Déja Vu All Over Again

Call for HelpIt’s been just over two years since I stopped hosting Call for Help (you can read my original email about leaving in The Laporte Report from March 15, 2001). A number of people hosted the show after I left, including my good friend Chris Pirillo. But I have to admit, I could never watch the show without a little twinge of longing. I missed doing it more than I ever would have thought.
Well I’m very pleased to report that I’m coming back. Chris is moving to greener pastures (I’m sure he’ll have more to say about it on his blog) and TechTV has invited me to return as host of Call for Help starting tomorrow. We’ll miss Chris a lot. He added a bunch of much needed tech savvy to the channel. And I valued him as a colleague and a friend.

I’ll be returning CFH to its roots as a call-in help show as quickly as possible, taking as many of your calls as we can fit into an hour each day. I know the time slot isn’t ideal for many of you (3p Eastern/Noon Pacific) but there will be beefed-up weekend repeats. And if the show goes well (that is, if you and all your friends watch it religiously) it will prove what I’ve contended all along: people want to watch computer help on TV. And maybe then we can move it to a more convenient hour.

Naturally, I will continue to co-host The Screen Savers with Patrick, and Cat has agreed to continue on as co-host on Call for Help. Please tune-in and call-in Call for Help, weekdays at 3p Eastern on TechTV. (Now if we can only find the old show open.)

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  1. Say it’s not so Leo….
    I actually would much rather watch Chris on CFH than you, Leo. Don’t get me wrong, you’re a fine host and all, but having you on TSS and CFH will definately be overkill of Leo on TechTV.
    Chris had so much energy every single day, I can’t emphasize “so much” enough, he was a true pleasure to sit down and watch and learn from. Chris was a man among men, did you see the Call-for-help-a-thon, he totally made the whole 18 hours fun to watch, every minute of it.
    Having you (Leo) hosting CFH will seem sort of mundane, meaning not quite as energetically fun to watch as Chris, sure you have extreme knowledge about computers, but you’re just not as fun to watch a whole hour with than Chris. I have nothing against you Leo but you are a little bit more boring and straightforward thinking than Chris, and that’s why Chris was so cool.
    I will truly miss Chris.
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. Say it’s not so Leo….
    I actually would much rather watch Chris on CFH than you, Leo. Don’t get me wrong, you’re a fine host and all, but having you on TSS and CFH will definately be overkill of Leo on TechTV.
    Chris had so much energy every single day, I can’t emphasize “so much” enough, he was a true pleasure to sit down and watch and learn from. Chris was a man among men, did you see the Call-for-help-a-thon, he totally made the whole 18 hours fun to watch, every minute of it.
    Having you (Leo) hosting CFH will seem sort of mundane, meaning not quite as energetically fun to watch as Chris, sure you have extreme knowledge about computers, but you’re just not as fun to watch a whole hour with than Chris. I have nothing against you Leo but you are a little bit more boring and straightforward thinking than Chris, and that’s why Chris was so cool.
    I will truly miss Chris.
    Los Angeles, CA

  3. I don’t like posting twice in a blog, but I’ve got to. I can’t even begin to tell all of you Chris fans how much better this show will be now that Leo’s back at the helm. Antics and energy are one thing on a broadcast, but in some cases less is more. He bordered on sheer insanity.
    I can’t change your opions or feelings. But please, by all means, if you weren’t a viewer of the “Classic” Call for Help before Pirillo took over, give Leo a chance. You’ll be glad you did.

  4. Well, I am glad and sad that Christ is going. I am glad because sometimes he made some bad comments, and sad because he was quite funny and added a lot of energy to CFH.
    I am also very happy that Leo is coming back! I really can’t wait…just a short 12950 seconds……..
    Now all we need is a set for the show, just like it was before!

  5. Qoute From Gretchen Pirillo’s blog:
    To address comments that I’ve seen across the web in the last few hours in a somewhat roundabout way, here goes:
    No, people don’t just go in one day and decide they’re not going to come back the next day.
    People seem to read a lot into ambiguous comments.
    The story you may be hearing from another TechTV personality with some connection to this all contains news surprising to both myself and my husband. (I am not placing blame by any means, as I know that when such things happen, sometimes people are given information that may not necessarily be accurate – the information given depends on the interests and goals of the person providing the information.)

