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Patrick’s taking the rest of the week off. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will co-host The Screen Savers Wednesday, 5/20. Kevin Rose co-hosts on Thursday, and Martin Sargent co-hosts Friday in his farewell appearance on the show. His new show, Unscrewed, debuts Monday 5/26 at 11p Eastern. Make sure to tune in for Marty’s final list: the top five reasons why he can’t stay on The Screen Savers.

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  1. Martin is leaving? ahh that sucks! He better be doing cameos then!! umm hrmmm nothing else to say i watch to much TechTV. Even if it is re-runs, i still watch! =)

  2. Hi Leo, Can we get the 9pm CT (10pm ET) showing of TSS back? My new TWarner DVR box is getting a good workout but i still prefer the 9pm CT show.
    cheers mate

  3. Steve cohosting should be pretty good and I can’t wait to see Marty’s list. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to care that Kevin will be on Thursday…i must hate him for being one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Him and sarah, what is she thinking?! I digress.
    Why’s Patrick off for the week? Did the test results come back? 🙂

  4. Is the Screen Savers still on the air? I live on the west coast and since there is no 7pm PT airing I scan the newsletter to see what happened. I’m getting used to doing without the show. And have removed TechTV from my TV’s favorite channel feature. I could be finally getting a life. Thank you TechTV for your help.

  5. i’m with bob. i haven’t watched TTV since the 7pm PT airing went away. i don’t even look at the screen grabs in the town square much any more. it used to be fun to read the funny captions while at work, then go home and see what really happened. oh well. maybe i can convince the boss to put digital cable in the office.

  6. I liked the 7:00pm PT also. That’s 10:00 pm ET and it allowed me to get the kids to be before the show.

  7. I’ve been watching less TSS since the change in staff, since Patrick’s switching to MAC, since cutting 30 minutes from the hour and half show.
    I still watch here and there.

  8. Unscrewed already showed up in the TiVo listings and I already gave it 3 thumbs down.
    heh heh heh old people rule.

  9. Here’s the best complement. My wife watches The Screens Savers every night with me. She says, she doesn’t understand a word they say, but she still enjoys watching. Wow, I can’t even get her to go into Best Buy with me. Congratulations, love the show. Love checking the website every evening.

  10. i was watchin’ monday’s eppy today and noticed patrick was trying to lunge over the desk at you for singing “the patrick song”. i found this rather amusing since my friend and i just discovered that song and spend a lot of time tormenting* each other with it. 😀
    *in that i keep demanding she sings me “that song about the kilts, doode!” until she screams in frustration…

  11. It’s good to hear Kevin’s getting a chance to cohost the show again. I really like his dark side segments even though I don’t have the time to follow up on them. I think it’s a necessary evil if we’re to keep big business from throwing us back into the dark ages. Woz is a favorite too. my first computer almost had his name on it. at least the newer models did. I appreciate his input because it’s cool to see into one of the minds that started this revolution. I think the new batch of people are handling things quite well. Kevin and Sarah are both great and it’s good to have Jessica back as well.

  12. I have watched TSS since it appeared the first time on Directv! I do miss the rerun as that was when it was best for me to watch. But, please no more Anime, Marionettes and some of the non tech shows that seem to prevail. Saturday is my day NOT to watch any of TechTV as it’s not worth the trouble to turn to 354.
    Glad to see Martin gone and I will not watch his show. Glad to see Woz and Kevin on the show and Sarah is an asset. Very glad to see Yoshi and Kevin more involved with the on-air part of the show.
    Will be glad to have Megan back and what does Jessica do? When I see her she’s sitting doing nothing. Sarah is a top choice and brings a beautiful personality and is a very attractive young lady. Kevin is a very lucky young man.
    Leo and Pat are great together but I’m glad to see Martin amd Morgan GONE! Now to stop the Anime and Thunderbirds!

  13. just when i saw Woz’s name then Kevin..I got kind of worried…because I was thinking Kevin Mitnick…not Kevin Rose. I’m sorry, but that time woz and “free kevin” hosted was frickin’ painful.

