Woz Hosts

Patrick’s taking the rest of the week off. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will co-host The Screen Savers Wednesday, 5/20. Kevin Rose co-hosts on Thursday, and Martin Sargent co-hosts Friday in his farewell appearance on the show. His new show, Unscrewed, debuts Monday 5/26 at 11p Eastern. Make sure to tune in for Marty’s final list: the top five reasons why he can’t stay on The Screen Savers.

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  1. What I think martins list will be: 5.The screensavers is old and im young 4.My show has a cooler name (YEAH!!) 3.TSS has no cute girls on it (not my opinion) 2.Its my own show annnnnnnd 1. who wouldn’t want to work on a show called unscrewed??

  2. Alright, the Woz is back! Not with Mitnick this time? That’s okay, Woz is cool all by himself. Will he be hacking the phone systems again? Ask him to show us how it was done back in the days, Leo.
    Too bad to hear Mr. Sargent will be leaving the show. Guess everyone’s moving on up! Hope they’re making the right decisions. Gotta take your chances, I guess.

  3. The Woz rocks simple as that. To Mr. Laporte, I need your honest option unbias option. I am working on a opensource blog and I would like your 2 cents on it. Thanks for your time…

  4. I think Sarah deserves a chance to rebut Kevin’s closing statement. She’s been doing a fine job and it’s only fitting that she gets a chance to cohost. Besides I’d like to see her make Kevin squirm for a change. Such Impudence. Really Kevin!

  5. Good luck to Martin, I thought the blender clip was funny and it’s too bad they’re trying so hard to present him as goofy etc, he’s really a smart guy of course. His interviews and former sites of the night would occasionally reveal this. Perhaps the show will turn out more clever than they are pretending in the ads!
    I have to say though his final list had some really funny stuff in it! What color is your ebook (or was it imac) he he.
    If the show doesn’t last I hope TSS will have him back!

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