Absolute Zero

At first it sounds hip. “Our community is built upon our art, expressions, and individuality.” Then you see the Microsoft copyright at the bottom of the page.
The beta went public yesterday. It’s a youth oriented group messaging service built on MSN Messenger and Microsoft’s peer-to-peer client. Users can create groups of up to ten friends. Each group is represented by a custom icon on the Windows® desktop. There’s group instant messaging, of course. You can also send an image to everyone in a group by dragging it to the group’s icon, or send animated “winks” built into the program. The most interesting feature of Three Degrees is musicmix. Groups create shared playlists of songs which they can all listen to together. Apparently the music companies agreed to this sanitized form of music sharing.

There are some great ideas in here but read Yoz Grahame’s tale of installation woe before you install this toxic bit of bloatware on your PC. I know my daughter’s going to want it, but personally, I think it’s the work of the devil.

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  1. I cannot understand the mindset of Mircosoft. Junk like this is a distraction from what should be their highest priority: decent, fair, and secure software. Men of power will fall from grace when their focus is on dazzling the people rather than serving the people.
    Mr. Gates has been warned.

  2. ah!!! kevin stole my comment!
    i wonder how long before someone exploits it so you can really share music? can you share other types of files?

  3. “…but personally, I think it’s the work of the devil…”
    LOL You sound like my Mom when you say that! Thanks for the warning!

  4. I am one of those whom use Red Hat/Susse Linux, OS, as well Win 2k, Win XP. I am sick of the WINDOWS BASHERS. Oh, I would like to have a Mac someday too. The next time anyone else has an OS that is used by 90% of the world populus, let me know how bug free it is, let me know how few problems it has. I throw every bit of games/utilities/Office ware and anything else I can think of at Windows, yeah after loading it up with so many different programs it slows, and all of the things everyone says of it. But just try all that on Linux or any of these other so called superstars. Not to mention the thousands whom try and hack MS type servers, Browser Cracking etc. Where there is a will there is a way and when Millions have access to you daily.
    Oh yeah, as far as Microsofts seemingly endless growth into all worls endless well, thats business. Business is a brutal, take all and take more whenever you can. Believe me there are few companies out there that would turn down the opportunities that MS makes for itself if they had the same resources and capabilities to build what MS has. Ok, more than nuff said.

  5. How can everything Microsoft made be bad? Hold on…. my Microsoft phone is telling me that I have 10 more days to activate before the phone only accepts calls from Microsoft. Ack!

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