  14. Hey i live in Asia, in Malaysia. You know what sucks!!!! The Screen Savers is 1 week late. DAMM!!! Why???

  15. LOL I know where Ed’s wife is coming from; I started watching TSS simply because of Leo’s comedy. I didn’t know a thing about computers and didn’t care to. But it was Leo’s silliness that kept me watching, and I unknowingly started learning about technology.

  16. Did Leo make a comment about a new Apple Powerbook in the works on the 20/05/03 show, to be released soon?

  17. Man marty’s last show on friday I will be sure
    to tune in he is so funny.I will try to catch
    his new show unscrewed when I can.The new Adds
    for it on TechTV our funny.Try to keep that wacky butch strait on TSS set Leo.I am behind
    ya all the way……………..

  18. The 7pm pacific rerun was definately good for most people in the west who don’t get home from work before 5pm!
    I think Techtv should reconsider running the screensavers rerun at that time so people in the west coast can watch.
    The screensavers and Call For Help are really great shows! Keep up the good work all of you.

  19. I had been a loyal fan for years but now that there are no night time tech shows on the west coast I don’t watch any tech tv now. I don’t understand the coralation between high tech gadgets, japanese cartoons and puppet shows. The latter 2 I have absolutly no interest in. Someone needs to get the station back on track…………..

  20. Great show. More stuff on mac OS X. I’m stuck in root and can’t get out! And those pr0n companies keep charging me. Help!

  21. Lovable Leo he’s our pal
    fending off the daunting Hal
    Dancing like a comic genius
    Only an apple stands between us
    Lovable Leo he’s the man
    If he can’t do it Patrick can
    Dancing like a cosmic fool
    How’d he get to be so cool
    dazzle us with brilliance
    baffle us with grace
    Make us all laugh like a slap in the face
    Bend over backwards to answer a call
    and never forget that we love you all

  22. I always thought Martin would do better on a different show. I hope this works out for him. And, btw, Patrick’s back to PC, at least on his laptop.

  23. Best guest cohost to date: Will Wheaton. I still think the tech live girls would liven things up though. Kris and Lindsey should have a shot at it too.

  24. You just ate a worm. Oh my. As for TSS, I can’t wait for Megan to come back. And Sarah has made quite a name for herself *snicker* online.

  25. TechTV is after new viewers so that is why they are diversifying Paul. Nice to see Woz and good luck to Marty on his new show.

  26. I agree fully that the 10 PM EDT re-run show should come back. I’m not home from work, and by the time I do I missed most of it. Help us out Leo!

  27. Please bring TSS back on a delayed 3 hour basis.
    Enjoyed Woz and Kevin but glad to see Martin gone, gone gone from TSS. I’ll miss TSS Friday.
    Best new thing on TSS is Sara Lane! Worse new thing on TSS is Jessica trying (and I mean trying) to look and act sexy; it doesn’t take. Morgan? Glad to see her moving and I’ll look forward to seeing Megan back.
    Please drop the non tech junk like puppets and anime as thre is no relation to tech and is out of place on TechTV (what IS the significance of the shows being on TechTV?_

  28. Been watching TSS since 97 or 98 back when it was on ZDTV !
    Sadly the programming schedule is obviously catered to the more populated East Coast.
    Call for help at noon (PST) and TSS at 4pm makes it difficult to get my Leo and gang fix.
    Bring back the orignal timeslots Please!
    maybe someone should get a petition going
    I agree with the anime and puppets blech-go away

  29. I’m disappointed to see Martin go. Glad to hear though that he has his own show. I wish him luck on this new adventure *grin*.

  30. I agree with many of the above comments posted here wondering where the tech has gone. I also agree with maxdamage, and I don’t understand the logic behind puppets and anime on TechTV. I love anime. But, I prefer it to not be on my TechTV. Please feel free to check out TechLaporte.com, a fansite with a petition to return the tech to TechTV.

