Adamantium Clause

Call for Help and The Screen Savers will be dark today – we’re showing re-runs instead – so we can all go see X2. It’s in my contract.Claws
We’ll be back Monday.

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  1. Does your contract also stipulate that you can watch The Matrix: Reloaded on opening night as well? If not, I think it’s time to go on strike! Hehe, but really, don’t go on strike.

  2. You people are so gullable. They’re not getting of work to see X2. They have meetings all day (Read it in the TSS newsletter). Although, Leo can watch it when hes done working :).

  3. I’m alone in the office now. My co-worker computer nerds are at the theatre now enjoying Storm and Mystique. Dang. This ain’t right. I’m the DBA!

  4. “Someone needs to throw together a few clip shows for days like this.. One show full of stuff badly screwing up..”
    i like that idea. 😀

  5. Hey, since you’ve changed to this new schedule, I can’t see Screen Savers any more. It’s on at 4:00, when I’m at work. (Pacific) Will there be an eventual late night rerun? I can’t stand all this anime! And the puppet show is worse!

  6. If Wolverine doesn’t mangle half the actors and some of the crew who worked on this movie, it ain’t true to the comic.. and I don’t want to see it.
    ..but if he does, WOOHOO!

  7. I wish it was in my contract. I wanted to go see it today, but my stupid cat had a vets appointment… Stupid cat.

  8. I will only go to see it cuz Patrick Stewart is in it 🙂
    so what was it… movie or meetings??

  9. i was about to go elsewheres on the ‘net ’till i saw the ‘bots and mike. rock on!

  10. ‘X-Men’ Sequel Opens Strong at $85.8M
    LOS ANGELES – The mutants of “X-Men” are stronger than ever, showing even more box office power than in their first outing. The superhero sequel “X2: X-Men United” debuted with $85.85 million domestically, the fourth-best opening-weekend gross ever and a 58 percent increase over the $54.5 million first weekend of the original “X-Men” three years ago.
    So, how was it?

  11. X2 kicked so much ass. A great movie. If you’re even a passing fan of the X-Men, go see this movie. Now. ::Waves laser menacingly:: Or the goat gets it!

  12. I’ll join in the bowing before MST3K. You’ve had Kevin Murphy, now get Mike Nelson on, he’s got a new book out — he could explain his Doom playing exploits on TSS.

  13. Lizzy McGuire I mean X2 was great, especally that twist at the end where wolverene was really a cop, but I dont want to spoil it for you so… Go See It!

  14. I also bow before MST3K. My fav. show ever. Sci-Fi needs more than one show a week, but I’m getting off the subject. Hope you guys enjoy X2!

  15. Just to let all you know, Leo can track your IP addy with MT. So don’t impersonate him!

  16. Just got back seeing it myself!!! GREAT MOVIE!!! on a scale from 1 – 4 stars, I give it 5 stars!!!

  17. damn. I wish my job was like that. I had to practically sleep with my boss to get a day off to attend the funeral of a family member. Leo, I hate you increasingly day by day.

  18. “It’s in my contract.”
    Wow, I need to make sure I get that line in my contract 🙂

  19. Oh, boy, day off! Have fun! I can’t go with you cuz I’m going to the baseball game!

  20. Hmmmmmmmm since our city doesn’t have any money for raises I wonder if we could have that little benefit written into our contract? Let’s see, X amount of days off to attend the openings of big summer movies? I like it, I’m calling my union rep!
    How about a review, thumbs up or down Mr L?

  21. I bow before the greatness that is MST3k..
    My GF was like.. Woah.. Whats Megan doing there?! and Morgan too! And how the hell is Megan pregnant again..
    Worked out fine because it was a show we missed the first time.. Someone needs to throw together a few clip shows for days like this.. One show full of stuff badly screwing up..

  22. Leo, I went and saw X2 today and i gotta tell ya I WAS NOT disappointed! this movie had more action and suprises even the one at the very end! Patrick Stewart was very cool in this movie and i was expecting no less from him. I want to thank you for having that put in your contract because of what you and Pat did by having that in your contract i got to see Megan on TV again in a repeat and It honestly made me miss her more. I hope she comes back soon and hangs out with you guys on TSS. I know she’s gonna be busy with your book but, I know she’ll find time for us the fans 🙂 Again thank you for the repeats its nice to look back on things.

  23. yeah i am not leo im miss cleao, i see ur fortunate and its look good yah yah yah yah yah yah yah and what i said was yah ity look s good it fo u are a crazy woman than that is what you are so i suggest you stop down by the sofa before you swing home yah because if its not a problem its asoltion to get it taken care of immedately or yhte doctor wont see you

  24. it me agin. I did not like x too. it was too for me violent.
    I wish Leo was in it. He would have slowed the action to a crawl.
    hahaha……….hahahahah…. HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

  25. ^
    that was me
    i was testing whether or not it was possible for people to pretend to be leo. i guess it is. leo, you should try to get some kinda security so no one else can use the name leo. and for those of you who do >:O

  26. That reminds me. When does the new Thunderbirds movie come out. I will have to miss out of watching TechnoGames and Future Fighting Machines that day so I can go see it. Darn the luck! :o(
    (*brief pause followed by uncontrolable snickering*)

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