The Missing Segment

Little ReegIt was a whole month ago that I taped a segment for Live with Regis and Kelly. This is the seventh time I’ve appeared on the show since October 2001, and the first time my segment didn’t air either live or the very next day.
This time I taped with Regis alone (even though Kelly was there) on the theory that Kelly would be soon having her baby and the segment could air when she did. Well she had her baby last Tuesday and I still haven’t heard from the show.

I’m hoping they’ll air it this week. I brought some very cool stuff along including an electric car (which Regis drove), Sanyo’s camera phone, a portable DirecTV dish, an XM boombox, the Vapir digital cigarette, and a toilet night light. At this point I’m very afraid they’re going to can the segment – there’s nothing staler than old TV. A similar thing happened to me a couple of years back on Weekend Today. The piece never aired and I never went back.

I guess I’ll swallow my pride and call Gelman on Monday.

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  1. Swallow your pride….??? What???
    Wait…. that kind of thing you did has a much longer shelf life than their everyday interview of a celebrity who’s fame is more fleeting than a may fly’s attention span…. those items you demo’ed will be on sale at least all summer!
    Don’t get your feelings hurt since it didn’t air already, it might air sometime soon… unless we go to war with Iraq, in which case the electric portable flashlight phone may indeed have to take a back seat. So to speak.

  2. I agree with EB, Leo, and I can’t really think of anything else to add on to what she said.
    By the way, that Regis picture is really scary.

  3. Nothing staler than old TV?
    Tell that to the millions of people who still buy the classic episodes of “The Johnny Carson Show” 🙂

  4. No need to swallow your pride. You will appear again in the near future.. 5-1 is a good record..

  5. Léo, go ahead and call. Tell Gelman that your fans are bugging you for a date. That we’ll boycott their show until they show your segment! 😉 (Psst, they don’t necessarily have to know that we only watch Regis when you are on.)

  6. Yes, definitely call. Those items are timeless!
    LOL on what Sue said–that’s perfect!

  7. >Nothing staler than old TV?
    >Tell that to the millions of people who still >buy the classic episodes of “The Johnny Carson >Show” 🙂
    Just rented one of those Johnny Carson videos last night!

  8. at least when your on its not cookie cutter like all the other shows that are on nowadays

  9. Hello Leo:
    “Boy, that Regis infant sure has a big toupee and teeth!”
    Mike / IEEE From Mexico

  10. I’m glad they’re not gonna air it… There’s nothing staler than old TV. Wait. Didn’t someone already say that?

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