  6. I’ve been watching TechTV back when it was ZDTV from the first day it arrived on DirecTV (it was channel 263 then…instead of 354). I miss Kate Botello SO much I can’t tell you.
    I’m glad we still get to see Michaela Perreira, since she was the only reason I watched “Internet Tonight”.
    I watched “Call For Help” back when Leo hosted before. I immediately stopped when Becky Worley took over (she annoyed me to no end). I didn’t start watching “Call For Help” again until the promos began airing for the “Call For Help”-a-thon (that was the first time I knew that someone besides Becky Worley was hosting the show). I TiVoed the entire marathon and watched it over the course of the next week…
    …I pretty much immediately set a season pass of “Call For Help” at that point.
    While I’m glad that Leo will be back, I’m saddened for Chris (I’m assuming this wasn’t his choice to leave). Please be sure to keep Cat on!
    …if it gets too much for you, Leo, to do both of the shows, I’d prefer to keep you on “Screensavers”. I recommend allowing either Morgan or Patrick to move over to “Call For Help” (they could both handle it). Please don’t pass on the baton to Roger, who has the personality of a cucumber…or that annoying guy on “CFH” who usually stays in the upstage half of the studio…

  7. Leo, I’m glad you’re back on CFH now. Chris was a good guy and really knew his stuff, no doubt about it, but I honestly preferred your style. I discovered CFH when you were still hosting–around August 2000–and liked it, then I decided to focus on TSS when you left CFH. But it’s good to see you back at the helm, and I hope Techtv never loses you.

  8. Leo!!
    It’s great to see you back on CFH as a Host. I remember when you previously hosted the show. Tech TV was not yet here in Canada, but I was able to watch and listen when Tech TV had a video and later just audio stream on the web so I was able to listen. My wife and I both like you as a host. It will be nice to make the show more of what it used to be.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. I never particularly liked Chris as a host of CFH but I also recognized that was mostly a matter of personal taste and that others probably really like his style. In any event he was a unique personality who brought in viewers that Leo won’t.
    I think this is a mistake by TechTV, I don’t see CFH having a real chance developing an audience as just a call in for help show. I know you are big on the idea Leo and good luck with it, but I agree with others that you are overexposing yourself and risking diluting the audience for The Screen Savers.

  10. I am actually glad to see more of Leo, I really missed him on CFH.
    I watched Chris Pirillo but found his humor a bit annoying (and sometimes insulting when he talked to others)…
    I was just starting to actually not want to switch the channel when I hear his voice.. O’well.. life goes on.

  11. I think this is the finally straw for TechTV. First cutting SS to a hour. Moving CFH to a god awful time. FreshGear just keeps replaying segments in a different order. Now dumping Chris.
    But yet, fighting robots and puppets are on 100 times a week!!!!!!
    Whatever. GoodBye

  12. One more thing..
    I watch Screen Savers more now that its only an hour. An hour and a half was too long to commit, especially when it cut into prime-time television.
    Fresh Gear does need help…I’m always having a deja vue feeling when watching the show–if it weren’t for clues in Sumi’s hair length, I wouldn’t know if I’m watching an old segment or not..hahha. but don’t loose Sumi or I’ll sell all my computers & become a monk.
    Leo on CFH…is good. I’d like to see more of Megan and Kate (of course when Megan returns that is). Morgan too! I really enjoyed when the girls hosted CFH. Maybe Leo can have them host it at least once a week!!

  13. Wow…
    Today when i was watching CFH I was thinking that Chris was just gone for the day but then I came on the web site and I too did not see his face on the banner man that sucks that Chris left I have read all the other notes that people have been leaving behind I guess al lot of them didnt like chris……..But I did like him he had this thing to him that made the show fun to watch, Dont get me wrong But i also like Leo too. But Its sad to see Chris go… But i hope he finds something that he likes now…..
    Well So long Chris it was fun knowing you on TV

  14. I can only hope this decision doesn’t erode TechTVs viewing numbers. The pacing on TSS has been a bit slow.
    Chris Pirillo’s style was strikingly different and I thought that gave CFH energy and, in turn, gave TechTV more diversity.
    No offense, Leo. But, watching you for two hours Monday through Friday is a bit much. However, if hosting two live shows everyday is truly what you want, then congratulations.
    I felt bad about missing the show when Chris hosted it (that time slot is indefensible). I won’t feel so guilty now. Because I can catch you at 7:00.

