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I‘m doing a segment tonight on The Screen Savers on the easy way to publish your blog. Thanks to Blogger and Userland Frontier, there’s a standard way for third-party programs to interact with your blog, making it possible to publish and edit your blog from any wired computer without using the browser interface.
The web services piece is called XML-RPC and was developed by Userland in 1999. Blogger created a standard blog API for XML-RPC which it and many blogging programs support, including the program I use, Movable Type.

For example, I’m posting this entry from a desktop tool for Mac OS X named Kung-Log. The program works with Movable Type- and Nucleus-based blogs. Kung-Log offers all sorts of additional features inculding image uploads, customizable shortcuts for HTML tags I use a lot, local drafts, support for inserting the iTunes track now playing, email notifications (over and above those offered by Movable Type), and local previews so I can make sure my entry will look like it’s supposed to. Kung-Log was written in Cocoa by Adriaan Tijsseling (no I won’t try to say that on TV) and is donation-ware. Send him money – he deserves it.

On the Windows side I use an equally useful program called w.bloggar. Written in Visual Basic by Marcelo L. L. Cabral, w.bloggar supports Blogger, b2, MovableType, Nucleus, BigBlogTool , BlogWorks XML, Blogalia, and Drupal blogs. Basically anything that uses the Blogger API. It’s a dynamite program that does everything Kung-Log does and more. It’s free, too.

What desktop blogging tool do you use? And would you read a blog by Patrick Norton? Post your comments here!

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  1. Patrick does need his own website or blog. I have my own site on geocities for 2 years now, and a blog on Both excellent resources.

  2. Why here in Leoville ever mention ????? It the Easiest and feature pack free blogging service out there. Did I say there blogs are skinable??? And you don’t need to have own site, they host your blog on their own servers.
    Here my blog.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know there were programs that could allow one to post on their MovableType blog without using the cgi interface! I’m going to try it out. Thanks Leo!

  4. I would definetly read Patrick’s blog. But just to note, he would not get my homepage slot. Morgan has it already.
    I just downloaded w.bloggar! I’ll be testing it!

  5. Leo, do actually test out the software the you recommend?? This w.bloggar, software. Completely useless!! or it could ruin your systeme. It absolutely does nothing or functions what the author of w.bloggar claims what it suppose to do. All it could do on my pc is be bring everything to screeching hault. I could not even uninstall this thing. Lucky for me i could manually delete w.bloggar, safe mode. I would advise everyone to steer clear of w.bloggar.

  6. Good heavens, Patrick. Blog while there is time, while we are still young and vibrant. Blog while we have breath left in our lungs and the Earth spins. It needs to be done. Do it to meet the challenge head-on with gusto. Life is an adventure to be shared, a blog is an empowering tool to fulfill the need.

  7. I’d like to read a blog by Patrick. I’ve been wondering why he doesn’t have one. If he’s reading this: Get a blog, lol!!!!!!!

  8. I’d would read Patrick’s Blog. He’s interested in 4×4 Truck racing and powerful machines, computers and kyacking <(spell check). I’m sure he would have something interesting to say. I can tell he bites his tung on TSS some days. Here’s an outlet for ya Patrick to say what you really think. Muahahaha !


  10. Leo, your suggestion to start a blog is a great idea. Patrick has to much good info to keep to himself; share it!
    I’ve taken your advice and have downloaded w.bloggar but I’m having trouble setting up with movable type, step 6 is Greek geek to me, please explain it.
    Keep up the great work!

  11. Definitely! Patrick my man, i would definitely
    recommend you start a BLOG it is like one of the
    COOLEST Things you can do on the Internet and it’s one of the many ways you can do what you do best: SPEAK YOUR MIND!!! (LOL) as an avid fan and regular watcher of the Screen Savers there is no question in my mind that this is the right thing for you!!
    Daniel J. Swan
    Ontario Canada

  12. Hi, i am new to blogs , i have seen many around. I am just wondering. I want to start my own website. I would like to get my own domain. I am just wonder as a Canadian , i would like it if there was a domain host out there that didn’t cost alot. I am looking toward $10-15 a year. I was thinking of getting my name as a .com , but it’s already taken. How can i get it? If there is not way i can get it back , that’s fine with me. I will just change it around a bit. But anways. I wanted to make a site where people such as my friends and family members can go check out my blog. And look at some pictures, check out my awards and achivements. Also show some pictures of my work. I was thinking of doing this because it would be a good way to get a job. If there are some sites which i can get tips on working with blogs. Please let me know. Leo i am not a MAC fan. I am wondering how you got this blog to work. I didn’t see your segment on tech tv. So i am real lost. I know how to make websites , i have done alot before. I am just wondering how a blog would work in to. Thanks for the help in advanced.

  13. You should at least check out Dean Allen’s Textpattern ( ). I plan on switching my Pro.Blogger enabled site over to it next weekend at my site:
    Dean Allen’s site is at He made this great little tool called “Refer” Refer is a web application that tracks incoming referrers (visitors who followed a link found elsewhere) to a web site and creates an up-to-the-minute list of referrers, in reverse chronological order, and is displayed on a page.
    I enjoy the show. If Patrick has the time to update a blogger every so often, then I’d enjoy reading it.

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