13 Replies to “Palindromic Date”

  1. And tomorrow is: 03/03/03
    Not palindromic, but still nifty… Especially at 03:03:03AM :P.

  2. That’s really neat Abby!
    So, do you have a drum beat for these? Maybe triplets would be fun!!!!
    From another drummer

  3. 03/03/03 actually is a palindrome! 🙂
    My son was born on 11/09 at 11:09pm. That’s not a palindrome but it’s kind of neat.

  4. I believe “blinking 12” denotes an unset VCR..
    anyway.. whoever is up at 3:03 am today can post a message for bragging rights of..
    03-03-03 03:03 AM
    =) -Frisco

  5. The really cool one is on the twentieth, at 8:03 pm. If you use military time and european dates (day/month/year), it will be 20:03 20/03/2003. We had fun with it on Feb. 20, 2002 also.

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