  15. I know all the people in this message board has to praise Leo but i am sorry.I think Leo is a very selfish man who wants everything for himself.Be satisfied that u have one show(I dont think u can handle two).Chris is the right person for CFH.Everything just fits so perfectly for him.I know for a fact that the TPTB has to kiss leo’s a** but they gotta make a better judgement.They could have given Chris his own new show and i am sure it would fly with his wit and his energy.
    Come clean Laporte..U are behind all these.arent u?Remember how Leo was talking about how the new TPTB was so nice and he has taken Leo’s suggestion.I think Leo said that he wants this job else he’s quitting.If he quits,he will be unemployed.Go get the layoff money from the government.Atleast chris has his own successful venture(Lockergnome,Gnomedex).Good luck chris.Its the end for techtv.

  16. Ok, my turn to talk. I first much say that I am grateful that Leo allows us to voice our opinions freely.
    The Downfall of Tech Tv
    Ok, it might just be me, but as of late Tech Tv has been going to fluff. The shows have been watered down it seems, esp on TSS.It’s still a great show, I will continue to watch whenver I can, and I will continue to visit the set as long as I can. Extended Play changing to X-Play, sheesh. Even the ads for it flash with virtual bikini babes touting the almighty word “uncensored” right underneath. I think the show , along with the whole station, is going to sex appeal. The reason I started watching TSS was because I could sit down for 90 minutes, relax, laugh, and learn. I mean, you guys would make a great sitcom it seems, you all really seem to like each other.
    Enough of that though.
    Martin getting a new show where one of his first interviews was a porn star? Yeah, that’s REALLY techy. A whole week on spring break? Hah! It would be nice if everything went back to how it used to be.
    Nothing against the staff though. Leo, you are a great guy, it would be my pleasure to take you and the rest of the TSS staff (including Angelo, my favorite intern :-)) out to dinner. I am serious too. I’d like to see how you all interact when you aren’t talking tech. Let me know, e-mail, I really could like to at least give that much back in return for all that you have given me over the time I have watched TSS.
    But yeah, back to the downfall. If Tech TV is going to go to sex appeal, wow, they better make it good, because if they plan on that getting a lot of more viewers they might be right for the first few months, but then the new viewers will go on to other stations with “more” to offer, or in this case, less clothing :-/
    I guess it’s true, all good things come to an end.
    Go back to tech, it is part of the stations name.
    Please. Go back to tech.
    Also, check out http://www.oomph-girl.com/ , her most recent post also talks about this. It’s also a great site anyways. If I wasn’t supposed to post links, sorry in advance.

  17. What the heck was TechTV thinking getting rid of one of their top people. I know they needed to lay off some people for financial reasons, but getting rid of one of the top people on the channel is just kind of rediculous. Especially since they’re turning off a good chunk of their audience. They could have at least re-assigned him or something, not just fire the poor guy.

  18. Nice job Leo on your first day. Kinda sad that Chris left so soooo suddenly. If he only made a final finale, some people would feel a bit better. I’d expect that Chris would be back sometime for a visit or guest in a next Help-a-thon. Bdway, can you make a help-a-thon. Many people think you can’t since your old and can’t take 18 hours of non-stop funny agony!
    Another note: I would like to review your first day as a regular. I’ve been watching CFH since ’99 and it was also a killer that you left that show. (Who was the first host after you, was it Becky?) A lot of people was accostumed to Chris because of his wacky antics during the show. I would like that you continue having comedy side-in-side with helping people. Those commentaries you put on the TSS was sooo funny also. I’d like some fun on the CFH remain. I hope you wouldn’t take this personally. I didn’t say that your dull, just make it a nice transition for us. Thanks!
    *smirks* Say hello to Cat and Morgan for me!

  19. Glad to have Leo back.
    I’ve been watching CFH & TSS since the days of ZDTV.
    I remember when they launched 8Hrs of live programming per day. (I thought it was crazy, but I’m not paid the big bucks… Good to see that some of them landed at CNN. 🙂
    I stopped watching CFH a few months after Chris took over. Wildly hyper, but sorely ignorant of technology.
    At least Leo can cover his ass when he doesn’t know the answer. :Þ

  20. Greg, that info was noted, but alas, do you think Martin got her based soley (sp?) on the fact that she is smart? I think the porn star thing has a lot to do with it. If he goes the whole time without mentioning that fact, then I’ll admit defeat 😀
    But Thanks for the Info Greg!

