech news, information, with a dose of entertainment to sweeten the deal. Now I am subjected to entertainment with a little tech help here and there. And I’m apart of “the desired demographics.” It just doesn’t make sense.

  26. Wow – I just checked the online petition. There were about 150 signatures sometime Monday afternoon…now there are nearly 850 – a 467% increase in two days, 700 more people who want the TSS night-time re-runs brought back.
    Come on, people, let’s keep it up! If you haven’t signed yet, please click the “online petition” link in Leo’s post at the top of this page and do so. It takes two minutes — less if you just “sign” without leaving a comment.
    And Leo…? Everybody knows that the old shoes are everyone’s favorites anyway.

  27. Hey Leo! I love you! I think both your shows are great! And I also think you are a VERY sexy guy 😉

  28. Maybe Rick S, has a point. I am sure there are enough of us uber-geeks out there with some seriously underperforming investments. Why don’t we band together, take our money, form a corporation, issue shares according to amount invested and buy TechTV.

  29. “Ol’ Yeller needs to be put down, he just ain’t the same no more”. As sad as it is to say, TTV is foaming at the mouth, and has turned against it’s beloved family. “Time to get out the rifle Billy, it’s for the best…”

  30. I started carrying ZDTV on my cable system the day it came on the air, and have watched the channel go from only 4 hours of programming repeated incessantly to it’s current state of sex, puppets, and import shows from Brittain, which I’m sure have their appeal to “edgy/extreme” folks, but surely not a mass audience. I have seen the Canadian version of TTV, surely some of the Canadian-produced help shows would be of value in the US, so why aren’t they using some of them?
    I have noticed the past few months that they are selling more REAL advertising and less of the 1-800 “Slices/dices/cures the common cold for only $19.95” drivel they used to show. Heck, there were some days when the Screensavers had NO ads at all, they would go to a commercial break and the entire thing would be promos for other TV shows, so they are making some progress. Commercials pay for a channel, satellite time, etc.
    But I do sense the channel is on its way out. Chris Pirillo is a brilliant mind, he would be great in a program other than a help show. I hated to see him go, although Leo is better at answering newbie questions and giving advice in an entertaining manner.
    John C. Dvorak was a joy to watch as he put the PR and pundit folks in their place on his show with his dry, “Get real” sense of humor, which is the one I hated most to see disappear.
    Fresh Gear used to have REAL reviews of products, ratings,etc. Louderback would throw things around, parts would break off, and we would see just how well-made or useful products really were. None of that remains, product reviews are just a 20 second “Gear report” segment sandwiched between long segments on products that are either pipe dreams or things that won’t be available for years.
    There has always been a need for a show dealing with “alternative” OS’s like Mac, Linux, BeOS, etc. 1 minute segments on SS just doesn’t cut it. Granted, the market is small, but people who use them are passionate. I am a Mac and Linux user myself.
    And finally, Screensavers is much too rushed in its presentations, the interviews with celebrities last WAY too long, leaving only 30-45 second segments with product reviews, tests, and help, with the phrase “We have much more on our website, go there to learn the full scoop on this gizmo.” I watch the show to learn the FULL scoop, if I have to check the website to see any REAL information, why watch the show in the first place???? When things break or the product won’t work like it’s supposed to, that is REAL information for the viewer. The manufacturer may not like it that their product wouldn’t work, but the viewer has really learned that the product just might not be the greatest thing after all.

  31. If they want to cut out the 10:00 PM Eastern time rerun and the people on the west coast aren’t able to get home in time to watch the live broadcast then why don’t they simply move the show back to its original time of 9:00 PM Eastern time slot? People on the west coast are more likely to be home home at 6:00 than at 4:00.