  31. For anyone who cares the Olympus C5050 is on sale this week at compUSA for 699. My tax return is already allocated, but I could be convinced otherwise. Since this is the upgraded model of your digital camera of choice I figure you’ve already picked one up. If you could just do a review on why you like it before the sale expires we’ll be in like Leo, (or flin)!

  32. I loved the episodes this week. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I never missed a single episode. I have been watching since the ZDTV days, and I am a loyal fan, but I don’t get to watch much anymore due to the cancelation of the 1:00am rerun in the Central Time Zone. I am getting confused. First it was 12, then it was 1. Now it isn’t even on. Bring it back please. That is the only show I get to watch. I can’t watch it any other times. If tech tv would take away some of the junk we would have plenty of time for the screensavers.Why does tech tv have to have marrionettes, anime, and a guy named martin – who by the way is stool looking for the any key – that is hosting a show called unscrewed. I thought this was tech tv. Not Marrionette tv, or anime tv. If you want to watch a guy spinning around in a chair making a fool of himself, turn on the comedy channel. I like anime as much as the next geek, but I come to tech tv to watch tech shows. That is it.

  33. Woz was great and is a true legend in the computer world. Woz embodies the real meaning of “building a computer.” He needs to wear a kilt on his next appearance, since he likes exposed legs.
    I don’t mind anime or puppets, you have to have something for all ages and tastes. Good luck to Martin and his beautiful co-host (whoever she may be), but I wish Chris P. would return. I miss the nut. The paid programming is what I dislike, but I realize you have to pay the bills.

  34. All the tech people complaining about when shows air confuses me. They should have some ability to record the show and watch it whenever suits them.
    one of the new girls on your show (sorry the name escapes me) is very hard to understand. I catch every third word and have started not trying to get it when she is on air.
    The less apple talk the better I like it.
    Digital photography, tech news, warnings, doing things with PCs are the reasons I watch.

  35. Bring back the old schedule! I haven’t watched a single TSS since the change.
    Leo, put some pressure on the people upstairs! I miss the show!

  36. OK I have read the above and agree w/ most. I am not in2 Martin that much as I Just watch the show 2 C what kind of things they can come up w/ that I have not. I must say that Sara has captured my eyes as well as my mind. She seems very talented. What a find; a beautiful woman w/ a brain. Now all I need 2 know is if she has a wonderful personality and good habits as a bonus, and if she is single. ( I find that very hard 2 belive) I guess mayB she could B as most men R intimidates by a woman w/ a brain. OK So I am a bit intrigued by Sara. In all honesty What single, straight, white techie man wouldn’t B? GGGGGGGGGGs. OK Enough of that. What’s is going on w/ the online help? I have tried 2 get in on the chatts and sent Emls and no replies. I cannot log in after trying various registerd SNs. Sheeex do I have 2 call in on the “hotline” and broadcast my Q 2 the viewers? I hope not. NEbody have NE ideas or Comments feel free 2 Eml me. I do not get in2 Forums much since I am on the road a lot. Yeh a techie trucker w/ a brain. Had U fooled Eh. So if I spelled a few things O well. Fast fingers I guess. TSS, CFH, Sumi, all the crew; keep up the good work. Get rid of the Anime and the T-bird stuff. Put it on Cartoon network…. Laterz…(^^)

  37. Good Day Leo – I have to tell you (not that you read these) that Martin Sargent is a waste. His new show is rotten and your comments on trying to MTV TechTV are close to the mark! The Management of TechTV have forgotten who made TechTV survive in the niche it does. From all the comments it is the folks who like TSS & CFH and enjoy the non “Sesame Street” form factor of the shows. Sarah and Jessi are ok – but please work on the “cutesy” nonsense – it is ok to enjoy tech and share it. As for you and Patrick – in my semi-techie world – you guys ROCK!! I have watched TSS and CFR for some time and do miss Chris – a true nerd’s nerd but I do enjoy Cat in that role – give her the show!! Enough is enough.

  38. Lots of shifting [or scrambling] still being done at Tech TV. As a former loyal viewer it makes me wonder where they are heading when they post a Martin Sargent game where he flips you off and you throw darts at his crotch. It must not be tech.

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