Charlie and the Angels

Leo, Henry, Noel, and Leo Sr. in PhoenixHenry, my brother, Noel, my Dad and I are in Phoenix for Spring Training. While the athletes prepare for the baseball season, we fans are working our way up to mass consumption of garlic fries and polish dogs.
We flew in this morning, rented a Sebring convertible at the insistence of the boys, and drove straight to the Phoenix Municipal Stadium. The game was sold out – standing room only – but we were able to buy tickets behind home plate from a scalper. The As shellacked the defending champion Angels 13-1. Barry Zito pitched five innings and gave up only one run on three hits. Hot prospect Graham Koonce hit a grand slam, and Stanford grad Dave McCarty hit a two-run homer. All-in-all a satisfying victory, even for a Giants fan.

For dinner we went to Ayako, a Benihana clone, to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Now we’re back at the hotel and Henry and Noel are relaxing playing video games. Relaxing for them, anyway.

Tomorrow we watch the Giants get their revenge against Disney’s finest. Then it’s back home tomorrow night.

Monday I fly to Denver for a Charlie Chat, live Monday night at 9p Eastern on the DISH Network, channel 101. I’ll be back on The Screen Savers on Tuesday. The garlic miasma should have subsided by then.

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  1. I don’t have DISH Network…. (sigh) I only have AT&T Broadband so I’m gonna miss your appearance.

  2. Hi Léo!
    Looks like you guys are having a great time. There’s nothing better than spending the day with family at the ballpark. The younger ones will always remember this experience and then repeat the experience with their children.
    I loved spring training when I lived in Phoenix for three years. This time of the year is perfect for baseball. Enjoy yourself and root for them A’s and Giants! If you see my Padres, root for them too, please! 🙂
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  3. Thankfully, I have Dish! I’ll be sure to tune in on Monday.
    Now, if only I had capturing abilities. :-

  4. Hey Leo. Has anyone ever farted on the air during a Screen Savers show? I mean a real fart..not the fart machine.

  5. I was excited when they announced your visit. Your first order of business should be to tell them how to correctly pronounce your last name, Mr. la-POR-tay.

  6. Leo,
    I’m glad you all enjoyed your game, and again, i must say it was a pleasure meeting you. Of course, being an Oakland fan would help the enjoyment of that game. Just wish i’d have been that lady who got $1000 for the A’s hitting a grand-slam!
    Maybe we’ll be able to meet again at a more geek-friendly venue, like Comdex or CES. 2Wire may or may not have a booth again, but just going is enough fun for me.

  7. “Right you are, Joe Simpson!”
    *That* to me is the magical spring phrase I am longing to hear!
    Did you let Henry drive the convertible, you know just in the parking lot or something? My Dad let me drive his Mustang when I knee high to a grasshopper…. we were on vacation at the beach at the time. Sure beats playing video games.

  8. How sad is that comment from jason above this post. He obviuosly doesn’t realize how much more important family is then some stupid job.
    Looks like a perfect day Leo. Your a very lucky man. Enjoy every minute of it. Those days are the best memories I have spending with my father and family.

  9. *waves raised hand*
    OOH! OOH! I’ll cap! I’ll cap! Please lemme cap…or die trying anyway. :o)

  10. Yea, it is baseball season. The question is, how old is everybody in that photo? Noel looks about the same age as Henry. How old is Leo SR?

  11. Ok, tech question…
    Is that your treo that Noel has or what kind of PDA is it??

  12. Leo, Your dad bears a striking resemblance to my father-in-law. Y’all look like you are having a wonderful time… too bad the Angels lost, though 😉

  13. Leo
    Thanks for sharing the fun with us!!! You are really fortunate to be able to take everyone to Phoenix for the weekend game. And it is so nice to have someone of a “celebrity” status who is willing to share some of the personal fun of the family, with your friends.
    Your Dad must be thrilled, and proud I’m sure.
    Enjoy the weather! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  14. Hey Leo,
    it looks like you guys had a great time! Go Angels! I live in Georgia so naturally the yahoos here say Go Braves! lol I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you do on the Screen Savers and everyone else there. Ive already stated this in an Email to Megan nice lady that she is she did email back, I think TSS is a great asset to TechTV and I hope that that show or some incarnation of it is still running for generations to come. I noticed this past week you had two guys from Rome GA on TSS this suprised me. Im from Rome and still live here. Maybe I ll be like the third person from Rome to Visit TSS one day. I intend to keep in touch with you, Megan,eventually patrick, and martin and even the rest of the gang I think of you guys like friends and family I may even call the show when I have a real pressing question…ya just never know what problems you can have with a computer or other gadget. lol till then ta ta for now. Keep up the Great work!

  15. Leo on a Charle Chat??? OMG. Best of luck to you Leo. Charle Chats have the production quality of a public access show. Though if you can get some cool pictures of their uplink center, and post them here. That would make the trip worth while.

  16. Leo, I wish I had known you’d be out here in Phoenix. I would’ve made plans to go out to that game just to meet you.
    Oh, well. Hope you enjoy your weekend here in the desert. 🙂

  17. wish for once you’d stay at your regular job for a while, Leo 😉
    I do not intend to be mean about this, but maybe the TSS show could use hosts that actually work on the show itself on a more regular basis. I don’t really like to watch a show where the hosts showing up is hit or miss. Just MHO.

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