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I had a great time doing the show today. It was just like the old days. It’s so much fun answering calls and chatting about tech without the time constraints of TV. I can’t wait to do it again Feb 15th! Here are the links to some of the things I talked about today.

Sonic.net vs. SBC

Sonic.net founder and president, Dane Jasper, joined me to talk about independent ISPs and their fight to survive. If you’re shopping for DSL, or you’re a DirecTV DSL customer who’s looking for a replacement service, you’ll want to hear about CISPA’s PUC complaints against SBC.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Worm

It practically brought the net down early this morning. Everything’s okay now, but it just shows you how fast thest things can spread. Security guru, Steve Gibson, joined us to talk about Slapper and how it works.

AnalogX’s Internet Traffic Report is down this morning, but it’s usually a good way to sample the current state of the ‘net.

Test your firewall at Steve’s ShieldsUP. If you don’t have a firewall, download a good one, free, from Zone Labs.

If you run Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 make sure you’re not vulnerable to the worm. Steve’s got the relevant netstat command at grc.com.

To learn more about Slammer read the white paper at eEye – you’ll find a link to the patch there, and a discussion of other ways to block the attack.

Spybot S&D detects and deletes spyware. It’s free from security.kolla.de/

I’ll be speaking at the next General Meeting of the Golden Gate Computer Society in San Rafael, CA on Monday, January 27. The meeting is free and open to the public. The topic “Playtime is Over.”

And thanks to Bob O’Donnell for letting me fill in. His web site is everythingcomputers.com.

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  1. i’m recording it on my minidisc recorder, hopefully i can mp3 it for people… i missed a bit of it though

  2. If Section 5 of the CBDTPA makes it into the final version and it passes, I won’t be upgrading ever again.

  3. Awesome! I am listening right now from down here in Atlanta on the net. Tons of great calls, good listening.

  4. THANKS 🙂 Got spybot installed and it found 210 spyware programs. Man, I wondered where all thos epop unders and things were coming from even running pop-up stopper pro. You ROCK Leo. Thank you oh great one.

  5. Drat, jst as I find and start listening to cnet radio, they pull the plug. I’m listening to yo on KSFO now.

  6. I read Windows (95B or NT 4.0) loads RAM top down and so can apparenly see more memory. So if I install 2 x 256 or 2 x 512MB sticks in the 2 slots of a LT 430TX motherboard (which Intel website document stats as maxing out at 256 = 2 x 128 of SDRAM DIMM), will Windows OS be able to see and load it all?
    If I install PC133 or PC100 sticks in these will they work? PNY Technologies’ website now states PC133 sticks are no longer compatible with PC100 sticks. I am under the impression that the higher speed RAM would just slow down to the Mootherboard’s MHz.
    Please advice on air for this green guy trying to keep pisonous machines above ground and going!

  7. Hi Leo
    Great show. I’m listening from the Chicago area. I called in, but gave up after about an hour (probably five minutes prior to the operator picking up my call again….)
    I was actually interested in talking about Mac vs PC. My wife is interested in another PC – we are considering a Mac G4 (dual 867) that a friend has – about 1 year old. Maybe another day. We are interested in it for music editing and general business work. (She is a harpist – http://www.elegantharp.com).
    Thanks again for a great show.
    If anyone does create an MP3 of this, I missed about one hour and would love to have a copy (although probably is not legal).

  8. Guess its my day to post here…….Chris, definitely reccomend the mac with OS X 10.2. What software do you use? If you are familiar with a mac and don’t mind buying the necessary software, go for it. If you need to duplicate what is already on your other PC then a new PC, but the mac is much better for music. I know a bunch of music people with Macs.

  9. hey you guys and gals out there…
    does anyone else find it funny when i sak leo about stuff like goats etc?
    if no one does should i STOP callin da mayor?

  10. Leo, nice job on the radio show! It was a lot of fun listening in….. my isp thought I was’t “busy” though and dropped me just as Rosie was going on the air… isn’t listening to Real Player considered “activity” ?? I guess not!
    Steve Gibson was a great guest, that was very cool that he came on the show with such short notice.
    I’ll listen in again on Feb. 15th.
    You covered more “tech” ground on the radio program than TSS has done in a month. And you sounded like you were having fun….. hope you get a nice radio gig somewhere soon…. you rock.

  11. Last post for today, lol Rosie, you sounded really sweet and cool. Hope to chat to you soon.

  12. Craig
    Thanks for the comments. Looks like I have missed you for today. I think that one of the things that is disappointing is that Apple does not appear to have pricing as good as some of the other software bundles as Dell (e.g. MS Office). Outside of that, we would be looking at Finale (which we don’t already own), ProTools (which has a free version that works either on MAC or Win 98 — no XP / 2000 support). Other than that, it would be burning CD’s. I have Dreamweaver on the PC, which I probably wouldn’t duplicate on the MAC.
    WHile my wife is not interested in this, I would like to think that I may do some video editing and DVD burning in the next year. My PC choices for this would need to include a new video card (such as ATI), firewire interface and some decent editing software. Oh yeah, and a video camera… But, I am sure I probably won’t equal the quality / ease of use that I would find on the MAC. What I am not sure of is which MAC software actually takes advantage of the dual processors. Additionally, I need to determine what my friend’s MAC is really worth. I guess EBAY may be about the best guestimate for that.
    Thanks for the advice. I am interested in knowing what sofware your music friends are using, and for what purpose. (Any interface with MIDI would be of interest, also).

  13. My friend uses Finale with a Yamaha Midi keyboard. Mac OS X and Photoshop use the dual processors. And they comes with iMovie and IDVD which handles Video CDs and DVD creation. Also Think Free Office would be okay on it as it opens and saves Microsoft Office documents. Of course there is a Mac version of Dreamweaver too. You might can find the software on ebay cheaper too. The macs of course have firewire built in to hook to a firewire DV video cam.

  14. Wow, LSD flashback. Was that really Leo? I too was a dedicated fan of Leo’s show way back when. Thanks for the show. I will be sure to be there on the 15th.

  15. RE: Cispa fight
    I am a subscriber to sonic.net’s dialup service so I can attest to the problem with SBC. recently they sent me info on their DSL pricing structure. i found it ludicrous. According to their tiered service equivalent speed DSL service I had 3 years ago would cost 149 dollars a month. And the low tiered 5o dollar price can barely be called broadband at 384k download.
    I sent a letter to sonic asking how they could possibly justify that pricing structure with other companies offering 6 months at 30 bucks and 50 dollars after that. as`many of my guesses I wondered if it was SBC that was dictating what they could charge. Apparently in response to my email I was correct. They can’t offer DSL at a competitive rate. Must be nice to control everything for SBC. I’ve been hearing issues about this for years. Limited access to lines etc.
    on another issue a friend of mine has had a static IP and PacBell (SBC) DSL or years. they keep sending him emails telling him he should download their software to connect. He’s putting it off as long as he can. Don;’t know if they are trying to put him on a tiered program or not, but if so his 1.5 Mb download could be cost prohibitive for him.

  16. Leo, do you remember Tom Goebel? I was telling his daughter, Liz, about your site, and apparently she said she knew you from your old radio show. Does this ring any bells?

  17. Pete, if the RAM is wrong for your motherboard, the computer probably won’t start up and will give you a bad ram sound as it tries to boot. Also if you add more RAM in the slot that it recognizes, it simply will see only the max allowed for the slot. So if your mobo only sees 256, thats it, unless you use RAM doubling software. Comments, Leo???? Am I close??? Damn I’m good, lol

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