John and John Are On

The Screen Savers “house band,” They Might Be Giants will be back in house Tuesday, April 29, performing several songs live on the show.
TMBG were among the first to offer music directly to fans, first via telephone, later over the web, and they still offer free MP3s of their music on their innovative web site. That’s the requisite tech angle, but the truth is, we have them on because we like their music so much. It’s music for smart people.

Maybe we can get them to do the Dr. Evil theme from Austin Powers!

Other exciting upcoming guests: the former host of Internet Tonight, Scott Herriott, will join us May 6 to celebrate TechTV’s 5th anniversary and to talk about his new film, Squatching. William Shatner will be on the show May 8.

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  1. Personally I find “They Might Be Giants” annoying.
    That my 2 cents, do with as you will.

  2. Personally I find “They Might Be Giants” annoying.
    That my 2 cents, do with as you will.

  3. Man, my wife and I love TMBG!!!
    This news makes me sad (but only a little) that we’ll be in the middle of the Caribbean next week.

  4. They do have a great website! You can get addicted to shooting those targets! Where’s that potato blaster when you need it, lol!!!

  5. Scott? A Guest?? On TSS??? WOOHOO!!!!! Kewl beens! I am so looking forward to that. No doubt that TMBG will be cool, too. :oD

  6. I heard a story about They Might Be Giants on National Public Radio recently. It may have been on This American Life, I’m not sure. I’ve never really been much into TMBG but I’ve listenened to their stuff for years on KROQ. I’ve seen them live, too–I think they opened for Jane’s Addiction at the Universal Amphitheater years ago. Or maybe I caught them at one of KROQ’s Acoustic Christmas shows. Wow, it’s weird not remembering–and I’m still young, for the most part. Still under 40, at least. Is this how it is to begin the process of aging?
    Back to topic. The interview enlightened me to alot of the stuff I missed about TMBG, and I found that I enjoyed listening to their history. The telephone bit particularly interested me, as NPR (or TAL) played bits of the recordings that are left of their telephone freebies. At one time, they had place an ad in the paper inviting folks to call their answering machine for a free song a day, and as a result, TMBG had collected some interesting answering machine messages from callers/listeners.
    Run a search on Google, you might find more info. on this story.

  7. Hey Leo! It was nice to finally meet you yesterday, thanks for the autograph. Anyway, looking foward to the 5th anniversary, this just mean 95 more until the big one. I can only hope Tech Tv will last that long and longer.
    BTW, why are you up SO early??? Does farm life require such early waking times?
    Take Care,

  8. Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott! Yea Scott!Yea Scott! Yea Scott!Yea Scott!Yea Scott!Yea Scott!
    I cannot wait to see you back on TSS where you belong!

  9. To be honest (it sounds like you are usually dishonest when saying it) I like Diamond Rio better than TMBG. Maybe they would play on TSS sometime. It’s good of TMBG to come in to play live. I recall Pirillo was thinking of having them play at Gnomedex, but it may have only been a pipe dream.
    Shatner is pretty cool, and pushing the years with grace. I’ve seen him at a couple Star Trek conventions with Nimoy. Bill will talk for hours if you let him, so it should be entertaining to watch two professional yakkers (if Leo is interviewing him) go at it. Ask him about his lovely daughter, as she travels with him a lot from what I gather. Also, he does some charity work along with his convention travels.
    Squatch watch with Scott. I know he is serious about the squatch thing. Interesting, looking forward to hearing about his film.

  10. It’ll be great to see Scott! Any luck getting any of the other former hosts and TechTV personalities back on TechTV for an anniversary special? Kate!? Darci!? Matty, Laura, etc.? That would be awesome!

    Tune into this Tuesday, April 29th at 6pm Pacific time. Scott will be on a special internet radio broadcast at about Bigfoot. He will also be plugging his wonderful Sasquatch documentary, Squatching now available on VHS and DVD. Join everyone there this Tuesday on Internet radio!

  12. I’m so glad to hear TMBG will be there again. TSS is how I got into them to begin with! I also enjoyed appearences by Barenaked Ladies and Cake.
    And Scott, I was very disapointed when he left. Im glad he’ll be on again!

  13. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never put those ‘they might be giant’
    ham’s on the great screen savers show again PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg of you they are the worste music i ever heard i wanted to throw up……Do america a favor and do this for our country…..THANX!!!

  14. Oh And leo why is the screen savers only an hour show now…i wait all day for it to come on everyday i never miss an episode…what happened? We need more an hour is not enough i thought that an hour an a half was short…I loved when you guys went from an hour to an hour and a half….
    Come on leo you the man…pull ya wieght over there and give us back that extra half….OK…Oh and by the way I am so happy you been doin ‘call for help’…I can’t stand that kid chris …he is the worste …mad annoying….I also watch that show every day also even though he’s on it cause i’m a tech junkie!!! I know it’s alot of work but stay on call for help it would be great to see you there everyday instead of him….
    well keep up the good work leo…and please let me know what happened to that half hour…thanx

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