  32. I have to agree, I’m nowhere near pleased by the turns TechTV is taking recently. The newer shows made me want to change the channel in disgust as they seemed like filler that could be used to show more of the good shows like CfH and TSS (my favorite shows on the network). I can deal with X-Play, but seriously: Robot Wars? Wired for Sex? Thunderbirds? Honestly, where do these shows belong on a tech channel? They don’t. Sadly, Fresh Gear has gone down the proverbial toilet, so to speak. It’s gone from informative to annoying.I used to watch TTV/ZDTV all the time just FOR the tech stuff, now I’m being turned off by it more and more (However, I NEVER miss TSS or CfH :D).
    As for a younger demographic, I’m 18, and have yet to have my interest piqued by these new shows.
    Keep up the good work, Leo. You’re one of the best hosts I’ve seen on TV to date 😀

  33. “… as the network matures.” What? I think what you meant to say was “… as the network regresses, degenerates, relapses, and otherwise deteriorates.”
    I’ve been thoroughly disgusted with the reshuffling of programming and the apparent loosening of decorum and, dare I say it, morality.
    If I wanted “sexier, edgier programming” I have another 300 channels to choose from. I turn on TechTV to have some fun, get some information, and not be offended.
    Keep up the good fight Leo! Don’t let them push you out, over, under, or through. Don’t let them sacrifice quality for something else.

  34. “… as the network matures.” What? I think what you meant to say was “… as the network regresses, degenerates, relapses, and otherwise deteriorates.”
    I’ve been thoroughly disgusted with the reshuffling of programming and the apparent loosening of decorum and, dare I say it, morality.
    If I wanted “sexier, edgier programming” I have another 300 channels to choose from. I turn on TechTV to have some fun, get some information, and not be offended.
    Keep up the good fight Leo! Don’t let them push you out, over, under, or through. Don’t let them sacrifice quality for something else.

  35. “… as the network matures.” What? I think what you meant to say was “… as the network regresses, degenerates, relapses, and otherwise deteriorates.”
    I’ve been thoroughly disgusted with the reshuffling of programming and the apparent loosening of decorum and, dare I say it, morality.
    If I wanted “sexier, edgier programming” I have another 300 channels to choose from. I turn on TechTV to have some fun, get some information, and not be offended.
    Keep up the good fight Leo! Don’t let them push you out, over, under, or through. Don’t let them sacrifice quality for something else.

  36. Seems to me TechTv has taken a turn that has been taken by a HotRod magazine that shall remain nameless. Sex and glitz is not what I buy the mag for. Even the little tech that is there is “Buy this part and here is how you install it” Don’t they tell you that in the manual? I understand that money needs to be made, but why is a profit not enough. Why do these companies need to make more and more. If they don’t make more money than they did before they think something is wrong and have to change something and create more problems then they had before. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I hope that TechTv returns to it’s roots so I have a channel that I can watch again. If I didn’t get my point across “MORE TECH!!! ALL TECH” hardware and software. Help us to get use out of every electron in our electronic gadgets.

  37. maybe that’s the plan. Maybe the network is purposefully putting TSS at weird times so they can say that no one is watching it, so that they’d have an excuse for getting rid of it.

  38. I feel much like the other responders of this topic do. Back when I heard the news that my area was getting a tech channel, I was estatic. I could finally watch a channel that was geared toward my intrests, my love for technology. I even met friends through my liking of TechTV (this was great, fo I had just moved into a new area). I was sad to see Chris go (I still watch CFH at 6 AM PST, and not just for Cat either… I rather enjoy waking up to tech instead of DuhTV).
    When the programming first changed, I was a bit uneasy. I actually do watch the anime at night (when the Adult Swim are either boring or I have seen them and don’t care to re-rewatch them), and find it a nice way to go to bed. The change of TSS from 5 to 4 in the afternoon was a bit harsh for me, for I get home at four, and my mother wants to watch news at that time.
    I really can’t say much about Wired for Sex. I saw the first two episodes (actually, I saw the sex toy one as well… but I stopped watching it when my mom started watching it w/ me… not right at all).
    I could say a lot more, but the opinions that I have have been well reflected by other commenters (I do like X-Play though). Frankly, I am in the new target audience, but I don’t watch TechTV for fast things. I watch it to learn new things, and see reviews for products that I am considering buying, but am uncertain of. I also watch TechTV to be informed about changes in the computing world, which is why I watch TSS and CFH and Tech Live.
    I do certainly hope that the corporate execs hear our cries for change. A change back to the ways that appealed to all, not just the young people, and not just the people with a lot of money.

