RSS Feeds

I’ve created three new RSS feeds for this blog.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary (depending on who you’re talking to). Either way it’s an XML standard for syndicating content via the Internet. A site like mine with an RSS url is offering its content in XML so that programs other than web browsers can fetch and format it.

That makes newsreaders like NetNewsWire for Mac OS X and Wildgrape’s truly wonderful NewsDesk for Windows possible. These programs let you read news, blog entries, and the like without the overhead and clutter of a general purpose browser. I use them all the time to check news headlines. (NewsDesk is one of the last few non-game programs worth using Windows for.) And now they work with my blog.

The addresses for the blog’s RSS feeds are below. Click a link if you want to see the raw XML. Or better yet, download NetNewsWire Lite or NewsDesk (they’re both free) and subscribe!

There are currently three different feeds depending on how much content you want to download. From least data to most:

Validated RSS
Enter the appropriate URL into your news reader. All three feeds are validated RSS 1.0/RDF compatible. The Full Article feed is RSS 2.0.