Playtime is Over

Several people at my speech Monday at the Golden Gate Computer Society have asked me to post my slides. I don’t usually do Powerpoint – especially when giving a speech slamming Microsoft – but I didn’t have a copy of Keynote for my Mac yet, and I really needed the crib notes.
Click the thumbnail for the PPT file.

GGCS Powerpoint Presentation

And for the Powerpoint impaired, here’s the text…

1. Technology without a mission is just a toy…play time is over.

2. Government and private industry want your computer to obey them, not you.

3. Private Industry Initiatives:

  • Trusted Computing Platform Alliance(Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft)

  • Palladium aka Next Generation Secure Computing Base

4. (The next five slides are from Lucky Green’s Defcon presentation on TCPA, August 3, 2002 , http://c y p h e r p u n k s . t o)

5. TCPA Membership Profile

  • CPU: Intel, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Motorola
  • BIOS/Chips: Phoenix/Award, American Megatrends (AMI), National Semiconductor
  • Security: VeriSign, Wave Systems, RSA Security, Check Point, Certicom, Trend Micro, Symantec, Tripwire, Crypto AG [NSA]
  • Applications: Microsoft, Adobe (and 170 other ISVs)
  • Systems: HP, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Fujitsu, Samsung, Toshiba

6. Quiz: How will the Law Help TCPA Stifle Competition?

  • Application vendors intend to wrap their file formats with DRM.

7. Consequences of Ubiquitous Digital Rights Management

  • Makes it illegal to create interoperable software in the U.S.
  • Subjects authors of interoperable software to penalties of up to $500,000 and 5 years in prison (and double that for subsequent offenses).

  • The law is already on the books: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

8. Software Authors’ Choices

  • Do not create interoperable software.

  • Spend 5 years in prison.

9. Use of TPM’s is Voluntary

  • “One thing I can guarantee is that [Palladium] will be ‘off’ by default, an opt-in technology.” — Stuart Okin, Security Officer, Microsoft, United Kingdom

  • Using gasoline in a car is an opt-in technology

10. Palladium definitions from Free Software, Free Society by Richard Stallman

  • “Security” does not mean protecting your machine from things you do not want, it means protecting your copies of data on your machine from access by you in ways others do not want.

  • “Attack” doesn’t mean someone trying to hurt you, it means you trying to copy music.
  • “Malicious code” means code installed by you to do what someone else doesn’t want your machine to do.
  • “Spoofing” doesn’t mean someone fooling you, it means you fooling Palladium.

11. Government Initiatives:

  • DMCA

  • HR 5211 The Berman Bill
  • S 4058 The CBDTPA
  • DARPA’s Total Information Awareness

12. Happy Birthday

  • Written in 1893

  • Copyright renewed in 1934
  • Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act of 1998 protects it until 2030
  • AOL-Time Warner earns $2 million a yea
  • “The public must defend the public domain.” – Larry Lessig

13. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

  • Universal garage door openers

  • Unauthorized toner cartridges (Lexmark)
  • ReplayPlanet and AVS Forum have removed sections on extracting video
  • Apple vs OWC
  • HP threatens security org for revealing flaw in Tru64
  • Illegal to fast forward through commercials in DVD
  • Equivalent of banning Xerox machines and VCRs
  • There is no VCR for streaming media

14. HR 5211 – The Berman Bill
“Amends Federal copyright law to protect a copyright owner from liability in any criminal or civil action for impairing, with appropriate technology, the unauthorized distribution, display, performance, or reproduction of his or her copyrighted work on a publicly accessible peer-to-peer file trading network, if such impairment does not, without authorization, alter, delete, or otherwise impair the integrity of any computer file or data residing on the computer of a file trader.”

15. Records show [Howard L.] Berman received at least $186,891 from the entertainment industry during the 2001-02 election cycle…Including $31,000 from the Walt Disney Co. and $28,050 from AOL-Time Warner Inc. (AP)

16 . The Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act(or the Consume But Don’t Try Programming Act)
sponsored by Fritz Hollings

SEC. 5. PROHIBITION ON SHIPMENT IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE OF NONCONFORMING DIGITAL MEDIA DEVICES. (a) IN GENERAL- A manufacturer, importer, or seller of digital media devices may not–(1) sell, or offer for sale, in interstate commerce, or (2) cause to be transported in, or in a manner affecting, interstate commerce,a digital media device unless the device includes and utilizes standard security technologies that adhere to the security system standards adopted under section 3.

17. Act Now

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  1. Leo, If you need a copy of keynote, drop me a line. I’ll get it for you at my employee price, no tax, just shipping…
    Keynote Rocks!

  2. Wow, what a sharp speech thingy, gets the point across effectively and clearly. Wonderful!

  3. That must have been an awesome presentation. By virtue of geography alone, the Bay Area fans get to see things the rest of us don’t, I hope you’re all taking advantage of it. 😉
    You rock my backside Mr. Mayor. I wish Carol wasn’t joking either, I’d love to see this on the air. And please not as a brief news aside on the way to a Bit Chat, either. Just you for an hour with a spotlight and a pot of coffee. Or chai, that would also work.
    FYI, if people want to view the file on a local app but don’t have Powerpoint they can download a free viewer from MS here:|97|98|2000|2002&Type=Converter|Viewer
    And yes, we are all appreciating the irony of linking to the Microsoft site in this particular blog entry. Alanis would be proud.
    Smoochy J. Mocker (Ms.) :o)

  4. This just goes to show once again that Leo has his act together much more than all of the politicians … I say, forget Mayor Leo – let’s make it Senator Leo!

