Peace is Over

We’ve been thinking hard about what to do about the war on The Screen Savers. Here’s what I’m planning to say on the show tonight:

In one hour, President Bush’s ultimatum to Saddam Hussein will expire and the US will very likely be going to war. As some of you know I have been active in the peace movement, but for now the debate is over. The die is cast.

USA FlagI think it’s time for all of us to focus our energies on supporting the men and women in harm’s way. So many of our extended Screen Savers family members are on active duty right now. Many more of you have family and friends in the service. Our thoughts and prayers are with them right now. We all hope for a short war with few casualties.

Patrick and I have talked about what we should do on the show tonight and for the duration of the war. We’ve decided to continue on as usual. There are plenty of places you can get the news of the war. There’s only one place you can get the kind of information we offer. So we’ll go on doing what we do best, but always with the awareness that so many of those near and dear to us are risking the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation.

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  1. You know I been there, done it and got a tye-dyed tee shirt. The last time I heard all these arguments was the early 70’s. Only the names has changed. It didn’t make a difference then, and it’s not going to make a difference now. As I approach 50, maybe I’m just becoming a cynic.

  2. To Sean:
    Your ignorance is astounding. Various reports place the amount of murders that Saddam has comitted on his own people between 250,000 to 1,000,000 people in the 30 years that he has been in power. Those that oppose his removal by ANY MEANS NECESSARY are guilty of being accomplices to murder.
    No sane person desires war. In a perfect world it would be unnecessary. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. In the 21st century there is no place for ANY despot who tortures and kills his own people.
    Even if 20,000 Iraqi’s are killed in this war this would mean that over the next 30 years anywhere from 230,000 to 980,000 human beings would probably be saved if Saddam and his sons are removed from power and the government in Iraq is replaced with a democratic and freely elected regime.
    Those of us who live in this great country called America sometimes fail to realize that the rest of the world is not as fortunate as we are. That is a shame. This nation should do whatever is necessary to ensure that the world is safe for ALL peoples. Even those such as yourself, Sean, who prove by their statements that they are woefully ignorant of the facts of the real world.

  3. When the Iraqi soccer team failed to advance in the World Cup, they were taken to the local stadium in Iraq and tortured and beaten. Another example of a fine upstanding leader that rules Iraq.
    If all of you peace demonstrators were doing your thing in Iraq, your chalk outlines would be for real. Except there would be no trace of you left at all, not even a chalk outline. Be thankful you can embarrass your troops and get away with your life intact.

  4. I normally never post, so I’m playing catch up today. If I may have one more I’ll go away. I would like to personally thank everyone of you that voted for Nader in the 2000 election.

  5. Jeez, you guys really are funny, with the veiled threats and all. That’s really great of you! What a fine democracy you’re arguing we should uphold!
    Why is protesting a war equated with tacit support of Hussein? Do you really believe that all these people in Britain, France, Spain, Australia, Germany, China, Japan, Russia, EVERYWHERE other than the Unite States don’t believe that Saddam Hussein is a horrible monster that the world needs to get rid of?
    No one is arguing that he shouldn’t be removed (other than maybe the Ba’ath Party), what we’re arguing are the METHODS.
    A unilateral military action was clearly not the only choice and clearly not the world’s consensus. Now what we have is the United States bombing the hell out of Baghdad (some cynics say so that our contractors can better rebuild it), and Iraqi innocents dying.
    I can’t support the troops in this because I can’t support what they’re doing or why. If it was a UN action, yes, I think I’d probably have a modicum of support/sympathy for the American and British troops. What we have now are a bunch of people following orders to commit unjust actions, all in the sake of some Machiavellian foreign policy.
    Since when did America become the country that shoots first and asks questions later?
    Ah, screw it, I’m movin’ to Canada.

  6. Is an Iraqi citizen any less dead when killed by a bomb that was released with U.N. support? Of course not. So why then would U.N. support of the war make you any more sympathetic to the U.S. and British soldiers?
    Answer: You are incapable of any kind of independent reasoning on the subject. You simply regurgitate the rantings of the inarticulate mob of anti-war protesters that you count yourself a member of.
    I believe in everyones right to protest whatever they want. Even during wartime. I believe that these protests are a useful tool in identifying those in our society that lack any ability to reason for themselves.

  7. I have heard of folks wanting to move to Canada for years. It’s a wonderful country with great people. If you check Canadian immigration laws though, you might find out your not welcome as a prospective citizen.

  8. Sean said “Since when did America become the country that shoots first and asks questions later?”
    September 11, 2001.

  9. I must have spent over an hour reading the comments here today. I applaud those of you whose opinions were passionately, if not eloquently, spoken.
    To those who feel we should not support our troops, that all our military is doing over there is killing innocents, here is a statistic for you (I forget what source came out with this, but I will be happy to find it):
    1 out of every 4 households has had at least one member killed, tortured or raped by Hussein’s regime. 1 out of 4. I don’t know about you, but those aren’t very good odds of existing in Iraq and coming out unscathed.
    I am reminded of a quote by a pastor who was in Dachau during WWII:
    “I did not speak…
    “First they came for the Communists;
    I did not speak because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews;
    I did not speak because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came to fetch the workers, members of trade unions;
    I did not speak because I was not a trade unionist.
    Afterwards, they came for the Catholics;
    I did not say anything because I was a Protestant.
    Eventually they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak …”
    If we cannot step up to defend those who cannot defend themselves, then what good are we as a Nation? If it were all about the oil, the FRENCH would be leading the way so that they could own all the oil instead of just a 25% interest in some.

