25 Replies to “Live Lives!”

  1. Congrats, Leo!! Took ’em a while to get their heads out of their you-know-whats, huh? 🙂

  2. What is there not to like. Great to hear that Live finally got there act together and are finally going to show your clip.

  3. There’s a problem with the link above. It seems when you click the link above it opens along with leoville. You see Leo’s links on the left and Regis and Kelly’s site on the right. If you don’t want that problem I suggest you Open in New Window.
    BTW, Leo what are your thoughts that TechTV should do a Mac show with you and Brett Larson as hosts. Like TSS this new Mac show would help people with their Mac problems and have on Mac guests like the Woz.

  4. Ummmm, that’s great, but there’s this little war brewing, be ready for pre-emption due to breaking news… just in case… but I hope it airs, that would be great! Good Luck!

  5. Preempted by the war? When will this madness ever end?
    War is hell boys and this is just one more example.

  6. Well, it’s about time! I’m glad they are finally gonna show it! I guess Suzie & I can stop boycotting the Regis show, starting Friday. 😉
    Of course they like you Leo. What’s not to like?

  7. Hello Leo,
    I was thinking that this type of blog would be great for some of our high school students to use. i.e Chemistry Journals, reflection papers etc.. I’m looking for a FREE blog with maybe a bit of security (password to read/post). Any suggestions?

  8. Hi Leo… See ya in “There” 🙂
    Jason, that’d be a great idea… I doubt they do it though with them picking up Robot Wars and all :/

  9. I just finished watching it on my ReplayTV, and as always, it was a lot of fun to watch!!
    Can’t wait ’til next time!!!
    (I hope Chris Pirillo won’t be too upset. I recorded Regis instead of CFH! Sorry, Chris! Only when Leo is on Regis, I promise.)

  10. Hooray!!!! Thanks for the heads up! Must set up vcr to tape! I almost missed the CFH hosting yesterday because of no advanced warning. Whew, I’d have been sorry if I’d missed either one!

  11. How’s it going, peeps.
    Since Leo hasn’t sent me an e-mail regarding leoville.com about me becoming the newest member , I would like to share something with you.
    TechTV should pick up BattleBots and have Wil Wheaton and Travis Oates as hosts. They had really good chemistry on G4TV’s Arena.
    Tell me what you think. E-mail me at drgnjsn926@hotmail.com.

  12. Looking forward to seeing you on the show again Leo. Keep up the good work. Did they say what the hold up was?

  13. Looking forward to seeing you on the show again Leo. Keep up the good work. Did they say what the hold up was?

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