  39. I agree with all these posts. I’m a 15 year old member of the younger “demographic”, and the direction this network is taking pisses me off. I started watching it when it was ZDtv, and it had real tech shows, but I’ve started watching less and less. I watch this network for TECH not stupid sex crap!!!!!!

  40. Hey Leo,
    I’m one of the “young viewers” of tech TV and I LOVE the screen savers. I think you guys are the best. It’s my favorite show. And don’t see yourself as “an old shoe”. I’d watch any show that you host on TechTV. I think you’re doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work! I will write to tech TV about the new lineup…I really think they’re messing things up. I always miss Call for Help now and I loved having TSS re-runs later in the evening.

  41. Techtv is really going down hill first. I’m glad to see others wanting to get the TECH back in Techtv on. The current line up other than CFH, TSS and Fresh Gear are complete crapola. It’s getting to the point were I won’t even let me kids watch this channel. Wired for Sex and this Unscrewed show are not the kind of content Techtv needs. XPlay while a good concept has been a big let down. Maybe all us un-sexy geeks should chip in and buy this GD network and bring it back to the way it was 4 years ago.
    Leo keep up the good fight, you rule and your a joy to watch!

  42. Oh yes,and I also like robot wars…not at first but as you watch and begin to realize all the effort that is put in to making these robots and really begin to think about what can be done with robotics it really does intrigue you….Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking at things from a different perspective.

  43. I also agree that the current program sucks. I try to watch TSS when I can and even watched TechLive a few months back, before they churned and burned through people. Extended Play was fun but the new X-Play is tiresome. And how in the world did Martin get a show? Sure he’s funny but a full show of him? I would never, ever buy advertising during that show. Who would want to be associated with him? His sidekick maybe, but not him as a stand-alone. Perhaps Martin should be Adam Sessler’s sidekick instead of Morgan. Maybe they’d get into a fight on the show, now that’d be entertaining. I’d pay money for that.
    Anyway. Go Leo, go TSS! Down with the sex stuff! That’s what channels 594-598 are for on DirecTV.

  44. Okay, I was a big fan when I was on my bi-annual trip back to the States last year. I watched TechTV daily, watching no other channel except TV Land. Times were simpler then. TSS was 1 1/2 hours long, CFH had the Gnome himself, Martin Sargent was actually funny, Sumi Das was ever-helpful, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I come back to Belgium, and what happens? Anime Unleashed? Come on! Giant robots do NOT qualify as “tech”. Robot Wars? Not a bad idea, but it could be done much better in the States. I like it over here, but…
    Unscrewed? Please. Martin was funnier when he was safe to watch. And the infamous “WFS?” Somebody please jab an icepick in my eye and tell me I didn’t see that. When I want to watch tech stuff, I want to watch tech stuff. I want to watch geeky people do geeky things in a cool way. AMC went from classic movies to…something else. Let’s not make the same mistake here, huh?
    Signed the petition, BTW.

  45. LOL! Love that “NotTechTV” link! Good work!
    Sadly, it’s getting not too far from the truth these days. As has been mentioned by others, it seems like whenever a program or a network gets desperate, they go for the “sex sells” route to better ratings. Usually it gives them a short spike in the ratings, but then falls by the wayside when people realize they’re just getting all fluff and no real substance.
    I realize a somewhat new network has to grow and develop a bigger audience in order to remain profitable. But I don’t see how it can do that just by buying up old BBC programs and stick it into prime time. I don’t know what the ratings are, but I’d THINK most TechTV viewers would rather see reruns of TSS instead of a canned show that’s who knows how old.
    Just my thoughts.

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