  10. Say what you want about this war. But the point remains, Saddam started it! How? By not listening to our President’s requests, and ignoring the UN’s request to disarm (that was the whole point of the weapons inspectors by the way).
    But didn’t Bush goad him? No, PRESIDENT Bush asked President Saddam to disarm so many times that I laughed at President Bush’s reactions to this madman (Saddam Hussein). Even though I’m not that old, I seem to remember in history another madman we tried to reason with before we went to war. His name? Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Germany’s Nazi Party.
    —-End Of Line—

  11. Hey Leo, lovely bunch of dittoheads you have here.
    Is this the kind of discourse you want on your comments?

  12. I support the protesters right to march. It is what makes America beautiful. But is done not mean I agree with their msg. I was in the middle of this until today. I have always behind our troops 110%. If anyone has any doubt about what kind of monster, Hitler want-to-be we are dealing with please look at the following link:
    (Note graphic pictures)
    I do not read Arabic so I have no idea what is being said.
    This man MURDERED POWs! What do you think he is doing to his own people? The US has no reason staying there after all is said and done, but these poor SOBs deserve the chance to be free.

  13. I agree that war is hell. It is a last resort… but what Saddam has done to his own people is disgusting… If you seen a helpless person getting beat up what would you do? Would help the helpless person? Would you ignore it and go on with your daily business? Saddam has killed and tortured MILLIONS of people… and will continue to do so if nothing is done. Now, many Iraqis are aware that innocent lives will be lost… For a short (hopefully) period of time. Or would people just rather ignore him and let him continue to kill many innocent lives over a long period of time?

  14. Did I miss some news along the way? All the U.S did was talk to the UN forever it would seem like. Where did that get us? NO where. You say you’d support the Troops if the UN was involved. The UN can’t seem be able to make decisions concerning anykind of action. Clinton even knew that, and went ahead with his action.
    It’s mighty sick to know you don’t support the brave men and women who are protecting your worthless butt. You might want to move to another country.

  15. Protesters have a right to protest but when they block the road they are then infinging on my rights to free movement. I will honk twice then step on the gas!

  16. Last Night got thinking about this Issue. There may good side in any major war that united state get involves in.
    With the Technological breakthrough the military uses to fight the war. Do you ever Notice that after the war, new wave of consumer electronics come to the market. These gadgets shared the same technology that was use in the war.
    Posted by siouxmoux, March 24, 2003 08:51 PM

  17. trey if you don’t know what the hell u r talkin about jut shut up.
    in other news (lol) leo, i like your idea.

  18. “if you don’t know what the hell u r talkin about jut shut up” Oh, the irony…
    Sounds good, Leo. Keep up the good work!

  19. Sounds good Leo, I got out Jackson Browne and listened to “Lives in the Balance”, I think it’s very appropriate for today.

  20. Well said Leo, I all against the war but we need to do something about Saddam and we have to act somehow. Keep up the good work, and keep doing what you guys do best!

  21. Hola Leo. You and Pat and the gang are cool I love the show and it has help me a lot. With my computers need. Gracias.

  22. Great comments Leo, stike to what you know best. Because you sure don’t understand what all our brave men and women are fighting for. I suppose the way people are thinking these days. Peace just happened. What a shame they forgot there history.

  23. I just wanted to say that I think that it’s the right thing to do to go on living our lives, almost as usual, but remembering what’s going on. I feel great appreciation to those who give some sort of escape from what’s going on in the world, no matter how small, and those people are heroes in my mind as well.

  24. We all have our position on this war. If we can agree to disagree and respect each others opinion, we’ll get through this together.
    I want to say thank you and well done to everyone at TechTV. I watched an unbiased and neutral reporting of the world events of the last month. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  25. Cheryl, as a general rule, our troops fight for our right to protest. Whether I agree with a specific person or not, I believe that not exercising those rights (if strongly held would make a lot of the suffering and sacrifice people have given be all in vain.

  26. Perhaps the news of our POWs being so badly by Saddam’s army will make all of you peace advocates wake up and see what kind of monster we are dealing with. Diplomatic words and promises mean nothing to him, let alone human life.
    From what I have heard on Fox News, one of the prisoners is a woman. I shudder to think what awaits her in the custody of such a tyrant.

  27. Let me correct my above statement. We still ask questions first; all you have to do is look at the Iraq war and what led up to it. We didn’t just start bombing, we went, asked questions and let them dig their own holes and watch them dig those holes deeper and deeper.
    What happened September 11, 2001 only made us more vigilant and more willed to act and not stand motionless.
    We still ask questions first.
    If Clinton were doing this, I bet there wouldn’t be any protests.

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