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I’m still trying to figure out how to use TechTV chat with Mac OS X. There’s something about OS X Java that chat doesn’t like. As usual, the world caters to Windows users instead of adhering to standards which would ensure things work for everyone. Grumble, grumble.
“Dual Athlon” Dave Plotts has taken the lead on figuring out how to get cross-platform Jabber clients working with the TechTV chat. You can read the results of his research on the Leoville message boards.

He says several TechTV chat hosts are using JabberFox successfully with OS X. I had all sorts of problems with it on Friday night. The binary wouldn’t download, and when I built it from the source code (which requires the Cocoa developer tools) it wouldn’t log in.

According to Dave’s most recent posts, you have to either log-in first with the Java client, or have TechTV’s Interact folks do some voodoo for you. THEN, and only then, the Jabber client will work. I’ll try again on tonight’s show with both JabberFox and Fire. It would be so great to be able to use a real chat client to communicate with viewers during the show.

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  1. I haven’t been able to get into chat lately either. My Windows machine has trouble with Java.

  2. Bruce, I have tried getting in when the chat room is open. I still can NOT get in. I get a java error.
    I posted about it on the CFH message boards today. Someone on OS X gets the same error message. Strange.

  3. Hey leo and anyone else that is TRYING to get into chat at techtv chat.
    You HAVE to log and the get on chat WHEN CHAT IS RUNNING!
    That is when CFH and/or TSS is on!
    anyother time and it WILL NOT WORK!
    as a loooong time chat person i know.
    It would be real nice like old days(vp) it would be nice for hosts and/or techtv people to come and chat with us again….
    I understand there was a problem for cat in the chat (wouldn’t you just know the one time I wasn’t there)…
    Sorry cat …don’t let a few spoil it for you….

  4. Leo, thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in a very long time! The tears were streaming down my cheeks and I was having trouble breathing. I will never be able to see, smell, hear, touch or taste Dr. Pepper without thinking about you. I had heard it called that before, but NEVER on TV! I laughed till I couldn’t stand up at your stuttering and Patricks trying to change the subject. Thanks again…you made my day!
    In admiration, Vonnie

  5. leo-
    i just switched
    and i have been nothing but impressed with os x.
    i mean, its UNIX.
    as a cs student, i love all the power it gives me and it looks really cool.
    my one suggestion is… do you have the latest Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE)?
    Apple ships os x with 1.3, but there is a beta on the apple devoper connection for 1.4.
    give that a try.
    and for the guy who said that we should get over it… well, see… the program is written in JAVA, which is cross platform… that is if you don’t write it using MSs tools. they take java and make it not cross platform, with almost no added advantages in doing so.
    i have to say, i never thought that mac would ever have a fighting chance in this world (see OS 9), but my goodness. i think apple has it!
    furman university

  6. To the first poster:
    The internet is not Windows centric. It is supposed to be completely compatible with all operating systems. As Leo stated, if the programmers would implement these standards correctly, it would be.

  7. ahhhhh why the time schedule??? i liked it before when you could chat anytime and get live tech support any time. Do you know how common it would be to have a severe computer problem when the chat isnt open? A message board doesnt quite cut it then. And the addicts network? they’re screwed up. I’d rather chat on an open official techtv chatroom any time possible than miss the logon time…jeez

  8. Leo,
    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! It is a Windows-centric world. Windows sells how many more than Mac?
    Mac has become specialized, Windows for the home user.
    Get over it already.

  9. Why do all my pictures have a exclamation mark in a Red circle.  I have tried to use the web to answer this question but the seems to be nothing that relates to my problem.  The pictures are stored on a Raid drive.

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