  21. Leo,
    Why did you crack that joke about the “I Hate My Job” emails being Chris’s old emails during the packet sniffer segment on your first day back at CFH? Is there something funny about a person losing their job? The way Tech TV is heading lately I would be worried about my own job security.

  22. Leo, it was so good to see you back today. It had to be a little tough on you under the circumstances since Chris has some fans that will miss him, when, in fact, if it wasn’t for you, the show probably would not have existed for Chris to have been offered the job. Maybe YOU felt like a newbie on your own show??? I hope not.
    I haven’t seen it mentioned in the message boards or your blog, but I’ll say it: I really appreciate your heart-felt interest and integrity in helping computer users, newbies or geeks, and while doing so, not trying to make a profit other than your salary. Since the ZDTV days I have NEVER once seen you promote a piece of software, product, item, website and related links, etc., that you, personally, would profit from. (I know there’s your wonderful books that you make a small profit from, but that is strictly tied in with TechTV and your job and is upfront.) So any recommendation you ever made, I could ALWAYS count on the fact it would be in MY best interest to take your advice, because you had nothing to gain from it financially. That’s a rare commodity these days and one that many of us really appreciate.
    Regarding some of the negative comments previously posted, I hope you realize there are obviously two levels of maturity involved here, and I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure you know what I mean.
    And in case anybody gives you a hard time, just reread this:

  23. Welcome back to CFH Leo. I too will miss Chris but I hope that CFH will get back to being what it’s named… Call For Help…
    I have drifted away from it because it was just another hour of TSS with different people. Not that that was bad, but I remember when the primary job was to help people with their problems not to interview people about speech recognition or be a tech quiz show or other stuff that should be left for TSS.
    Good luck Leo you have your work cut out for you.

  24. you know, its a given since this is Leo’s blog and people who saw him when he hosted CFH the first time are glad to see him come back… but what’s with all the disrespect for Chris? Even if you didnt like Chris hosting call for help he did a great job.
    TechTV firing one of their two most recognized faces is completely asinine. I’ll leave it at that.

  25. Lessee…he entertains at no cost to me, he answers tech questions at no cost to me, he maintains a blog at his own expense where he permits people to post their opinions at no cost to me…naturally I should use this as an opportunity to vilify him. He’s clearly a weasel and has it coming.
    No good deed ever goes unpunished…

  26. From reading the comment there are mix reviews, but for me I am sorry to see Chris left CFH. I have to say , that when it came for information Chris had the knowledge. However, I am glad to hear that if anyone had to replace Mr. Pirillo it should be the creator or the should I say the living legend of CFH, Mr. Leo La Porte. I can not think of a better person. However, I hope that you do not get burned out from all of the pressure from CFH, TSS and family life.

  27. Ok, did Chris quit or was he fired?!
    It is not clear, people just vanish from Tech TV. Very quiet and very mysteriously. And what pin head is scheduling the programming? Sometimes I think my dog could do a better job. CFH at 3 PM in the afternoon, please!
    Leo is great. I have enjoyed Leo on CFH and TSS since I had DirecTV (which is a long time now) Wasn’t it ZDTV before? Anyway I digress, maybe it should be LeoTV!
    Since I am an old guy can someone help me out didn’t CFH come on later in the afternnonevening when Leo was host? And what is the deal with TSS, first it is an hour then 90 minutes then it is an hour? Argh!!
    I liked Chris he could be annoying but he grew on you. I hope it works out for him. I would really like to know what happened. Can we start a rumor??

  28. i didn’t read all the comments but those of you think there are evil intentions behind this switch should know that this is how television works. people leave or are asked to leave for many different reasons. i know that a lot of times the good people are asked to leave but that does not mean that leo had anything to do with this. this seems different because the viewers of techtv are so close to the channel because of the participation but in reality this is no differnt then a character being replaced but another person on a prime time show. these changes suck but you have to understand that they are for the better of the channel.
    leo i am sorry to see chris go but i am glad to see you back where you should be. it’s too bad i dont work there anymore cause cfh when you were hosting in studio b was my favorite show to work on, it was the best set too but i think i liked it more from a shooting stand point.

