Portrait of Dorian Leo

Here’s the painting Jeremy Sutton did of me tonight on the show. Click it to download the Quicktime movie (MPEG 4) of the painting process.What did you think of Jeremy? Would you like more Painter tips? I know it’s not as popular as Photoshop, but it’s a great program for artists.

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  1. Yes. Yes, please show more segments about Painter and about other software that may not at the top of the popularity lists.

  2. I saw it, and i was very interested in it. IM more of a traditonal painter but the program looks very interesting and looks like something i could get into.And Jeremy did a great job on the portrait

  3. One of the things I’ve always loved about TSS is the fact that you’ve always introduced the audience to a multitude of different programs and ideas. Just because it’s not as well known or as popular as Photoshop I liked the Painter segments and think you should have him back. Variety is the spice of life and gets the juices flowing. Like Photoshop there looks to be a lot more there that could be demonstrated. I’d like to see him turn a photo into a painting on the show.
    Besides anyone who can get Leo, Mr Perpetual Motion, to sit still for even a few minutes at a time deserves a prize!
    One last thing, trust an expert on this, the smile needs work!

  4. This is tech? Just more trash as TechTV continues it’s death spiral. Lets get back to the good stuff. A few more years of this and we won’t have Screen Savers or Call For Help. At least nothing that would be recognizable as what started ZDTV.

  5. Leo Help!! I Can’t get the Quicktime Movie to Work. And yes i have lastest quicktime install on system.
    Your Portrait looks great!!

  6. Leo,
    I enjoyed the segment- Jeremy’s talent as an artist is certainly evident, and it was quite interesting watching him paint and learning about new digital art techniques such as his. I say that more segments like this are welcome.
    Re your portrait: I can’t say I see a strong likeness (perhaps because of time limitations imposed on the work?), but hey, art is not always about literal interpretations.
    One thing is for sure- the guy is a hell of a dancer. Watching him cut a rug on the set was a blast! Do you think your friend Kate Botello could hold her own with him?

  7. Some portrait artist try to be very complimentary, and paint their subjects younger and thinner. After all, they are paying for it. Not that there is anything wrong with being older, and well, not so thin. I should know.

  8. We only gave him 30 minutes to do the portrait – and I was only able to sit for about 10 of those, so I don’t think it’s his fault it doesn’t look a lot like me.
    The movie is an MPEG 4 so you’ll need Quicktime 6 to play it back. If it doesn’t play back when you click the link, try downloading the file by right clicking on the following link and selecting Save target…

  9. I *love* Painter! I’ve been a fan since the 1st version…so, yes, I’d vote for more Painter tips and examples!
    [FWIW: Painter also runs on Windows, not that there’s anything wrong with the Mac. 😉 ]

  10. The lips are wrong. Other than the obvious discrepancy, it’s a good portrait for quick work. For overall talent, excellent. The fact he doesn’t use undo at all, painting over each brush stroke is like real painting.
    I believe they use this program to touch up animations (like in those shown in Eye Drops). Painter is a cool program, having lightly dabbled with it. The program is extremely powerful and full of features. Sure, I wouldnít mind watching more Painter techniques.
    The dude is a dancing machine. LMAO while watching you slide off the floor after attempting to dance.

  11. “The lips are wrong”—look at Leo’s lips a lot, huh, Dale, lol?? Just teasing! Ditto what Miss Daisy said! I want to see him turn a photo into a painting!

  12. oh yeah he was a great guest. should get more guests that uses the not-so-mainstream programs.

  13. If you bring him back, I would like to see more about the hardware. You and he did talk about the pad he was using, but didn’t go much into it.

  14. When I was taking Intro Painting back in the halcyon days of my youth, we did an excercise wherein we had only 15 minutes to paint a portrait of someone else in the class. They looked absolutely nothing like the people they were supposed to represent, but they were some of the most interesting, free paintings anyone in the class did that year. This painting kind of reminds me of those. And the person I painted? I’m married to her now, so she must have thought it was at least moderately flattering. 🙂

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  16. I thought the segment was good. Not a program that I have. But, it doesn’t mean I did not find it interesting. Then again, I did not have PhotoShop either when you first started having Burt Monroy and Michael Aaland on the show. I learned so much watching those segments, that I went out and bought PhotoShop Elements 2.0, and I now also have the Solutions book by Aaland. Who knows, enough segments on Painter, and I just may have to get the software. 😉
    I agree with Daisy though, the painting of you is just not true to your smile. 🙂

  17. I agree, that is tech, and there’s nothing wrong with showing the ‘warm’ side of technology once in a while. It doesn’t always have to be adonized aluminum and wires and silicon all the time. All of the people that I know who are into tech are very creative people, so it’s only natural that people from other creative fields cna find a use for this ‘new medium’.
    I would also like to see more info on the tablets. I’ve been considering getting one for a while, but don’t relaly know mcuh about them. A nice run-down of the consumer-level products would be cool, and maybe their uses in more common software like Photoshop. I have seen some stuff on the high-end tablets he was talking about, which are actually a display and a tablet in one – they are very very feeky.

  18. I second that idea, I’d love to see a segment on tablets too. I just finished up a mini Photoshop course and got to see one in action up close and personal, it was very cool, so of course now I’m interested.

  19. I would like more Painter tips. I have Painter7, and one of those cool tablet Monitors. 🙂
    So all the tips I can get are much appreciated.
    Sue: if I knew you had any interest in it I would have let you play around with it here.

  20. I really enjoyed the Painter segment. It would be nice to see other artists using the same program in their own way as well. I also think it would be a good idea to have more information on the tablets available.

  21. I enjoyed the segment and would like to see 2-3 more segments before casting a vote on if it should be a regular segment or not.
    Monroy introduces new techniques each time he is on. The painter segment was more of a demo, book/video series plug, and a showcase of talent rather than providing info that the viewer can use.

  22. As someone who teaches Painter and Photoshop. It was great to show people what can be done with digital art programs. Painter is a great program and has been around for a long time. You can do anything that your mind can think up with it.
    A new version will be coming out this spring.
    Have more digital art tips. Maybe even a show on Digital art. This is an area that a lot of people are getting into.

  23. Yes i think Jeremy was a great guest. I know that I would like more Paiter tips on the show. I think its a good idea to get the word out on not so main stream art forms, especially digital ones.

  24. I recognize the hair…the rest of the portrait tho, i have no clue who thats supposed to be. Perhaps some lessons in painting people might help the guy out. He’s obviously got style and talent, he just doesn’t seem to be able to create recognizable faces….sorry leo. You deserve better than this. 😉

  25. You bet I would like more on Painter! I didn’t know that a program like that was available. I love what he did with the photograph of the two ladies. I did not catch the price but I am going to try and find the program. I also agree that anyone who can get you to sit still, Leo, deserves to be back on the show. (Please note that is said with a big grin on my face.)

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