  5. I wish that I could joke about this but it is just too serious a subject. Leo if there is anyway possible, please tape yourself doing this speech and either put it on the web or tell me how to order a copy. I am very interested in hearing and seeing you talk in depth about this subject. It is frightening to think what some in the industry are trying to do. Guess that solidifies my choosing a mac laptop instead of a pc. If that sounds like a joke, it isn’t.

  6. Leo,
    I’m with Carol & Patrick, is there any way we can see you do this speech on TV or a tape?

  7. Aye
    I would love to see this speech as a special on TechTV, 30 minutes, or hour-long, whatever you can get…
    I’ll be quite honest, a lot of the legislation and ‘security’ steps being taken right now, scares the Bejeezes (technical term) outta me. I think that this is one instance where I don’t have a choice, I do have to get involved and fight this.

  8. Leo,
    I too feel that you should post the audio and/or video of your presentation, so as to provide many others with an eye opening view of this so-called “trustworthy computing” crap.
    I absolutely agree with the other posters- this initiative by Microsoft and others is no joke, and I can’t think of a more literate and reasoned voice to spread the word on what the future of computing could possibly (but hopefully not) hold for all.
    Trusted computing? I sincerely doubt it, but this I do know: you are regarded by many as a trusted source of information and opinion on a great range of tech matters, so hey — use that soapbox! Just my two cents..

  9. Aye!
    Good slide show Leo. I agree, this is a serious subject. I don’t know where these companies get the idea they can control our computers when for one its our money. Just because “their program” can be re-created doesn’t give them the right to treat us, the consumers, like dogs. Its our hard earn cashed, and we should have say what we do with what we purchased. Leo, I would love to see your speech on this! Again good presentation! – Grady

  10. It is absolutely amazing to think what these people (big industry) are trying to do with our computers, our own property that we bought with our own hard earned money. I’ll be damned, if there are going to tell me what do with with my property. It is reasons like this people pirate software and use Mozilla, Linux, Open Office Etc. How do they expect people not to pirate movies music and software if we cannot even do what we want with it when we buy it ourselves?

  11. This is some scary stuff. Is there anything we can do to stop this steamroller of criminalization of thought?
    I’m willing to join in and help, please tell me how.

  12. “Illegal to fast forward through commercials in DVD”
    Huh? What does skipping over commercials on DVDs have to do with copyrights?
    This criminalization of thought almost sounds like a lobotomy….

  13. Unless everyone speaks out on this topic and informs their neighbors that our life is becoming a police state, legislation and restrictions upon our freedom will continue. Copyright laws were implemented to protected innovation and ideas. Time has come to reevaluate the laws as they exist today since they now limit and restrict innovation and ideas.
    MOTAR has spoken!
    MOTAR the imperious

  14. Haaaaa-py Birthday to someone
    Haaaaaa-py Birthday to them
    Haaaaaapy Birthdaaaaay!
    hehe heh heh heh
    You owe Ted Turner 5 cents, pay up!
    (And NO! you can’t fast forward this commercial.)

  15. I clicked on the ppt file and got Xupitered. What gives, now I have to waste 5 minutes of life with SpyBot.

  16. This is just a comment on what Patrick said how this “solidifies my choosing a mac laptop instead of a pc”.
    The mac platform is controlled by private industry every bit as much as (if not MORE than) the PC platform.
    In fact, Apple ALREADY gets to choose what HARDWARE you can or can’t use as a mac user. Imagine a world where Macs were the majority computer platform. The DRM initiative would be victorious as long as ONE corporation (Apple)decided to support it and implement it.
    Microsoft on the other hand, needs all the manufactures of PC hardware behind then in order to make a successful DRM implementation, which is nearly impossible since PC hardware manufactures also have to care about what consumers want, not just Microsoft.
    Thanks to the PC platform harboring such a diverse and flourishing harware market, DRM may never come to pass. Ironically, all those incompatibility driver errors and plug-and-play issues that Mac users claim are all that’s wrong with computing might just be what saves personal computing from being ultimately controlled by corporations and government.

  17. Pretty cool presentation, you should try to slip some more in-depth freedom related things on TSS. The more people that know whats going on the better we all are!

  18. I wanted to take a moment to respond to Matias. Let me start by saying that I agree in principal with your statement! However, where were all these outside companies with this influence over Microsoft before MS decided to get themselves in trouble with the law? The normal checks and balances that you are referring to do not seem to work in this case because none of the hardware manufacturers wants to stand up to them. Why? The legitimate fear that Microsoft will reply with “fine, find someone else’s OS to use.” Now, could I be out in left field with this, well I stay out there so that possibility is very real, but after reading your reply to my message, that was the thought that went through my mind. If I may take an additional moment of everyones’ time, I would also like to gently point out that I stated that this “solidifies” my choice. My mind was pretty well made up already, this posting was just the icing on the cake so to speak.

  19. Everyone who wants to see/hear Leo’s speech, say, “Aye!”
    From me: “Aye!”

  20. Just wanted to say I used OpenOffice to see slide show. Was a great way to see such a great presentation. Good job Leo.

  21. Aye!
    The sad thing is, we’ll have to go through the judicial system to get most of this stuff reversed.. which means somebody will have to not only have the financial resources to fight the prosecutors, but will have to have the kahones to break the law.
    =/ So much for checks and balances.. It seems like we’re entering more of a police state day by day

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