  29. I must agree with many of the other viewers of TechTV posted here and elsewhere. You said that you wanted just one show (The Laporte Report from March 15, 2001) and now you have two…again! If you “must” stay with CFH, please brush up on Windows and leave the Mac questions and answers to Brett Larson. I very much enjoy watching you on TSS, however the old saying “too much of a good thing” applies in this case. I agree with you and others that TechTV has some serious time slot issues and management needs to do some major revamping of network programming and time slots to stay competitive.

  30. Chris was fired. TSS and CFH merged production teams. When all was said and done some people had to go. Here is the internal memo.
    New dayparting strategy
    From: Greg Brannan
    We are making good progress toward the exciting new dayparting strategy we announced earlier this year. Our line-up has expanded to 21 programs, up from 13 just one year ago, and staffing for “Unscrewed with Martin Sargent” and the new “X-Play” is underway.
    I also wanted to make you aware of changes intended to increase our production efficiencies around “Call For Help” and “Fresh Gear.” Beginning tomorrow, the “Call For Help” and “The Screen Savers” teams will combine to form a single production unit. In addition to co-hosting “The Screen Savers,” Leo Laporte will return as the host of “Call For Help.” Likewise, “Fresh Gear” will now be produced out of Tech Live, with Sumi Das continuing as host of “Fresh Gear.”
    Those directly impacted by these changes have been notified. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Peter Hammersly, Carolyn Kane, Paul Block or myself.

  31. People who quit of their own free will will generally tell you exactly that.
    People who are not necessarily fired but pushed out, i.e. here’s a monetary package to tie you over generally have to make an agreement not to speak about the deal.
    Figure it out folks. My last two bosses suddenly decided to leave and weren’t allowed to talk about the situation to keep their packages.
    Leo’s ok on screen savers but having some others in the cast really helps make the show more attractive to a wider range of people.
    The constant plugging of books is second only to Tony Kornheiser and his “I’m back for more cash.”
    It got real old real fast.
    The Kevin Mitnick “Fawn-a-thon” was must not see TV.
    I’ll give Leo a go at CFH and see, but my wife calls him the Wilford Brimmley of TSS.

  32. Hey Leo, I like both of your shows and in a way i’m glad your back doing CFH but I do think everyone deserves to know why? Don’t get me wrong your a great guy. When Chris first came on the show i thought he was a real geek and couldn’t stand him. after a while of watching i’m extremely surprized to find that he’s gone with no warning to us viewers. Dedicated viewers such as myself think of all of you down there as a part of family. and so it was a shock to us all to find Chris not there anymore.

  33. Welcome back to CFH Mr. La Porte. I hope that the load is not too much for you. COuld you see if TECHTV could put TSS on daily here in ASIA. TECHTV only shows TSS on weekends only and that truly sucks. Please, i an a technophile and i want to learn as much as possible and be the best at fixing computers and your shows helps me in this area.
    It’s a pity to see Mr. Pirillo leave. He made CFH his own and i think that is was a breath of fresh air. I hope that there will be no more shake ups like the removal of Adam sessler or something like that.
    Congrats man and i hope you could help me in the area of transmission of your show. THANKS A LOT AND MORE POWER

  34. I’m happy to see Leo back at his old job again… but I’m sorry to see Chris go… I also don’t like that fact that TechTV gave Chris ZERO days to prepare for the layoff or release… I mean Chris wasn’t some stand-in… CFH was his show and he was great at it… and they don’t even give him ONE DAY to say goodbye? That leaves a very bad taste in my mouth from TechTV.

  35. My Lame Doggerel – by bobbynichols
    Welcome back Leo
    but… I’m going to miss Chris
    There’s nothin wrong with your persona
    So don’t consider this a dis
    CFH needs energy
    What Chris had – that je ne sais quoi
    Keeping us on our toes
    Not pate d’ fas gras
    Through Becky and Phil
    and… roger, still^2, we tarried
    Then a gnomey appeared
    and tech was fun – not parodied
    My challenge to Leo…
    and to Brett and to Cat
    punch the show up a notch
    and if you can accomplish that…
    You’ll find though we’ll miss Chris
    so terribly so
    You’ll not lose viewers and sponsors
    … and Paul (hallowed be His name) will have more money to blow
    It’s only a show… a business
    At least that’s what’s all said
    and I’ll keep on a’watchin – no matter the change
    the show I most learn from – at least ’til I’m …

