Scrambled LeoLeo LaporteAll Ore Poet
Pet All Oreo
Eel o’Portal
Real Poll Toe
RE: Leap Tool
Pool Eel Art
Eat Poll Roe
Ol’ Alpo Tree
Tall Oreo E.P.
Let Oreo Lap
Port Leo Ale
Aloe to Perl
El Rolo Paté
Leo Pat Lore
Late Pro Leo
Ol’ Rope Tale
Root Poll Ale

10 Replies to “Anagrams”

  1. Hi Leo, I am a huge fan of the show. You’re a voice in the wilderness but you do make it look to easy. I do have a question I keep passing on to the gurus of media as yourself. Which is this. Why is Google so DUMB? Or put another way what can we do to focus our searches. Perhaps you would spend some time on the subject of true Power Users in the search business. Why is it so hard to narrow down a very simple query on a search engine?? Have you seen the IBM commercials ” there is no magic genie in the search lantern” . Seems to me unless we really improve the search engine AI technology the average person will never leverage the internet, information wise. Like flying cars and video phones this genie is to remain elusive…

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