Déja Vu All Over Again

Call for HelpIt’s been just over two years since I stopped hosting Call for Help (you can read my original email about leaving in The Laporte Report from March 15, 2001). A number of people hosted the show after I left, including my good friend Chris Pirillo. But I have to admit, I could never watch the show without a little twinge of longing. I missed doing it more than I ever would have thought.
Well I’m very pleased to report that I’m coming back. Chris is moving to greener pastures (I’m sure he’ll have more to say about it on his blog) and TechTV has invited me to return as host of Call for Help starting tomorrow. We’ll miss Chris a lot. He added a bunch of much needed tech savvy to the channel. And I valued him as a colleague and a friend.

I’ll be returning CFH to its roots as a call-in help show as quickly as possible, taking as many of your calls as we can fit into an hour each day. I know the time slot isn’t ideal for many of you (3p Eastern/Noon Pacific) but there will be beefed-up weekend repeats. And if the show goes well (that is, if you and all your friends watch it religiously) it will prove what I’ve contended all along: people want to watch computer help on TV. And maybe then we can move it to a more convenient hour.

Naturally, I will continue to co-host The Screen Savers with Patrick, and Cat has agreed to continue on as co-host on Call for Help. Please tune-in and call-in Call for Help, weekdays at 3p Eastern on TechTV. (Now if we can only find the old show open.)

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  1. Frankly, i found Chris quite annoying. Where’d they ever dig him up anyway? Leo’s a much more professional broadcaster. This is the best move that Tech TV has made in a long time.

  2. Great to have you back Leo, but I’m going to miss Chris. I still remember when he came to fill in for you or Pat on TSS. He kept hitting on the girls. 😉 LOL

  3. Sorry. The Yes … comment was mine. I was jumping so high I forgot to type in my name.

  4. i am truley sorry to see Chris leave he was a breath of freash air on a sometimes stuffy show i do however like Leo and watched CFH when he hosted it before

  5. Now everybody don’t have a reason to watch! Cause an old guy is hosting the show! You can this the beginning of The Dark Age of TechTV. 🙁

  6. Leo,
    Thank God your back on CFH, No Disrespect to Chris but I’m glad to see you back on CFH and TSS, and btw Leo Try a Quake 2 LAN Party.
    – Chris Tirpak

  7. We, too are sorry to see Chris leave, but we’ve missed you, Leo, very much. So happy to hear you’re returning to CFH. Thank you , Tech TV. Thank you.
    KC and JJ

  8. Hey leo I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think you are a great asset to techtv. I will continue waking up at 6:00 am to watch the re runs of Call For Help.You are a great host

  9. So, Leo got CFH back….and keeps TSS…how many vacation weeks a year now Leo? Maybe a new Leo CFH book in the works, if not at least you have another 5 hours a week you can push your other books. Ladies and Gentlmen, welcome to LeoTV, formerly known as TechTV.

  10. Leo, welcome on board. Now, lets get into CALLS and software reviews, not the childish nonsense that was on the show before!! By the way, who will cover for you (Nicole, Morgan?? PLEEZE!) on your 28 weeks of vacation?

  11. At the rate TechTV is going Leo and Pat will end up being the only two left to host all the shows. Every timeyou turn around someone is getting canned (fired). It must be a lovely company to work for. Good luck Leo.

  12. If I had my wish I would love to see Silicon Ali back on CFH again. She was my favorite and its a shame we don’t get to see her anymore.

  13. Wow! leo is back my eyes poped out when i saw leo back on the show. Chris was good and i’ll miss him
    Welcome back

  14. I can’t believe that Tech TV has let go Chris! Now that Leo is back “Call For Help” may turn into “Mac Call For Help.” I miss Chris!

  15. welcome home Leo!! you’re great on TSS, i never got to see you on CFH the first time around.
    Good luck to ya!!

  16. I feel that the comment that Leo just made about Chris’s email durning the segment on call for help of keylogging was wrong. Poor taste leo.

  17. Don’t listen to nuts like this Roger guy Leo. You’re a great host for any show, and a good man too.
    Congratulations on getting the new position.
    TechTV, The Screensavers, and Call For Help are all great.
    Good luck

  18. yes i am a weasel and i like to see people getting fired.Thats what i am here for??????Hopefully i can get patrick fired too so i can get all the money..

  19. Also note then:
    “the information given depends on the interests and goals of the person providing the information”

  20. Sweeeeeet, just like the old ZDTV days… and one of the reasons I started to watch the station in the first place.

  21. All you all need to grow the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People are just plain stupid hello it is just a tv show.

  22. leo, you are very good! I apreciate your knowlodge but Chris was the best on CFH!
    Sorry =/ will not see call for help anymore!

  23. I am sad that Chris will be gone…i hope that he will visit once and a while and i will still be watching

  24. I am glad that if anyone is taking over hosting Call For Help from Chris that it is you. Chris will be missed.

  25. Glad to hear that you’ll be back, Leo!! I’m sorry to hear Chris is leaving CFH though. I hope that he can visit from time to time.

  26. To Jim: I read her blog too. She doesn’t provide any detail there or on the comments to her blog.
    And note: “People seem to read a lot into ambiguous comments.”

  27. Addressed To Jim: That’s unfair of you since you don’t have all the facts.
    I will miss Chris and I hope good things for him. I look forward to seeing Leo on CFH too.

  28. Wow! I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. Um sorry to Chris, as it looks like he was given the boot, but WB to CFH Leo.

  29. Help, I was wondering where I can get a copy of all the theme songs of the TechTV shows. I want to make a TechTV CD. If u know where please get back to me ASAP.

  30. …okay, now if we could only get Kate back on Screensavers? Even just as a guest? Please?

  31. From Chris’s blog I get the impression he was fired. Welcome back Leo and good luck Chris. 3 o’clock is a lousy time for us East Coast viewers.

  32. thats a load of bs! techt tv has lost a viewer. im sure there are more out there like me.

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