  36. Do we ge Kate back. Its been so long since you two danced at the end of the show.
    Years ago I was mad because Kate left CFH and then Scot left Internet
    Tonight. We have all moved with the times. None of us use 3.1 and we will
    get over this dip. Leo has always done a good Job and will continue to be a
    good host. The object is to learn. Yes there is a bunch of junk on techtv
    but it is the sponsores that pay the bills. I for one do not what to go to
    Pay per View. Five years ago there were only a few thousand watching Ziff
    Davis TV so all had time to answer the e-mails they got. With success came
    overload. Yes they have stopped responding to e-mails. My concern is with
    the cold shoulder they give new fans when they ask a question that was asked
    months ago. We have all asked that they give Martine his own show and now we
    complain because he is off TSS. I have a C Band dish which gives me hundreds
    of channels and Techtv is the only one that helps with Technology. Lets give
    them a chance, we have no other choice anyway.

  37. Will miss Chris a lot. He answered a question for me on the show about 6 months ago. I have to admit in the beginning I thought he was a crazy little kid who did everything to gain creditability by associating himself to you Leo (i.e.–the Father and Son bit) and he was way to squeaky clean for me too. But as time went on we both loosened up and I could not think of a better replacement for you on CFH then Chris. With all the other people they tried I though Chris was a good fit. He gave a lot of youthful energy to Tech TV. He is among the past greats with John C. Dvorak and Jim Louderback (and Kate was fun to on TSS). But let me say how great it is that LEO IS BACK on his old show. I TiVo both CFH and TSS (and actually watch them religiously) everyday. Thanks for the shows. (Long time viewer, first time poster)

  38. When I finally got a Windows-based computer in August 1999, “Call For Help” quickly became a favorite program. Leo, you handled the show quite well, and came across as very reassuring–something that a new user like myself needed/appreciated. I was sorry to see you leave the program, and am very happy you’re returning. It was tailor-made for you.

  39. Fantastic! Leo brought a relaxed friendly environment to Call For Help. Before the time shift in CFH’s schedule, we used to sit down after dinner and watch CFH. Even non-geeks enjoyed and learned by watching CFH. Real people would call in with real problems and Leo would make them feel “at home.”

  40. Because he’s responsible for chris getting fired and lies about it in his blog.I knew he was an evil man.You can easily be fooled if u look at him,but behind those smiles is an evil brain.
    Go to hell Laporte..
    You go Chris.

  41. More than anything else I’m curious behind this massive shake up at Tech TV. Then very sudden dismissal of Chris, Morgan going to Extended Play, and so on.

  42. Yessssss! way to go Leo, CFH has been terrible ever since you left IMHO. Thanks for coming back to your tech roots.
    I’ve read Chris and Gretchen blogs and they both seem to think they got screwed (sorry! it’s there words not mine!). I really hope its not the case.

  43. Yes, next thing I’m going to do is to make it official. TechTV is a generic name and covers all the news. What I want is my own channel, my own thoughts, my own rants and own way of presenting ideas. I’ll do something to make LeoTV official.

  44. Leo, I’ve been a fan since you were the voice of Dev Null on The Site w/ Soledad O’Brien… It’s a shame to see Chris go, but here’s hoping that working on CFH again will put the spring back in your step!

  45. Because TTV was on buying new programs from the BBC binge. that they ran out of money to pay chris high salary . Other words if TTV did not buy the rights for “Wired for Fluff” Chris would be still on the air and hosting CFH.

  46. hi leo thanks for answer about running dos games in xp.
    Hope you will have fun being back on Call For Help.
    With cat sorry about chris leaving but i think you will do fine.
    Thanks mouse235 Techtv member

  47. Ding Dong the Gnome is gone!
    While Chris is obviously brilliant, he may be more of a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of guy.
    I can tell Cat is friggin happy.

  48. Yessss!!! Finally, Leo’s back!!!
    Congratulations Leo, I will certainly be watching CFH more frequently.

  49. Leo…back on Call For Help…::swoon::
    Look, I’ve got nothing but admiration for Chris, but there’s just something extra-special about Leo on CFH! (as long as we also get to keep him on TSS!)

  50. I watched CFH when Leo was the host and I liked the show. But I also like Chris as host. I like CFH. What ever happens I will like the show. As long as they don’t turn it into a fishing show. That was a joke.

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