Stow The Duct Tape

Nuclear WarningKuro5hin is re-publishing an article that appeared a couple of years back on the urban legend debunking site The article explains the actual dangers of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. The threat, while real, is apparently vastly overstated. It’s an excellent antidote to media fear-mongering. It also contains valuable advice about what to do if you do get caught downwind. He says, “if you remain calm you will probably not die.”
Snopes also links to a 2001 piece from the Washington Post about the retired Army Sergeant who wrote the article.

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  1. “Radiation will not create fifty foot tall women, or giant ants and grasshoppers the size of tanks.”
    I’m glad we’ve finally put that rumor to rest.

  2. good link, leo. 🙂
    all the talk about “getting prepared” is getting a little old too. especially for us here in california. i mean, many of the things they ask us to have in our terror/emergency kits, most californian’s (should) have in their earthquake kit.

  3. I don’t consider myself a fear-monger by any stretch of the imagination.
    However, the article on Snopes has a disclaimer paragraph or so below the original writing by the military individual.
    Aum Shinrikyo wasn’t the first group to attempt disruption on such a large scale using chemical toxins or biological agents. The followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh tainted salad bars with salmonella at ten restaurants in Oregon in the 80s. Aum and the followers of Rajneesh were novices.
    Iraq had years of R&D and live human testing on Kurds and Iranian soldiers. Although I’m not running to the store for duct tape and plastic sheeting, I wouldn’t summarily dismiss the threat that these types of weapons present.

  4. Leo,
    While the article you link to is very interesting and does put to rest crazy rumors such as “Radiation will not create fifty foot tall women, or giant ants and grasshoppers the size of tanks.” However biological weapons developed in the hands of extremests are much more dangerous than Mr. Thomas leads them to be.
    Dr. Kent Alibeck was the director of the USSR Bioprepart, the agency that secretly developed and tested biological and chemical weapons. After the fall of the USSR in 1992 he defected to the United States and wrote a book on his expereinces. Biohazard ( clearly explains just how dangerous these weapons truly can be. Everything the United States has ever created along the lines of a biological weapon is one of which has only a limited effect and always has some sort of antibiotic to conteract its effects. However Dr. Alibeck states that anything the USSR developed, was done so that there would never be a counteractant as their only goal was to create weapons that were the most efficient at being deadly.
    Keep in mind that some evidence has been put forth that some of those same scientists who developed weapons for the USSR have since moved to countries such as Iraq and North Korea. So the next time someone attempts to tell you that the threat of a biological weapon is rather limited, think again as if we were truly faced with some form of an attack, people will die.
    If you still disagree, send me an email I would love to hear you comments.

  5. Wow, Leo, a virtual plethora of blog entries these past few days … Insomnia?
    I will end up buying sheets of plastic, and feeling silly for doing it.
    I’m just hoping Phoenix does not present much of a tactical target.

  6. Was reading the sessions of a psychic who’s been working on the Laci Peterson case, when she interjected information she’d picked up on the anthrax mailer. She was given a name, I Googled it, and found your site. Thought you might find this of interest.
    “I had a very interesting thing turn up in my last session on the 13th. They said that they had a man there, I think they said his last name was Natoma, who had been killed in the Gulf War when his jeep blew up. He came to warn us that the person that mailed the anthrax in the attacks right after 911 was KEN(T) ALIBEK. I am not sure if that is spelled right, but I know who they are talking about. He was the Russian defector who used to head Russia’s bio weapons program. I am sure you have heard of him. He has written at least one book. The man said that the other night Kent Alibek had dinner with a number of Arabs and they discussed the fact that they have 100 lbs. of some bio agent in Australia. Something that will cause horrible death. I am just going to leave that right there. There is nothing I can do about this. I just wanted to tell you so at least someone else knows. If Alibek is the one who mailed the anthrax, that more than fully explains why no one has been arrested. He was practically grandfathered over into the weapons program here in the U.S. I supposed it never occurred to them that he might be a double agent working for the Russians, or worse, Arab terrorists.”

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